Wealthy Affiliate reviews and complaints

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints (Is it a Scam)

Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints are all over the internet. So is it really a scam? Certainly not. Many people are on the fence about their legitimacy, but it’s a genuine online training platform. Regardless of how many Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints you come across, rest assured that the training has been helpful to thousands of people.

In general, the training covers a wide area. Almost every type of business idea has aspects that can fall under this training. But obviously, not everyone will have success immediately. Interestingly, Wealthy Affiliate offers a unique opportunity for those who would like to start their own business at home.

By the way, it doesn’t require you to have your own products. Or a great amount of capital. Granted that you have access to a computer/laptop, you can just follow the simple step-by-step directions, and learn how to start your own online business.

To get you off to a start, the company offers some free training. That way, you get a feel of what to expect. Watch this short video for a demonstration. SaveSaveSaveSave


Most Powerful Way

Most ideally, one of the most powerful ways to create an online business is to create your own website. Rest assured that this is a firm foundation. Without this, your online success may very well be hopeless.

Specifically, the training focuses on affiliate marketing. Right from the start, you learn how you can earn money through this method. What’s the real story with this training platform though?

the real training

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints (Is it a Scam)

Training Platform: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: wealthyaffiliate.com

Starter Membership Cost: $0.00 (Start Now)

Premium Membership Cost: $49/month or $359/year (Start Now for $19 for the first month)

Wealthy Affiliate Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Recommended For: Newbies and Experts

Offers 4 Top Success Essentials

  • Your Own Website: Get a subdomain with SiteRubix for free
  • Free Membership with Wealthy Affiliate
  • Keyword Research Tool on the Training Platform (to help with your posts)
  • Affiliate Programs: Search for products that complement your niche: For instance, you can join Amazon Affiliate Program.

Join Now and Start Your Own Online Business: No Credit Card


My Experience at Wealthy Affiliate

My Wealthy Affiliate Login

Reasons People Laugh About Wealthy Affiliate

What About Wealthy Affiliate? These Shocking Facts

Learn to Build a Successful Website from the Pros

Take Action Now And Start Earning

Ready to take action? Firstly, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Shortly after, you can have your website up and running in just a few minutes. I will be there to give a helping hand.

Keep in mind that you’ll learn how to use the right keywords to write content for your website. Not to mention how your website can rank on page one with top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Once your niche does well with the search terms, it is a clear indication that many people are searching for that information. Eventually, these people may very well become customers. Another key point is that you’ll also learn how to monetize your website.

Showcase Your Passion

To explain, you can start an online business by just showcasing your passion, your hobby, or just about anything that you are interested in.

That’s not all.  Equally important is the key to finding a niche that you are really passionate about, and one that will garner profits.  Obviously, to be profitable boils down to what people have a burning desire for.  What help do they need to solve a problem? Can you give them the help they need?

Why does this matter? For sure this is how you’ll drive traffic to your website.  Simple: Offer people help. What’s more? Follow your passion and no doubt you will enjoy what you are doing.


Things You Need to Know About the Best Free Website Builder

How to Money From Home

Teaching English Online in China

Online Tutoring Jobs Home

Earn From Home in

Still on the Fence About Wealthy Affiliate?

Notably, Wealthy Affiliate embraces everything for your online success. Whether it be training, resources, or web hosting, all the support for success is right here on this platform.  Rest assured that there are no hidden costs. To put it another way, there is no catch. You either sign up for the free training and remain a free member or sign up for a premium membership.

Watch this short video to get an idea of what’s on the inside.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints (Is it a Scam)
Building Your Website

Remember the best part is that the starter membership is $0.00. In case you are not satisfied with the training, you can let me know about your disapproval. Scream at me if you need to let off steam.  

Once you join, I will certainly keep in touch with you. As a matter of fact, I will welcome you shortly after you sign up. For sure, I would like you to take the next step now and start your training with Wealthy Affiliate. To point out, there is no obligation for you to use a credit card.  

Sign up With Wealthy Affiliate for $0.00 and Get the “Ball A-Rolling.”

Here is Your Bonus Offer

The best thing about this bonus: If you like free training and want to go premium, you can enjoy a discount if you do so within 7 days after joining.  

No Gimmick: Your discount allows you to pay only $19.00 for the first month. Again, if you take that step and sign up for premium membership in the first 7 days, you do NOT pay $49 for the first month. Instead, you pay only $19.00.  Are you ready to take that step? 

“Every Accomplishment Starts With the Desire to Try.”

(Matt Cavallo, MPH)


How to Create a Website for Free

Hobbies Make Money

What is Site Build It

Don’t Be Fooled By Work Home Assembler Jobs

Extraordinary Opportunity

Important to realize here that the Wealthy Affiliate course offers an Extraordinary Opportunity.  In fact, it is not just a product for you to download a guide to read and follow instructions. Certainly, it is a library of knowledge filled with training for entrepreneurs and those who want to be.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints (Is it a Scam)

Some members consider it an online university with all the training you need. Plus all the resources, and help from thousands of like-minded people to ensure your success. Be assured that training is always on the update, you are never behind with changes that occur.

As a matter of fact, live training happens ever so often like weekly. Just join in a live training or watch the recorded episodes. For one thing, the founders are always there, whether it is with the live chat, active with Q & A or just to give a helping hand when needed. Definitely, Wealthy Affiliate is top of the pack.

Simple Powerful Training

Another key point to note is that the training is simple, yet powerful. Surely they are designed so that you see how everything works together. Assuredly, as soon as you grasp the basics, then doing them is easy. 

Clearly, things become more visual and you are not left alone trying to figure out what to do next. In the event that you get stuck, just ask the community and help is almost immediate.

Nobody denies that this training and learning platform offers the best ways and means for you to be successful in whatever niche you choose.  Notably, you have access to first-class community help, people with the same vision of helping others. In fact, it caters to everyone: beginners, in-betweens, and experts as well.

What You Will Learn

  • Choosing the ideal niche
  • How to build a website or just start a blog
  • Use WordPress to optimize your website
  • A simple way to make your website friendly with search engine
  • What to include on your website
  • How to find strong keywords for your content
  • Where to find images for your website without copyright problems
  • The Affiliate Program
  • Networking
  • How to earn money online with your website
  • Get to know the world’s best online community

Of course, this is just a small taste of what the training offers. Go ahead and check it out. Once you are on the inside, you will get the picture. In fact, why not join me here now and get a close-up view of Wealthy Affiliate?

Like you, I was curious to know if the training was legitimate. Guess what? I tried the free training. Additionally, I also did my own assessment of the pros and cons. I never looked back.

No Shortage of Help

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints (Is it a Scam)
An Active Community

One key point is that Wealthy Affiliate has a diverse community. Matter of fact, it is very interactive, packed with entrepreneurs and everyone shares a mutual vision to be successful in making money online.

Important to note here that there is no shortage of help from the experts.

Realistically, you will be with the best online community. Trying to do it alone may cause you to miss out. Remember, many of these people are experts in the business.

Shared learning includes the good, and the bad, and prevents getting into a rut. After all, I could not get through my training and experience success without the community support which is always available.

Bear in mind that this group is a global dynamic stretching over all time zones. Therefore, support is ongoing 24/7: It is Live Chat, SiteSupport, or Q & A.

Follow the Structured Plan

Albeit, this step-by-step method has a lot to do with the work you put in. That is to say, you are completely in charge of your success. Clearly, then, it is strategic that you follow the Structured Plan.

Wealthy Affiliate To The Rescue
Come Learn With Us

Emphatically, let me say that this is not an overnight get-rich scheme. Indeed, it is a timely process of learning how to build your business right so you can earn income from it. Sticking to what the founders Kyle and Carson are saying is key. No doubt they have done all the testing and know exactly what works well for this online business to be successful.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, if you are still unsure about Wealthy Affiliate, just give it a try for about a week and see where it leads. I am almost certain that you will enjoy this free training.

Moreover, your free website will be global within minutes. You can continue with free membership as long as you desire. It is a lifetime guarantee.

No Credit Card, Start For FREE

Hope you are happy with your experience at theworkathomebusiness.com.  If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.



23 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints (Is it a Scam)”

  1. Hi Carol, great review!!

    I started on Wealthy Affiliate with the free starter member, and it didn’t take me the seven days to realize I wanted to join Premium.

    I have learned so much. It’s the best decision I ever made. There’s so much training on there, that it’ll take me years to go through everything, lol.

    My favourite part is the live community. There’s never any shortage of help when you need it. And it’s almost immediate.

    I would highly recommend your readers to sign up and try it.


  2. Hi Carol, what a great review and just confirmed what I already knew! Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform and highly recommended to anyone who is interested in starting their own online business. I never looked back since I joined!

  3. Amazing Job! Great review on WA, Well Explained with tons of good useful info.
    I like how you introduce a bonus part the $19 for a first month. For me personally it was a big deal.
    I joined WA about a month ago and very happy. I only wish I have done it sometime in 2008.
    Great article. Wish you all the best.

    1. Hi David,
      Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up in 2012, but did not want to pay premium and discontinued. Do I have regrets? Certainly that was a big mistake. Now that I have restarted more than a year, I did not hesitate to go premium. I am enjoying Wealthy Affiliate premium.

  4. HI Carol,

    Awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate. The WA platform is one of the most honest affiliate marketing and blogging training programs on the market. It’s worth the price just for the hosting but they offer so much more! The community support and training is truly second to none in the industry as you clearly stated in this great post.

  5. Hi Carol,

    Wealthy affiliate is a great program. I am so happy I joined and would definitely recommend it to anyone that will listen to me. I really like your in-depth review and wish you the best with your marketing business.

  6. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a splendid program. I can tell just from all the comments and the length of your article. People really do care and like this program.

    I do have a question though. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like it takes a lot of commitment. What do I do if I get discouraged?

    Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Hi Alex,
      Wealthy Affiliate is truly an awesome program and thousands of people sign up for training. If you should ever get discouraged, just reach out to the community. Rest assured that your questions will be answered by different members within a short time.

  7. Danielle Packer

    You have convinced me! haha Wealthy Affiliate sounds amazing and the platform I have been trying to find to suit my online business desires. Thank you for such a detailed review! It was extremely helpful 🙂

  8. Hi Carol,
    I loved the article on how to use affiliate marketing to make money from home. You help ignite a passion for this type of work by showing just how passionate you are about it.

  9. Hi Carol this a well detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate online training platform. I have have been through a few not so great programs online previously. I was very cautious when initially starting out with Wealthy Affiliate. However, I have found it to be ethical and one stop shop for everything from domain and hosting. What sold me was the protection from hackers. I had other sites and was getting bombarded every single minute from internet hackers. It was frustrating and a time waster.

    1. Hi Erick,
      I am pleased to know that Wealthy Affiliate is working out for you. I experienced some “not good at all” sales pitch on the internet too. Ever since I found WA, I have not looked at any other because I am so satisfied with their training.

  10. Hello Carol, you have done an excellent job at reviewing Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful community that teaches you all about building a successful business online within any passion or hobby that interests you. I would recommend WA to anyone that is tired of a 9-5, and ready to be the BOSS themselves. Thanks again, and continue to do what you do.

    1. Hi Ahmad,
      I am certainly as confident with Wealthy Affiliate as you are. It is indeed a great online platform for anyone who wants to earn money form home.

  11. The proof is there to show that wealthy affiliate really does works, just look at the many success stories that come out of the community. When you look at the training the community and the tools you know that you are a part of something great and the best part is that you can start this business for free no money down. Wealthy affiliate has proven over and over again to help so many to have online success.

    1. Hi Norman,

      Wealthy Affiliate has certainly changed the way I perceived earning from home. Before I completed the free training, I knew this is exactly what I need to be successful online. A free start certainly gave me the confidence to build a business online.

  12. That is a lot of information that you have provided for the affiliate marketing platform Wealthy Affiliate.
    Those considering the online world need in-depth explanations on how it functions and how you go about learning this program. In particular the by step by step training to prevent the newbie becoming overwhelmed.
    Thank you for a great post

    1. Hi Geoff,

      Even though there is a lot of information to learn, you just need to go at your pace. The training should not be rushed through, as it can be overwhelming. 

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