The Best Keyword Search Finder (Get 30 Free Searches)

A Keyword Search Finder is undoubtedly important for anyone with a blog/website. Or even a YouTube channel. Of course, access to a Keyword Search Finder provides tons of ideas for bloggers. Certainly, it allows you to reach people with the information that they are seeking.  

Looking for high quality keywords for your blog/website? 

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Effective Features Of A Keyword Search Finder

Choosing to use this tool can ensure your success with search engines. Finding quality keywords calls for a few actions.

1. Look For Keywords With Low Competition

High competition may result in low traffic or none at all. Jaaxy gives a Quoted Search Results (QSR) so you can see how competitive a keyword is. Considering that there are tons of keywords, you would want to have a tool that can give you data quickly.  

Using QSR shows you how many web pages are presently on Google for that particular search. In reality, it’s best to keep the QSR under 50. And a number closer to zero is even better.

The Best Keyword Search Finder (Get 30 Free Searches)

2. Keyword Shows Some Traffic 

Getting some traffic like more than 50 searches each month is ideal. Though this number may look low, it is a sweet find indeed. Key point is that it is easier for you to get on the 1st page with any search engine. Having a lower competition may work out better for conversions. 

3. Choose Keywords That Make Sense 

How can you write content with keywords that don’t make sense? Trying to do so will be more on the difficult side. Sure you want to write helpful content for your audience. Realistically, the keyword that you are targeting should be in your title. 

Almost immediately, Jaaxy will gather important information about the traffic for your keyword, the competition in real time, and if the keyword makes sense.

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The Best Keyword Search Finder (Get 30 Free Searches)
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