School Supplies Affiliate Program

Best School Supplies Affiliate Program Unlocking 15 Choices

One niche that has gained considerable traction is the School Supplies Affiliate Program. In education, it’s essential to have the right resources to foster learning and development. For educators, parents, and students, quality school supplies can make a significant difference in the learning experience. 

Indeed, the School Supplies Affiliate Program offers a unique opportunity to support learning while earning commissions. If you are passionate about education and looking to monetize your enthusiasm, look no further than the School Supplies Affiliate Program.

This blog post unlocks the top 13 opportunities. Each program offers a range of educational products and materials that will enable you to monetize your passion for education. Join me as I explain the remarkable opportunities that make each program an excellent choice for affiliates.

By partnering with these programs, you can promote a wide range of school supplies and earn commissions for every sale generated through your referral. l will discuss the key features that make each program stand out, the respective affiliate networks to sign up with, the commission rates, and the all-important cookie durations. 

Before I delve into each program, let me clarify what is a School Supplies Affiliate Program. Also, why you should consider choosing a program to promote. 

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What’s School Supplies Affiliate Program?

A School Supplies Affiliate Program is a partnership between online retailers and affiliates. Joining as a partner allows affiliates to promote and market school supplies from these retailers. Affiliates earn a commission for each sale made through their unique affiliate links. 

These programs cover a wide array of school-related products. Thereby making them an ideal choice for bloggers and influencers in the education niche.

Why Choose School Supplies Affiliate Program?

Best School Supplies Affiliate Program Unlocking 15 Choices
  • Wide Product Range: School Supplies Affiliate Programs offer a wide range of products, from notebooks and pencils to backpacks and calculators. This diversity ensures that you have a broad audience to cater to.
  • Steady Demand: The demand for school supplies remains consistent throughout the year, not just during the back-to-school season. Again, this ensures a steady stream of potential customers.
  • Passive Income: Once you’ve set up your affiliate links and marketing strategy, you can earn ongoing commissions as long as your content is live and generating traffic.
  • Minimal Investment: Affiliate marketing requires minimal investment. For this reason, it is an accessible option for bloggers and website owners.

Regardless of your interest, you’ll find that each School Supplies Affiliate Program is a remarkable choice that stands out in the market. 

McGraw Hill Affiliate Program: Elevating Learning Through Innovation


Being a distinguished name in educational publishing, McGraw Hill offers a comprehensive range of high-quality textbooks and learning materials. Mainly, McGraw Hill caters to the needs of educators and students. As an affiliate, you can earn generous commissions by promoting their products.

Management of their affiliate program goes through the network. With a commission rate of 4% – 8% and an extended cookie duration, the company ensures that you receive credit for purchases that are made within that timeframe. Notably, their commission rates are different for eBook purchases and physical products.

What Sets McGraw Hill Apart 
  • Innovation in Learning Resources: Known for its cutting-edge textbooks and digital resources they incorporate innovative teaching methods.
  • Competitive Commission: An 8% commission rate is notably high in the affiliate marketing industry, making it an attractive choice for those seeking substantial earnings.
  • Extended Cookie Duration: The long cookie duration ensures that affiliates continue to earn commissions on purchases long after the initial referral.
What Makes McGraw Hill a Great Choice

Commitment to innovation and high-quality educational resources sets McGraw Hill apart. It’s also a prime choice for affiliates who have an interest in the education niche. The generous commission and extended cookie duration further enhance its appeal, offering significant earning potential.

Scholastic Store Affiliate Program: Where Learning Begins 

Best School Supplies Affiliate Program Unlocking 15 Choices

Famous for its book fairs and educational resources, Scholastic Store is a renowned brand that has been promoting reading and learning for generations. Offering a world of captivating books and educational materials, affiliates can capitalize on the opportunity to promote literacy and learning.

Typically, their affiliate program is powered by Rakuten Advertising. With a 6% commission rate, you can team up with one of the most trusted names in learning, and introduce students and parents to a world of captivating books. 

What Sets Scholastic Store Apart  
  • Legacy of Educational Excellence: Scholastic Store has a longstanding legacy of promoting reading and education for all age groups.
  • Competitive Commission: A 6% commission rate is competitive in the education sector, making it a viable choice for affiliates.
  • Cookie Duration: The 45-day cookie duration gives affiliates a reasonable window to earn commissions on referred sales.
What Makes Scholastic Store a Great Choice

Be assured that this affiliate program is a great choice for educators and book enthusiasts. Considering that Scholastic Store has a strong reputation for educational excellence, it’s an enticing option for affiliates. Other advantages include the attractive commission rate and the cookie duration which provide affiliates ample time to earn rewards from their referrals.

Times Tales Affiliate Program: Making Math Memorable

Best School Supplies Affiliate Program Unlocking 15 Choices

Designed to make learning multiplication fun and easy, Times Tales offers a unique math program. Its primary focus is to make learning multiplication engaging and memorable. Affiliates promoting this program enjoy a significant advantage with a generous 15% commission on sales.

It carries an extended cookie duration allowing affiliates to earn well. This high commission rate is a major attraction for those looking to monetize their educational niche websites effectively. Furthermore, the cookies associated with the Times Tales program are a big deal. The extended duration ensures that affiliates can continue to earn commissions for up to 3 months after their referrals. 

Their affiliate program is ideal for those interested in helping kids excel in mathematics. Powered by Refersion, you can sign up to join their program and make math fun while earning significant commissions.

What Sets Times Tales Apart
  • Engaging Learning Approach: Times Tales takes a unique and engaging approach to teaching multiplication, making it memorable for students.
  • High Commission Rate: The 30% commission rate is one of the highest in the education niche, making it an exceptional choice for affiliates.
  • Cookie Duration: The 90-day cookie duration ensures that affiliates continue to earn commissions for an extended period.
What Makes Times Tales a Great Choice

Combined with an innovative teaching method, a substantial commission rate, and a generous cookie duration, Times Tales positions itself as an excellent choice for affiliates looking to promote engaging math resources. Their affiliate program is ideal for those interested in helping kids excel in mathematics.

Outschool Affiliate Program: A World of Learning Adventures

Connecting learners with a wide range of classes, Outschool offers live online classes for students. This program is especially appealing for affiliates who target the homeschooling and online education market.

 They can earn commissions by bringing students to diverse educational experiences. 

With a $35 commission for every referral and a generous 60-day cookie duration, affiliates can help students explore their interests while earning simultaneously.

Powered by Awin, affiliates can sign up to join their affiliate program. The long cookie duration gives affiliates a considerable window to ensure you get credit for your referrals.

What Sets Outschool Apart
  • Live Online Classes: Offers a diverse range of live online classes, providing a dynamic learning experience.
  • Generous Commission: A $35 commission rate is attractive for affiliates, particularly those targeting the homeschooling and online education market.
  • 45-Day Cookie Duration: The 45-day cookie duration offers a sufficient timeframe for affiliates to earn commissions.
What Makes Outschool a Great Choice

The interactive approach to learning and its competitive commission rate make Outschool a compelling option for affiliates whose focus is on online education. In like manner, the extended cookie duration further enhances the earning potential. Affiliate Program: Your Source for Affordable Textbooks

Collaborating with Barnes & Noble, is a one-stop shop for affordable educational materials. Their affiliate program is a great way to earn while supporting students’ academic journeys. 

Partnering with Impact, you can apply to join their affiliate program. With a 5% commission rate and a 14-day cookie duration, you can provide students with the resources they need while earning commissions. It’s an excellent choice for promoting affordable textbooks.

What Sets Apart
  • Affordable Textbooks: Offers a vast collection of textbooks at budget-friendly prices, catering to the needs of students.
  • Solid Commission: With a 5% commission rate, provides affiliates with a competitive earning potential.
  • 30-Day Cookie Duration: The duration allows affiliates to continue earning commissions on referred sales for an entire month.
What Makes a Great Choice

Seeing that focuses on affordability and offers a fair commission rate, it can be an attractive option for affiliates. Particularly those who are targeting students and book enthusiasts.

Discount School Supply Affiliate Program: Quality Supplies, Affordable Prices

Providing affordable, and high-quality school supplies, Discount School Supply offers affiliates the opportunity to profit while helping schools and parents save. their affiliate program is powered by Pepperjam or

Catering to educators with a vast selection of classroom materials, this program the company offers a win-win for all involved. With a 10% commission rate and a 30-day cookie duration, it’s a popular choice for affiliates.

What Sets Discount School Supply Apart
  • Quality Classroom Materials: Provides a wide selection of high-quality classroom supplies for educators.
  • Steady Commission: Offering a 10% commission rate, this program ensures affiliates can earn steady commissions.
  • 30-Day Cookie Duration: The 30-day cookie duration allows affiliates to keep earning for a month after their initial referral.
What Makes Discount School Supply a Great Choice

The emphasis of Discount School Supply focuses on quality and affordability. Coupled with a consistent commission rate and a reasonable cookie duration, their affiliate program is a reliable choice for affiliates in the education niche.

Crayola Affiliate Program: Fueling Creativity and Imagination

A beloved brand, Crayola has been Inspiring creativity in kids for generations. Children, parents, and educators love the colorful products from Crayola. So as an affiliate, you can promote these products, encourage creativity, and earn commissions.

With a 3-5% commission rate and a 30-day cookie duration, you can support young artists and their creative endeavors. CJ affiliate network runs their affiliate program, so you can sign up on that platform. 

What Sets Crayola Apart
  • Creativity and Imagination: Crayola is a beloved brand known for fostering creativity and imagination in children.
  • Decent Commission: With a 3% commission rate, affiliates can still earn a reasonable income by promoting these iconic art supplies.
  • 30-Day Cookie Duration: The 30-day cookie duration ensures that affiliates continue to earn rewards for a month.
What Makes Crayola a Great Choice

Crayola has a brand reputation for promoting creativity for generations. Their moderate commission rate makes it a good choice for affiliates targeting parents, teachers, and young artists.

Books A Million Affiliate Program: Your Bookstore and More

Best School Supplies Affiliate Program Unlocking 15 Choices

This is a popular bookstore with a wide selection of educational materials. Through the CJ Affiliate network, you can sign up to promote their products to book enthusiasts and earn a 5% commission on your sales. Also, enjoy a 7-day cookie duration and help readers discover their next favorite book.

What Sets Books A Million Apart
  • Wide Book Selection: Offers an extensive collection of books, making it a one-stop shop for book enthusiasts
  • 5% Commission Rate: While not the highest, a 5% commission rate is still competitive in the book affiliate market.
  • 7-Day Cookie Duration: Although the cookie duration is relatively short it encourages quick conversions.
What Makes Books-A-Million a Great Choice

The vast book selection and competitive commission rate make Books-A-Million a suitable choice for affiliates. Primarily for those who wish to promote a wide range of reading materials.

Hooked on Phonics Affiliate Program: Empowering Young Readers

Helping kids learn to read confidently for years, Hooked on Phonics has been the go-to program for educators, kids, and parents. When you promote their products you are helping to support early literacy.

To promote Hooked on Phonics products, you can join through the  ShareASale network and earn a remarkable 10% commission rate. Also, enjoy different dollar flat rates for new USA and Canada subscribers. You can play a significant role in helping children become proficient readers.

What Sets Hooked on Phonics Apart
  • Reading Empowerment: Renowned for its role in helping young readers become proficient in reading.
  • 10% Commission Rate: This rate offers substantial earning potential for affiliates.
  • Dollar Flat Rates: Depending on which country (USA or Canada) there are 2 different flat rates for new subscribers.
What Makes Hooked on Phonics a Great Choice

Contribution to early literacy and a high commission rate make Hooked on Phonics an ideal option for affiliates. Particularly, those focusing on helping children read confidently.

All About Learning Press Affiliate Program: Mastering Language Arts

All About Learning Press offers comprehensive language arts programs for kids. As an affiliate, you can aid in building strong language skills. With a generous 15% commission rate and a 180-day cookie duration, you can contribute to students’ language development while earning substantial commissions. 

Join their affiliate program by signing up on their website and help All About Learning Press provide these language arts resources. 

What Sets All About Learning Press Apart
  • Language Arts Mastery: Offers comprehensive resources for mastering language arts.
  • Generous Commission Rate: With a 15% commission rate, this program provides affiliates with an attractive earning potential.
  • 180-Day Cookie Duration: This 180-day cookie duration is one of the longest in the affiliate industry. And it ensures ample time for affiliates to earn commissions on referred sales.
What Makes All About Learning Press a Great Choice

The focus on language arts, combined with a substantial commission rate and an extended cookie duration make All About Learning Press stand out. Indeed, it’s an excellent choice for affiliates targeting language and literacy education.

ABC Mouse Affiliate Program: Early Learning Academy

Best School Supplies Affiliate Program Unlocking 15 Choices

Notably, ABC Mouse is an award-winning early-learning platform. Using an early learning app it makes education fun. Promoting ABC Mouse allows you to earn while helping kids get a head start in their learning journey. 

Applying to either CJ Affiliate or Rakuten networks will allow you to promote and commissions. Plus, you can also benefit from a 30-day cookie duration. This program offers a unique way to support early education.

What Sets ABC Mouse Apart
  • Award-Winning Early Learning: ABC Mouse is an award-winning early learning platform for young children.
  • High Commission Rate: Offering a high commission rate, this program stands out with its significant earning potential.
  • 30-Day Cookie Duration: This ensures affiliates earn commissions for a month.
What Makes ABC Mouse a Great Choice

Considering that ABC Mouse is an award-winning platform, it positions itself as a top choice for affiliates. Paired with an exceptionally high commission rate, it is a top choice for affiliates aiming to promote early childhood education.

Blick Affiliate Program: Art Supplies Galore

Blick is a trusted source for art supplies. Their affiliate program is perfect for art enthusiasts who want to earn while supporting creativity. With a 10% commission rate and a 24-hour cookie duration, you can empower artists of all ages while earning commissions. 

Two platforms powering their affiliate program are CJ Affiliate and ShareASale networks. Blick is indeed a go-to for art enthusiasts, so you can check out their affiliate program. 

What Sets Blick Affiliate Program Apart
  • Art Supplies Variety: Offers a wide range of art supplies, catering to artists of all levels
  • 10% Commission Rate: A 10% commission rate is attractive for affiliates in the art niche.
  • 24-hour Cookie Duration: This ensures affiliates can earn rewards quickly.
What Makes Blick a Great Choice

Blick has an extensive selection of art supplies. Combined with a competitive commission rate, this is a solid choice for affiliates promoting art-related content and products.

Math Rider Affiliate Program: Mastering Math Skills

Offering an engaging math game, Math Rider makes math enjoyable for students. Promote it and earn an impressive 30% commission rate and a 30-day cookie duration. 

This program provides a fantastic way to support math education. Sign up on their website if you want to promote their program. 

What Sets Math Rider Apart
  • Math Skills Mastery: Helps students master math skills in an engaging way
  • 30% Commission Rate: With a 30% commission rate, affiliates have the potential for substantial earnings.
  • 30-Day Cookie Duration: Ensures affiliates continue to earn commissions for a month
What Makes Math Rider a Great Choice

Math Rider focuses on math skill development. Combined with a high commission rate, Math Rider makes it a strong choice for affiliates targeting math education and learning.

How to Start Your School Supplies Affiliate Program Website 

Getting started with School Supplies Affiliate Programs is relatively straightforward. Here are the general steps:

  • Choose Your Niche: Determine which school supply niche aligns best with your blog/website. Or the content and the interests of your target audience. 

In case you don’t have a website, use this step-by-step training here without obligation. This is the training I use and recommend to build affiliate websites. As you go through the training, it will direct you to affiliate programs.  

  • Sign Up: Join the affiliate programs of your choice. Most programs have an easy registration process. The training will also give guidance for the creation of content on your blog/website. 
  • Create Valuable Content: Produce informative and engaging content that naturally incorporates affiliate links. Write product reviews, educational blog posts, or buying guides. As you create content, the training also gives guidance about promoting it and how to use SEO. 

Maximizing Your Affiliate Earnings

Build Trust: Be transparent with your audience about your affiliate partnerships. Disclose your affiliate relationships in your content and promote products you believe in. Building trust with your audience is essential for long-term success. 

To make the most of your partnership with the School Supplies Affiliate Program, it’s essential to choose the right affiliate network. Regardless of the commission rates, and the cookie durations look for networks that provide excellent support, tracking, and timely payments. Make sure to check these details when signing up for affiliate programs to maximize your earnings.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, School Supplies Affiliate Programs offer a fantastic opportunity to earn while supporting education. By promoting these 13 programs, you can make a positive impact on students’ learning while generating income. 

Ready to embark on your journey into the world of the School Supplies Affiliate Program? Start earning passive income while contributing to the education of students and helping parents find the best supplies for their needs.

As you can see, these affiliate programs cover a broad spectrum of school supply needs. Each brings its own set of features and advantages to the table. Primarily, this makes it easier for affiliates to choose the ones that resonate most with the preferences and interests of your audience.

Whether you’re looking for high commissions, educational resources, or unique networking opportunities, these programs have you covered. Take your affiliate marketing journey to the next level by exploring the possibilities within the School Supplies Affiliate Program niche.

I hope you are happy with your experience at  If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.


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