Learn How to Create a Website for Free

Learn How to Create a Website for Free and establish a business online.  Assuredly, you’ll experience a sense of accomplishment.  Undoubtedly, you can Learn How to Create a Website for Free with Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you enter this online training platform you’ll find that you can Learn How to Create a Website for Free.  Notably, Wealthy Affiliate provides a free website builder and domain:

  • Is Authentic

  • Offers Free Training

  • Tried and True

For this reason, you can Learn How to Create a Website for Free and establish your brand.

Learn to Build a Successful Website from the Pros

No doubt this is the perfect online training platform.  Important to realize that all the information you need to create a business online is here.  Even if you are a total novice to building an online business, the training takes care of that.

Anyone Can Learn How to Create a Website for Free and Have Success

For sure, anyone can create a successful website.  So do any of these apply to you?

  • College Students
  • Unemployed
  • New Graduates
  • Retired
  • Wants to work at home
  • Desires to earn online
  • Yearns for a job change
  • Eager to earn cash
Time for Change

In case you answer yes to any of these, then you can definitely learn how to build online success.  Keep in mind that online success does not come overnight.  The key point is that you have to work at it.

Be Ready For Change

Now that you see what you can do at Wealthy Affiliate, it can change your life.  Hence, are you ready to make a change?  Which direction will you go?  Certainly, not the same “day in day out.”

Of course, guidance is key.  By the way, you create your website as you go through the training.  As a matter of fact, you can even start earning before you complete your website and the training.  That’s a shocking revelation.

Needless to say, you have nothing to lose for trying.  Correspondingly, you become more knowledgeable about the online business.  To point out, if you start a website and don’t like the direction you are going with it, you can always do another one for free.

I’m Carol

I'm Carol

Years ago when I first researched How to Create a Website for Free, I took notes but never built a successful website. Needless to say, the notes weren’t of much help even though I followed every step.  Being unsuccessful, I yearned for the real training to learn exactly what to do.

As I continued to search, I finally got a Shocking Revelation: Learn How to Create a Website for Free with the SiteRubix platform through Wealthy Affiliate. Incidentally, I read a post that compared some work-from-home opportunities. After reading about each one, I decided to try Wealthy Affiliate because it just offered a more authentic opportunity.

Keep Learning

For one thing, Wealthy Affiliate absolutely teaches. That’s a shocking revelation to me.  The reason is that so many online offers do not teach.  Instead, the rush is to pay more for this and that to increase your chance to earn more money.  To emphasize, the training at Wealthy Affiliate captivates your interest.  Best of all, you learn something new every day.

Be that as it may, free training does not offer everything.  Once you learn the basics, you may quickly realize that you want to upgrade to premium.  That is to say, you can access everything on the training platform.  I just could not resist going premium.

Truly, out of all my extensive research, it is the best. From this online training, I am now closer to my online dream business. Take a look at what the training is like and learn more here.  Surely, Wealthy Affiliate heads the list for online affiliate training. Would you like to take a look?

Click the link and discover more now.

How to Create a Website For Free

Tried and True

Need inspiration on what you can earn? Here is the deal to try Wealthy Affiliate.  Different from any other, Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix remains one of the top website builders today.  For this reason, the training is ideal for newbies as well as those with experience.

Do Important Things Now

Regardless of your level of experience, this platform accommodates everyone at any level. Trying to build a website on your own without the ideal guidance can cause you to lose out on earning money. Likewise, it is a complete waste of time.

Shows How to Make Money

Specifically, training with Wealthy Affiliate is not a click this, click that, drag and drop.  As you develop your website, the training shows you how to make money with your site.  Considering that you are building a website for free, that’s a good thing.

Unlike some other website builders, they do not put ads on your site to make money for themselves.  Instead, they want you to make money.  Granted that you can start the training for free, you can follow these simple steps and register.

Step 1: Sign up and Type a Domain Name

First of all, get an account with this top-rated website builder: SiteRubix.com.  Forthwith, this click takes you to the page where you type in the domain name for your website.  A key point to note is that the domain name ends with “.siterubix.com.” Typically, free website domains end with the name of the website builder.

Type in Domain Name

Following this, you can see at the immediate right: SiteRubix.com.  Once you have approval, this shows up in green.  On the other hand, if the domain name is not available, it shows in red.  In this case, you can type a different name and keep trying until you get the green light.

To clarify, you don’t really have to change the entire wording of the domain name. Rather, you can just remove or add a word or even a letter.  Even though some people use hyphens, I don’t really like to use them.

A key point to note is that you can give your website a name based on your idea. By the way, you can even use your own name. For sure, that gives it a unique touch. Have a name for your website? Now click the blue box: “Build my Free Website.”

Step 2: Create an Account

After you click on the blue box, you can now create your account.  Forthwith, this page shows your domain name. On this page, you type in your name, email address, password, and username. Next, click on the green box “Create Account and Continue.”

Step 3: Take the Tour

Accordingly, you can take a short tour of the key features to build your website. However, if you want to dive right in, you can skip the tour.

Step 4: Make Your Profile Visible

Given that you want to make yourself more visible, you can add a profile picture. Matter of fact, it’s a way to brand yourself as you get around the training platform.

Step 5: Training Inside Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Shocking Revelation: How to Create a Website for Free

At this stage, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate greet you with a welcome message. Following that, you start the “ball-a-rolling.” Now that you are on the inside of this platform, your task is to follow the training as is. No doubt, you will end up with an awesome website that you can earn from. Remember, it is important to choose a niche that makes money.

Tasks to Complete

Equally important is that you’ll have some tasks to complete. Before the end of it, you will have a functional website that you can continue to develop. Briefly, here is what you can achieve with this training.

  • Learn about niches and how to choose a profitable one
  • Create your own profitable niche website
  • Research keywords and create a list
  • Use keywords to write awesome content that can rank high on Google
  • Write content for your website
  • Establish your website for a favorable outcome with search engines
  • Discover “How to make money online”
  • Add different features to your website
  • Install and activate plugins
  • Connect with the most awesome community
  • Take part in “Live Chat” and communicate with other enterprising entrepreneurs
How You Will Create Your Website

Your Website is Safe

After you create your free website with SiteRubix, Wealthy Affiliate hosts it for free. Most important is that it is safe and well-protected on one of the most proficient platforms.

Furthermore, Wealthy Affiliate is overly trustworthy.  Seeing that many thousands of people from every continent build free websites on this platform, they host them here. By the same token, people build their websites elsewhere and transfer them to the Wealthy Affiliate platform. No doubt this is one of the best platforms to host a WordPress website.

Expand Your Business With Wealthy Affiliate’s Platform

On a general note, if you have a premium membership, you can own up to 25 domains and 25 free websites. That’s a whopping 50 websites to expand your business. Obviously, that’s more than enough to keep you busy.  Ideally, Wealthy Affiliate’s platform is effective and the design is for your business to prosper.


  • Doesn’t need coding skills
  • No experience needed
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Site Health attributes
  • Ongoing live and video training
  • Help with niche selection
  • Monetization strategies
  • Access to free keyword research tool
  • Dynamic community with successful entrepreneurs

Why Create With SiteRubix 

Discover More

Compared to other online training platforms, here are some perks.

  • Top work-at-home opportunity
  • Learn free or get more strategies with premium
  • Affordable premium membership
  • Excellent for beginners and skilled
  • Possibility of earning a full-time income
  • Accountable to no one at work
  • Set your own schedule to train and build your business
  • Work from anywhere with your computer and internet

An Option

Regardless of what the free website offers, you may want to upgrade soon.  Having your own website name.com, website name.org, and website name.net gives a better feeling.  Cost ranges from $13.99 – $15.99 per year. This includes features like:

  • Hosting of your website
  • Back-up of your website
  • Website email address
  • Complete access to training
  • Website support

Keep in mind that there is no monetary obligation to start. Similarly, there are no scams and tricks to turn you off.  Check and see if this is for you.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, learning How to Create a Website for Free is definitely a start.  Nevertheless, choosing the right website builder is very important.  A point often overlooked with free platforms is the right training.

After all the time and effort building a website, you certainly want to reap some financial rewards. Therefore, I highly recommend the SiteRubix platform through Wealthy Affiliate. Are you thinking of building your own website? In the event that you should ever want to start one, you can try the free training with Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Get the right training
  • Work at home
  • Earn money online
  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own work hours
  • Take advantage of low-cost training
Learn to Build a Successful Website from the Pros

Hope you are happy with your experience at theworkathomebusiness.com. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.



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  2. Such a detailed post. I had come across WA before but was absolutely clueless. If I had known then it was free, to begin with, I would have signed up sooner. I signed up to builderall I learnt a lot but cancelled it once I had started the training with WA. I just feel more comfortable with WA and progress is coming along much better. I would defiantly recommend WA to any newbie

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