Best Home Security Affiliate Programs

Unlocking 10 Best Home Security Affiliate Programs

Need help finding the Best Home Security Affiliate Programs? Searching for the most lucrative options can be overwhelming. That’s why I have created this comprehensive guide to help you find the Best Home Security Affiliate Programs. Finding the right programs to promote can be a game-changer.

By the end of this blog post, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to help secure your success as an affiliate marketer. Based on a growing demand for top-notch home security products and services, there is a thriving industry to tap into. But before diving into the specifics of Best Home Security Affiliate Programs, let’s address the fundamentals.

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Understanding the Home Security Landscape

Offering a wide range of products and services, home security is designed to protect homes and provide peace of mind to homeowners. Products may include: 

  • Alarm Systems

These are the frontline defense against intruders. They consist of sensors, alarms, and monitoring services.

  • Surveillance Cameras

Modern home security often involves the use of surveillance cameras which allow homeowners to monitor their property remotely.

  • Smart Locks

Basically, these are exactly as the name implies: Smart locks offer convenience and security allowing homeowners to control access to their homes digitally.

  • Home Automation

Typically, home automation systems integrate various security features. For instance: Lighting and thermostat control can be integrated into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Brinks Home Security: Your First Line of Defense

One of the most popular home security providers is Brinks, a household name. No wonder the company ranks #1 in customer satisfaction according to J.D Power. Read more about the company here

Offering effective solutions with a quick alarm response 24/7 is a top priority indeed. That’s how reliable their home security solution is. Making it simple and affordable, it’s a service that homeowners can trust. Watch this short video about how to install the Brinks home complete system.

With their range of cutting-edge systems, including smart home integration, promoting Brinks is a breeze. They offer competitive commissions to their affiliates. How would you like to earn $200 in commissions per lead with a 30-day cookie?

All around North America (United States and Canada), plus Puerto Rico, the company has more than a million subscribers. Can you see how far-reaching the target audience is? To join their affiliate program, you can sign up with Pepperjam. Once the approval is given, you’ll have access to their banners, text links, and other tools for your website.

Guardline Security: Wireless Peace of Mind

Specializing in wireless outdoor motion alert systems, their products are known for reliability and effectiveness. Being highly successful, the company manufactures two versions: an original range and a long range. 

According to the company, its original range has a far-reaching impact with its outdoor motion sensor in America. Reaching a realistic range of 500 feet, this wireless driveway alarm passes the test in even extreme conditions. 

Because of the easy installation method, customers can have this device up and running within 30 minutes or so. Easy customization is also available as consumers can expand the device to 16 sensors. Essentially, this is to detect any motion in other areas around your property.

Similarly, customers can add extra receivers to get alerts throughout the home. Best of all, there are no contracts. Neither is there the need for Wi-Fi service or phone connection. The target audience includes: Do it yourself, those who own property, and care about protecting their home, and the community. Anyone who cares about the security of their business.

Affiliates can benefit from their appealing commission structure with a 25% payout whenever they bring sales to the company. Earnings on average is $45 per sale. Cookie duration is 30 days. 

Armor Concepts: Reinventing Home Security

Chiefly, Armor Concepts is all about fortifying homes against intruders. Mainly, the focus is on reinforcing entry points like doors and windows. Their products, such as door jamb armor and strike plates, are designed to prevent break-ins. 

Seeing that they provide innovative solutions, homeowners definitely look to their enhanced security. Helping to make more than 400,000 doors secure so far, and still counting. The most popular among their products is a device to secure doors. Designed specifically to reinforce existing doors, consumers find this very helpful. 

As an affiliate, you can help homeowners fortify their residences while boosting your income. Accordingly, your target audience would be single-family homes, apartment residences, businesses, and just about anyone who wants to stop burglaries and vandalism.

Their affiliate program offers attractive incentives. Powered by ShareASale, you can put in a request to join their program. Upon approval, you’ll get access to tracking links, marketing tools, and reports. Choosing from banner ads and text links, you can place them on your website, in emails, or on your social media platforms.

Together with a 10% – 15% commission, you can earn an additional 5% on each sale within 60 days of joining. A higher commission payout is given when you generate higher levels of sales. On average, the order value is $190. The long cookie duration of 120 days is a great incentive.

SkyBell: Smart Doorbell, Smart Choice

Ever wonder who is at your door? Combining convenience and security, SkyBell is all about a doorbell that allows you to see who is at your door and what they are doing. Right from your smartphone, you can hear and interact with visitors at your door. Focusing on video doorbells, SkyBell provides real-time security alerts. 

Whether you are at home or work, and even on the go, rest assured that you can see who is at your door. Obtaining an award for its sleek design and advanced features, promoting SkyBell can lead to significant commissions. By promoting SkyBell, you can earn commissions while providing a cutting-edge solution that clearly replaces most wall-mounted doorbells. 

Given that SkyBell has a high demand, why not join their affiliate program? Through the ShareASale network, you can apply for approval to join their affiliate program. Given the approval to promote their product, you can earn a 12% commission on all the sales you send to them. Moreover, they have a generous cookie duration of 90 days.

Selling high-quality smart security solutions, Reolink specializes in innovative security camera systems at competitive prices. Globally, the company provides high-definition surveillance for homes and businesses for more than 2 million users. 

Being a pioneer in DIY security camera systems, the company offers a wide variety of products catering to different needs. Cameras are available for WiFi Connection, indoors and outdoors. Noticeably, there is a 100% wire-free battery-powered camera or solar-powered WiFi security camera. 

If you join their affiliate program you can help individuals protect their properties while earning commission at a rate of 6% – 20%. Along with that, there is a cookie duration of 45 days. Again, you can sign up with ShareASale and apply for approval to be a part of their affiliate program. Thereafter, you can get creatives and coupons to promote on your website.

Customers can rest assured that they can have access to affordable and easy-to-install security camera systems. Blink sells video home security and monitoring systems that run mainly on batteries. Immediately after installing, you can be up and running as long as you have the app on your device.

So these are perfect for tenants and homeowners alike. No doubt these user-friendly products are a hit among homeowners. And their affiliate program is equally appealing. As an affiliate, you can tap into their popularity and earn commissions.

Powering their affiliate program is After all, their product is “one-of-a-kind.” Thereupon, you can sign up and start promoting. Earning a 7% commission with a cookie duration of 45 days is quite appealing. 

LOREX Technology: High-Definition Surveillance

Known for its high-quality products, Lorex Technology always has some price package offers, some coupons, and some close-out offers. Hence, their affiliate program is ideal for coupon and deal affiliates.  Definitely another company to consider being a leader in high-definition security camera systems and accessories.

Because this company focuses on advanced technology, it ensures crystal-clear footage boasting a reputation for quality. Want to promote LOREX and earn while helping your audience monitor their properties with precision? Join their affiliate program and earn while promoting their products.

Conversant, (also known as Commission Junction: CJ) is their preferred affiliate platform. There is a 30-day cookie duration. Affiliates receive a 5% – 10% commission on any of those purchases. 

Payments are monthly once you make $25 or more. Provided that you reach the specified amount, the company will contact you to make the payment. Ideally, it’s a good idea to have your contact details on your website.

Revo America: Professional-Grade Security

Markedly, Revo America has been doing well with retail and online sales for the last 9 years. Once again, this is another company that focuses on surveillance systems with smart features. How about promoting professional-grade surveillance systems?

Trusted by businesses and homeowners alike, Revo America brings a robust solution to both residential and commercial needs. Join their affiliate program and tap into a niche market with great earning potential. Almost entirely, their average order value falls between $500 – $600. Imagine just how much your commissions can add up with such great numbers. 

Of course, the company would like affiliates to promote their products. Why not get in on this opportunity and apply through ShareASale? Coupled with a 5% commission and a 60-day cookie duration, you can earn from your sales.

Smarthome: Automate Your Security Earnings

Becoming an affiliate with Smarthome allows you to offer a wide range of smart home products. This company is huge: One of the largest in the world carrying about 14,000 products including security devices. Among the many smart products are:

  • Lighting
  • Thermostats
  • Wireless cameras
  • Doorbell cameras
  • Door locks, just to name a few

When you promote Smarthome’s innovative solutions, it can result in substantial commissions. Not only are you helping your audience to secure their homes, but also making their homes smarter. Those who like to do DIY installations can easily install any one of these smart products. Always striving to deliver new, cutting-edge products, customers can expect to get the best possible prices. 

Now, their affiliate program is powered by Impact, so you can sign up with that affiliate network. Commission on your sales is 4% and the life of the cookie is 30 days.

SANNCE: Affordable Security Solutions

Another company with top-brand products in the security monitoring market is SANNCE. Ranging from video recording systems to smart doorbells, the company has a commitment to providing customers with smart user-friendly video security solutions.

Although SANNCE offers affordable surveillance systems, they are effective security solutions for homes and businesses. Various products with budget-friendly options are available to fit different needs. Throughout the world, customers seem to receive SANNCE products quite well. Several online retailers, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Newegg among others also carry their products. 

As an affiliate, you can target price-conscious consumers and earn commissions. ShareASale is the preferred affiliate network, so you can put in a request to join. Whenever you get others to make purchases, your sale commission is 3.50 %. The lead commission is $3.00 per affiliate referral. Significantly, the tracking cookie lasts for 60 days after the initial click-through.

Creating Your Home Security Affiliate Website

Let's Create This

Discovering these 10 Best Home Security Affiliate Programs may be a catalyst for you to create your own website. Really, do you want to start your own online business? Granted that you have an interest in this idea, you sure have a great target audience. 

Why choose the best home security affiliate programs? While competitive, the home security niche continues to grow, presenting sufficient opportunities for dedicated affiliate marketers. Keep in mind that home security is a niche with a growing demand. Remember, people prioritize safety, making it an evergreen market.

By promoting these affiliate programs, you not only earn commissions but also contribute to the safety of your audience. Creating a website can help you to engage with your audience and convert visitors. Therefore, you may want to create content about various aspects of security systems.

Take for instance: video surveillance systems with no ongoing costs, product reviews, and comparison guides. You can think about smart door systems: Like smart garage doors, smart doorbells, smart locks, smart door sensors, and keyless door locks, just to name a few. 

What about the DIY’er’s? Seriously, none of these ideas require paying someone to do the installation. The point is that your website can focus on all of these. Unless you want to be more specific. 

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Boosting Your Income With The Best Home Security Affiliate Programs

Undoubtedly, the idea to create an affiliate website is just a drop in the bucket for all the possibilities that are in store. Hundreds of affiliate programs are available for you to promote products, and earn commissions. 

Other prominent companies to take into consideration include:

ADT Affiliate Program: Fortifying Home Security

American District Telegraph popularly called ADT has been a household name in security for over a century. Especially known for its cutting-edge technology, its steadfast commitment to safeguarding homes is unwavering.  

Getting into the ADT Affiliate Program is an awesome choice for affiliate marketers. Let’s look at some perks:

Key Perks

  • Proven Trust

A company with such a long-standing reputation is no doubt a leader in the home security business. That of course is a testament to the trust potential customers can believe in. Thereby making conversions more likely.

  • Diverse Range of Products 

A wide range of security solutions is available for various customer needs. From basic home security to advanced smart systems, ADT has something to offer.

  • Offers Attractive Commissions 

In comparison to other top security companies, ADT’s commissions are quite competitive. This ensures that affiliates are well rewarded for their efforts.

Usually, people want to know more about the products that you are promoting. Henceforth, writing reviews about the products are quite helpful for customers. 

Ring Partner Program: Empowering Homeowners

First of all, Ring is owned by Amazon. It has revolutionized home security with its smart doorbells and security cameras. The Ring Partner Program opens doors for affiliates to promote these innovative products. The following benefits may be motivating to join their affiliate program.

Key Perks

  • Offers highly practical and functional smart security solutions

Being top quality, the devices are easy to market 

  • Amazon Affiliation

As a subsidiary of Amazon, Ring products have the trust and a large audience of the e-commerce giant.

  • Recurring Revenue

Since Ring offers a subscription-based model, affiliates can earn a steady stream of income.

SimpliSafe Affiliate Program: Simplifying Security

SimpliSafe disrupts the home security industry with its customizable, DIY-friendly systems. The SimpliSafe Affiliate Program empowers marketers to promote these cutting-edge solutions.

Key Perks

  • Appeals to those who like DIY

An easy installation process and customization options resonate with tech-savvy homeowners.

  • Generous Commissions

Affiliates can earn significant commissions for each SimpliSafe sale, making it a financially rewarding choice.

  • Strong Brand Identity

Its commitment to affordability and transparency can enhance its marketing. 

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Concluding Thoughts 

Overall, when you partner with these 10 Best Home Security Affiliate Programs, it can boost your income. Partnering with reputable companies allows you to tap into the booming security market. Start today, secure your financial future, and help others protect their homes.

Are you ready to embark on a journey to increased income? Becoming an affiliate for home security products is a wise choice indeed. Remember, success in affiliate marketing requires dedication. Provided that you have the right approach, you can turn your passion into a desirable stream of income. So, gear up, start promoting, and watch your earnings soar!

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment. 


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