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I’m Carol. Welcome to my About Me page where you will learn about the founder of The Work at Home Business. I create this website to share my online journey for a Work at Home success. As a matter of fact, every time I reminisce about my search to start a successful online business, I have a deep desire to share my tried and true story with you.

For years I have thoroughly searched the internet trying to find the right guide to start a business from home online. Of course I have tried many with little or no success. In my mind however, I always want to accomplish my dream.

“Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.” Roy T. Bennett

The Search Begins

First I found a website with promises of how much I can earn if I recruit people to join their company. Coupled with this the company also offered attractive bonuses. Of course when the figures were put before me and I saw how much I could earn, I was delighted and got sold into it.

Notably here it costs only $10.00 to join, and you pay $10.00 every month to be an active member. In addition, I could also build a website or just use a pre-made one from their website. Important to note that such a website is totally branded by the company, only my username is added in the URL. Surely an attractive offer then, because I was a novice to building a website.

“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” ―Franklin D. Roosevelt

Despite the fact that I recruited several people, I earned very little. For one thing, those people dropped out within a few months because they were not really motivated to continue. Needless to say there was no inspiration to build their website, all novices too. Bear in mind that during those days there was not much help for you to build a website. In fact, you would have to pay hundreds of dollars for someone to build a successful website for you.

Building a website back then was complicated to me, and the people I recruited. You were left on your own to figure things out without any support. Eventually I discontinued chasing that promise to earn from home.


The Search Continues

Even though years passed, my desire to do something online never died. With attention to this, I continued my online search and Christmas 2012 an opt in message flashed in front of me while reading a post. Certainly it was an offer to build a successful website with a big discount. To put it differently, I could start creating a website for $99.00 instead of $299.00. Surely that was exactly what I need.

In this case, I had lots of resources to work with, but somehow it all seemed too complex to me. Nonetheless I created a website in the health niche. Specifically I could not figure out how to monetize the site, moreover getting traffic. In reality, I was a total newbie and things did not go smooth enough for me. Hence I went in search for something simpler. By the way that website is still active today, and I now know how to monetize it.


Another Try With YouTube Videos

Granted that there are so many ways and means of how to do the Work at Home Business, I still wanted a go at it. To explain, I started watching YouTube videos to see what is there to help me. Undoubtedly, some were very helpful and I got a glimmer of hope.

Considering that most of these videos tell you how much you can sell successfully on Amazon, I decided to embark on a course about private labeling. Of course the focus was how to sell successfully on Amazon. With this in mind, I signed up and started off selling books.

To point out, I always have a lot of books, and I sold many. Additionally I also sold toys and a few school supplies. As time goes by however, Amazon fees were not encouraging because I used Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), and there were times when sales were down and the fees are high. As a result, I lost money and had to give up on this pursuit.

Nevertheless, I must say that Amazon is indeed a great platform. Although I did not get to create a private label product, I hope that it will be a reality one day.


Bye Searching: Hello Hope

On the positive side, I finally came across the right platform to learn the step by step process for my online success. Forthwith I created this website, theworkathomebusiness.com.

Finally I put a stop to my search on Google. Indeed, I have found the only training I ever need. Truly, I have found a library of resources to create a successful online business from home. As a matter of fact it is simple to understand, I just have to work hard and follow the training. My interest level is so high and my passion doesn’t fade. Consequently my eagerness to learn is at an all time high.


In like manner, I am here to help you in your work from home business pursuit. By the way, this is legitimate. It is the real deal indeed. I will share with you all that I have learned and I am still learning.

Accordingly, theworkathomebusiness.com is a website dedicated to sharing how you can build a successful business at home. Anyone who wants to earn from home legitimately learns here. Again, everyone benefits from this website. You can acquire the best knowledge right here.

In light of this, I am here to help people accomplish the best results for the work at home business, your earn from home in whatever area you are passionate about. No doubt, you will learn the helpful and priceless process to be successful online.

To emphasize, remember as said before, I have done it all wrong before, not once or twice. In as much as I have lost out financially in those situations, I don’t want it to happen to anyone. Rather, my aim is to help prevent the pits and the downfalls.

My Six Facts

Who am I?

  • A Caribbean girl born and grew up on the island of Jamaica
  • Teacher by profession
  • Taught for more than twenty years in both Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
  • Calls Grand Cayman home
  • Now a Texan
  • Retired from teaching and now do The Work at Home Business

My hope is that you get the inspiration from this website to create your own Work at Home Business. I want you to be happy with your experience here and so I welcome and appreciate your questions, concerns or suggestions. Feel free to share this page, leave a comment below, or make contact here.





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