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Learn affiliate marketing without losing money.

Learn about affiliate marketing

Learn more about affiliate marketing here.

Introducing the only training you need in affiliate marketing – without losing money. 


Initiated and developed by two internet gurus (Kyle & Carson), this training was created for everyone who wants to start an online business in affiliate marketing – without feeling the hurt of losing money.


Finally! training without the never ending up-sells.

This easy training is truly a simple step by step process. And it is unlike any other training you ever undertake. 

Wealthy Affiliate’s platform ever so often provides information that keeps motivating you to create a profitable website.


Even if you don’t have an idea Wealthy Affiliate helps you to choose the right direction for your website.

The platform also provides the opportunity for you to own multiple websites.

Up-sells cost more

Everything under one roof

Complete Training vs Basic Training

The clever way to learn affiliate marketing.

In general, most affiliate marketing course comes with up-sells. Each up-sell adds up and usually cost more than the course itself. That is where your pocket feels the pain, the hurt, the pressure to spend more. 


With this simple affiliate training, there is a notable absence of the up-sells pressure. That’s the clever way to learn without distractions.


Of course, the meaning of affiliate marketing has not changed. It is the same idea, same recommendations now with just one reasonable price.  


Can you see through it now?  

Trust Pilot gives approval.

Wealthy Affiliate has a high rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trust Pilot. Given that seal of approval from thousands of satisfied clients, it is clearly a great training platform.


Anyone – regardless of your design skills, your  knowledge of building websites, or even your budget can access the right training. Basically, it’s so simple to follow that you won’t stop until you are finished.


Globally, more than 2.5 million members have taken the training. Many are now coaching others, in addition to earning from their websites.


Feeling the power of this platform now?  

Approval from Trust Pilot

What real members are saying.

Take a look at Trust Pilot.

“Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that really changed my life. I have been involved in this for about three years now. I really learned a lot about affiliate marketing in those three years. ….” Dimanka (LK: 2/2023)


“I have been here with WA since 2013 so coming up on my 10-year anniversary. The main thing I value here is this platform is totally transparent….”  Scott K. (US: 2/2023)

“I have subscribed and belonged to Wealthy Affiliate Platform since September 2017, and I have gradually moved more of my online businesses onto the platform as it offers great hosting, plus training, ….” AlanJ (GB: 2/2023) 

“I absolutely love the platform Wealthy affiliate. It is a fair price to get great secure hosting and to be able to build multiple websites….”

Erica G. (AU: 1/2022)

“….If you’re IN to the DIGITAL MARKETING WORLD, WA COMMUNITY is the best place to be!.…” Erik B. (US: 2/2023)

“Wealthy Affiliate is a one stop shop for anyone wanting to build an online business. Building an online business requires a lot of moving part….”Barry (GB: 3/2022)


“Wealthy affiliates is a great platform, for training and development.they provide you with coaching & training videos to succeed in the affiliate marketing field….” Robert E. (US: 8/2022)

“I’ve tried several affiliate training platforms but there haven’t been any as thorough and well done as Wealthy Affiliate….” Tony S. (GB: 10/2022)

“Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build successful online businesses and they provide everything you need for succeed….” AJun (MY: 10/2022)

“Wealthy Affiliate offer an extremely good package on Web hosting, Training & access to a massive network of wonderful people who are as keen to help as they are to learn….” Pinnacle-T. (GB: 3/2021)

“Wealthy affiliate, These guys have put together the most comprehensive and complete training courses in the industry….”

Tim H. (US: 11/2021) 

“This is where you want to be to get the training you need to become great at creating an income with an affiliate marketing programme….” Rah D. (SG: 12/2021)

Love the training, guaranteed.

Expert Training

Developed by 2 internet enthusiasts Kyle & Carson have engineered this training platform. With their down to earth training, they have simplified how you can create a website and turn it into a successful affiliate marketing business. 

Free Starter Membership

Unlike other online training programs, Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter training for you to test the reality of building your website.


Because the free training is just a taste of what the platform offers, you will only get a sample of what you can achieve. But in the full training nothing is held back.

Precise Targeting 

This affiliate training accommodates everyone – newbies, in-betweens and experts. The training caters to the need of everyone who wants to make money online. All training targets beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Awesome Support Power

Seemingly, the community support never goes away. So if you come across a problem, rest assured that someone has your back.


Their support never seems to wane. Just post your questions and almost immediately, someone willingly answers, and is backed up by others. Equally, live chat is also available.

High Rating

No longer do you have to scour the web to find real training in affiliate marketing. Perfect for those who worry about being scammed, you can trust the A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. And a 4.9 out of 5 star rating from Trust Pilot. 

Anyone Can Do It

It is best to choose a business path that aligns with your interests. That makes it easier to share content as you build your website.


By focusing on your interests you can share information that will be helpful to others. Everything that you need to build a successful business is available on the platform. 

What you will learn.

Overall, you will have access to 2 different training. Depending on your website direction, you can choose to do the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) or the Affiliate Bootcamp. However, Wealthy Affiliate recommends that it is best to start with (OEC). 


All in all, this course has 50 lessons. First of all, you need to have a clear idea of your niche. That will be your key focus for content on your website. Primarily, you will learn how to create and grow your website. And, you will learn different strategies to monetize it.  


Getting traffic to your website is super important. So you will learn the best methods to attract visitors and how to engage with them. Apart from going through the training videos, you can join live lessons every week.


Connecting and engaging with the community is an experience you won’t forget. Literally, thousands of people from all over the world do the same training.


As members build their online business, many share their knowledge and expertise. In turn, you can also learn from their suggestions and training too.

Best Training Platform

Profit in any niche….

Choosing a Niche
Any topic of interest....
Get your free copy of 215 Evergreen

Website Niche Ideas here.

Keep in mind that these are all very broad niches. So you will need to niche down to be more specific. As seen in the free copy of the evergreen book.


Furthermore,  you can go even deeper if you so desire.

Narrowing down your niche

Niche down to choose any fashion, any pet, any weight loss diet, any hobby or other interests.
Focusing on a narrow niche allows you to be more specific. Visitors to your website may be able to find information easier.
On the other hand, a broader niche can become too much. Surprisingly, you may even lose your website direction with a broad niche.
Narrowing down your niche

Discover more about a niche here.

Without any obligation, do a 7-day trial before paying a dime.

$19: First month

Trust Pilot Reviews: 4.8 out of
1. Select Training Package
Selecting a training package
Everything in one place
2. Connect with the community
Community Connection

Share what you love to do.

It’s not hard at all. Remarkably, you can create your own website without having to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to do it. Capitalize on the best way to build your own website without paying “an arm and a leg.”  

Developed by 2 internet enthusiasts, The Work at Home Business was created because I took the initiative and did the training. My intention now is to share as many affiliate programs as possible with you. 


For everyone who wants to build a website and focus on promoting other people’s products, you will find many ideas here. Best of all, you can start your business without the fear of losing any money. 

Sharing your passion

Learn affiliate marketing without losing money.

Discovering how to do affiliate marketing on the Wealthy Affiliate platform is indeed a revolution in training and learning. Undeniably, it is unlike any other training you’ll ever experience. 


Wealthy Affiliate training ever so often gets rave reviews for the invaluable content that is offered. Such information gives you the confidence to build your website and monetize it. 


Also, you can focus on either the Online Entrepreneur Certification or the Affiliate Bootcamp. 

Start with your interest

Choose a Niche

When choosing a niche it is best to select a topic that you love and really want to share with others.


That makes it easier for you to come up with topics so you can create content. 


A great niche can attract people to your website. So research your idea well and note the competition. How feasible is it? 

Research and write

Write About Your Passion

Write for a specific audience so they can find the best content on the internet.

Research and write the answers to their questions, the merchandise they are looking for and other things of interest.


Using a keyword research tool is certainly helpful. You will definitely get an idea of what people are searching for. 

Promote products, earn commissions

Monetize Your Website

Who doesn’t want to monetize their website? For a start, you can promote other people’s products.


When you make sales you are paid a commission. So it’s wise to promote  products with higher price tags.  


Ideally, it’s best to promote products that are in line with your niche. So research the affiliate programs that offer those products.  

The # 1 choice.

Obviously, learning about affiliate marketing can cost more than you think. Without a doubt, the training platform at Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the # 1 choice.


Even though you can start learning without paying, there is a $19 cost to access more information. This is only applicable for the first month. Thereafter, the monthly cost is $49.


To ease the burden on your pocket, you can get in on the Black Friday sale annually. If you get in on that sale, you can lock in a lifetime low price. This can significantly reduce the strain of making monthly payments.



We understand. You're deterred.

 You have tried different training platforms. And they did not work out.


The cost, non stop upsell, all the add-on is a deterrent. Certainly created to put pressure on your pocket.  

You can accomplish more.

Losing your money due to inadequate training is unacceptable. Moreover, the promise of how much you can earn within a short time. This is often the portrayal of some unrealistic programs. Oh no!


Realistically, Wealthy Affiliate balances the training on their platform. Given 2 options, you can build your website and focus on the one that suits you best. Either the entrepreneur certification, or the bootcamp. 


This OPTIMAL training takes the pressure off finding a profitable niche which can result in …..

✅  Substantially less financial pressure on your pockets

✅  Enhancing your website design skills

✅  Promoting lucrative affiliate programs

✅  Increased earning potential 

✅  Constant traffic to your website

✅  Continuous passive income 

Training with Wealthy Affiliate does not present unachievable goals. Instead, the training PRESENTS POSSIBILITIES that are achievable. Contrary to any other training you have ever tried, this one brings satisfaction. 

Awesome training. Amazing results.

Backed by more than 2.5 million members Wealthy Affiliate continues to help thousands every day. The success stories are never ending. Notable facts include: 


  • 18 years helping people to build their website business 
  • Available training globally (in 193 countries)
  • Helping over 20,000 people every day 
  • Over 10,000 new websites built every month

7 Day free trial guaranteed.

Become an expert in affiliate marketing. Starting off with the free trial guarantees that there is no money to lose.