The Fear of joining wealthy affiliate

12 Reasons Why Members Are Killing It

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money.

Unlike other training  platforms, you are not just left alone with videos to watch and listen for hours. In the end, you still don’t understand exactly what to do.

Wealthy Affiliate actually demonstrates the  simple steps and you follow along and build your website. 


Follow 4 simple steps: Choose your niche, build your website, rank in search engines, earn money. 

Wealthy Affiliate has has a dynamic, helpful community.

Never have I ever seen such a dynamic community. Right now, it is the most helpful group on the internet. The community is filled with experts who are always there to answer your questions.


In like manner, they share their ideas. Regardless of how busy the founders are, they also chime in sometimes to give suggestions. 

Wealthy Affiliate keeps up to date with the latest strategies.

Needless to say you won’t be left behind with the latest strategies that can help you succeed with the World Wide Web. Wealthy Affiliate keeps you up to date with the latest methods.


Every week there is new live training on the platform. These guys are right on top of it all and they pass on the training to you.

Wealthy Affiliate keeps their training simple.

Literally within a minute, you can have a website up on the World Wide Web. Who would think that a website can be created so fast? Wealthy Affiliate of course. They are the leaders in keeping things simple.


Everything is in place for your website to look really appealing. Plus it is mobile and tablet ready. Most important is that it is also ready to make money.


Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to attract potential clients.

Without people, your website business would be dead. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make the connection with people to your website.    


Shortly after you start the training, you learn about the importance of traffic to your website. That is the lifeline of your website – the people who visit.    

Wealthy Affiliate offers an annual discount.

Every year Wealthy Affiliate offers a discount. Specifically, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can capitalize on huge savings.  


People with varying  experience levels, and different knowledge base always benefit from the discount.

Wealthy Affiliate does not engage in up-sells.

Rest assured that there is no need for you to spend another dime on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The company has everything ready for you to begin building your business with just one price.


Many affiliate companies sell every other tools separately after you make the initial purchase of the product/service. But not so with Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t pay additional for hosting and other tools.  



Wealthy Affiliate provides everything on the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you easy access to the tools that you need to have a successful website business.  


Including on the list are: niche suggestions, website builder, technical support, suggested domains, hosting, keyword research tool, website back-up, website feedback and comments, spam blocker, live chat, website SSL certificate, website speed check, email for your website, sitecontent helps you to create content.   

Wealthy Affiliate provides their own keyword research tool-Jaaxy.

Developed specifically for affiliate marketers, the keyword research tool helps you to manage the keywords that you choose to write with.


Additionally, it gives you an idea of the traffic for that specific keyword. So you will see the competition. Based on your research, you can also get an insight into the domains that you can capitalize on.   



Wealthy Affiliate always give you an affiliate link.

That means you can put this link on your website to earn commissions. Notably, they pay out some of the highest affiliate commissions.


Let’s look at the payment structure:

  • $19 for the first month: Your commission will be $8 per referral. 
  • $49 monthly for premium training: Your commission will be $23.50 monthly per referral.
  • $99 monthly or $995 annually for premium plus training: Your commission will be $46.50 monthly per referral.


Wealthy Affiliate stands out from other affiliate marketing programs.

Keep in mind that some affiliate programs only pay commissions for a specific time frame.


Unlike those companies, you will always get commissions from Wealthy Affiliate if your referrals continue to be members.


Plus, Wealthy Affiliate the cookies never expire. They remain for a lifetime.

Wealthy Affiliate has a $0 starter membership.

Basically, everyone can start with free limited training for 7 days. During this time, you’ll begin working on your website. However, the training is just the basics. 


When the 7 days expire, you can continue with further training if you become a premium member.


Nonetheless, you can still keep your website and there is no time limit with that.


Although you keep your website, it is important to note that your access to the tools on the platform will also expire.

Try a Simple 7 Day Training For Free.

You deserve better than just making a quick decision to purchase an online training program. So Wealthy Affiliate offers the opportunity to test out a simple 5 day training for free. 


The Incentive

After trying the free 5 day training, you may want to test it further. Here is the deal. In case you want to see more of the training and take your test a step further, you can pay only $19 for the first month.    


Thereafter, the cost goes up to $49 per month. Or, $495 annually. Testing out the training for the first few months is a good idea because it allows you to see the value of what it’s worth.


By then, your website will be well on it’s way to being monetized. Nevertheless, if you don’t really see any value in the course, you can discontinue and cancel anytime.   


The Irresistible Deal

Generally, Wealthy Affiliate offers a Black Friday deal every year. Usually, they’ll extend this deal to Cyber Monday. Certainly, these guys Kyle & Carson are all about helping people.


Slashing the cost for the training gives many people a life changing opportunity to start their own online business. Moreover, it’s an ideal time to save money. Especially if you want to give this training a try for a year.  


Amazingly, your website will surprise you. When you see what you can actually do and earn from it, you will never want to stop building your business. Don’t hesitate to grab this offer when the time comes around. 



Beat the Competition

Developed to simplify your keyword research, Jaaxy is indeed the tool of choice to put you ahead in your niche. Coupled with insights on traffic, and availability of domains, Jaaxy is powerful. Every time you do a keyword research, you’ll see the .com that is available, also the .net, and .org.


Getting low competition keywords, and niche ideas is just one search away. Needless to say the boost you’ll get for SEO. As a result, your search can very well put you right above the competitors in your niche.  


Clearly you’ll see why others rank so well with search engines. In addition you can also get an idea of what their content is about, even the quality. 

Let Your Idea Work

Do you know that turning your interest into a website is not hard? Actually, you don’t need to know how to design anything. Simply follow some easy steps and in a few minutes your website is global. Matter of fact, Wealthy Affiliate guarantees 30 seconds.


Apart from not having the design skills, you can also start building without a budget. That’s the beauty of joining the Wealthy Affiliate training platform. While you can build a free website on the platform, it’s certainly better to pay some money and get complete access to the full training.


Once your website goes global, you’ll need to attract visitors. From the extra training, you will learn how to engage with these visitors. Key point here is that these people may become your clients. 

Special Offer

61% Off the First Month

Pay only $19 for the first month and start building your website. Whatever your interest is, you can create a beautiful website to showcase your passion.