Cocoa Exchange Reviews

Cocoa Exchange Reviews (Know The Facts Before You Join)

Checking Cocoa Exchange Reviews can definitely help in your decision before you sign up to join the company. Knowing the facts can give you an indication of whether the business is viable to pursue. Before you make an investment, it’s best to read a few Cocoa Exchange Reviews.

As you can imagine, Cocoa Exchange Reviews will not just focus on the products. More important are the pros, the cons, and how much money you can make. Taking into consideration that this company falls in a sea of hundreds, this one does stand out to me.

Among the many Direct Sales Food Companies, this is an interesting one to join. To point out, most direct sales companies do not sell fresh foods. Of course, this would be quite challenging because they are perishables.

Therefore, they focus on different mixes, herbs and spices, sauces, and related products. But The Cocoa Exchange offers products with a unique touch. All their products have an infusion of chocolate.

Certainly, focusing on chocolate products can be quite appealing to those who love them. Because chocolate can be so heart-warming, it is ever so popular with consumers. Needless to mention, for birthdays, Valentine’s day or other special occasions.

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“Unless you walk out into the unknown, the odds of making a profound difference in your life are pretty low.” (Tom Peters)

Cocoa Exchange Reviews (Know The Facts Before You Join)

Being that chocolate is a comforting consumable for many people, there is a great chance for repeat buyers. And I especially like the dark kind. If I am not careful, I will go overboard eating it. However, I am cognizant of the fact that I need to pay attention to my portion. 

Although the company offers some dark chocolate, most of the products do not come in that form. Neither is the emphasis on health benefits. Instead, they focus on the quality and delicious taste of their products. Along with several flavors, there are enough that you can find to satisfy the taste buds.

Including among the many items are sauces, spices, cookie, and cornbread mixes. Also, a few snacks and kitchen accessories like cutting boards and aprons. Additionally, there are also some chocolate beverages. Even a chocolate Martini mix. Notably, all the products have an infusion of cocoa.


  • Products are appealing
  • Don’t have to carry inventory 
  • Discounted Dove chocolate items 
  • Work from home
  • Interesting business, absolute fun 
  • Delicious chocolate products
  • Gives back to the community (Watch this short video)

“Organize your life around your dreams – and watch them come true.” (Unknown)


  • Strong Competition

Since chocolate is quite common, there are many choices in the grocery stores. Imagine the number of chocolate brands on the market. Once people find what they love to eat, they may very well remain ever faithful to that brand.

Apart from selling the products, there is also competing with other curators who most likely have the same audience. Multiple companies sell similar products. Take for instance “The Gourmet Cupboard” and “Tastefully Simple” with all kinds of mixes. 

  • Pricey Items

Seeing that the prices for each item are a bit on the pricey side, people may not be drawn to them. Truth is that right now, no one really wants to spend an “arm and a leg” on chocolate. No matter how good it is.

Knowing that people can get chocolate at lower prices, they may just go for those. Once they enjoy having a great brand, some people may stick to it. 

  • Limited Target Audience 

Thinking about your target audience for these products may be a challenge. Remember, sales are important to make money. Is your audience willing to pay the prices for these products? Are they willing to treat themselves to a small package of chocolate for $18 – $20? 

  • Need a Reliable Market

Given that the prices remain high, these products can be hard to sell. Taking everything into account, you’ll need a reliable market for these products. Without a doubt, it can be hard to find enough people who have a high interest in pricey chocolates. 

“There is no success without commitment and action.” (Vantel Pearls)

Link To Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Initially known as Dove Chocolate Discoveries, the company remains a part of Dove Chocolates. Years ago, I remember going to a Dove Chocolate Discoveries party. Mainly, to taste all kinds of chocolate products and to learn about joining the business. 

Servings of dessert type food like fancy chocolates and chocolate-covered foods, sauces and dips I can remember how tasty these things really are. Even some chocolate martinis to taste. Honestly, most of the food is super delicious.

Immediately after tasting, it’s time to look through the catalog with the curator. Chiefly, for a sales pitch of course. Again, most of the products are good quality and taste really good. So they are quite tempting to buy. 

Following the sales pitch, however, is the discussion of how you can become a curator. Assuredly, you will hear all the usual things about direct sales: Earning extra income from home, be your own boss, work on your own time schedule, commissions, and other bonuses. As you can imagine, this earning opportunity will not sit well with everyone. 

“Get five or six of your smartest friends in a room and ask them to rate your idea.” (Mark Pincus)

Five Ways To Earn With The Cocoa Exchange

1. Commission 

Firstly, the commission on your sales is 25%. However, you can gradually increase your earnings to 40%. Reaching this may be hard considering the number of sales you have to make. Here is the breakdown: 

Earn an extra 5% on every thousand dollars worth of sales. Sell the following:

  • $2,000: Earn 30% commissions 
  • $3,000: 35% commissions 
  • $4,000: 40% commissions 

2. Quick Start Sales: During your first 90 days, you can earn free products as long as you get some sales under your belt.

3. Quick Start Sponsoring: Each time you sign up a new curator, you can earn $50.

4. Team Building

Due to the success of your team, your income can increase. Obviously, this means recruiting others to join the company. When they make sales, you get to reap some financial benefits. Accordingly, that’s an extra 3% – 5% commission from their sales. 

The point, in fact, is the extra earnings depend on team structure and as usual success levels. As long as your team is growing so does your income. Coupled with all this, there are also bonuses that you can earn. Realistically, it looks good on paper. Truly, it can be an uphill struggle to sell consistently. Moreover, recruiting people.

5. Advanced Bonuses: Earn bonuses when you move up the rank 

“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.” (Wayne Huizenga) 

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Be Aware of the Risks

Like any other business, there is certainly some risk with direct sales. For one thing, if you are just going to rely on friends and family for sales, that’s a failure from the start. Really, whenever they do make a purchase from you, it’s like doing you a one time favor. 

Next, hearing about how you can build a team may sound easy. In reality, it can be challenging to get a successful team going. Generally, hosting chocolate parties is a great way to showcase the products and to meet prospective consumers. Nevertheless, this can be costly if there is little or no sales. 

Purchasing a starter kit costs $129. To ensure that you remain active there is a minimum sales requirement. The expectation is that you’ll need to make $600 in sales every 6 months. Surely, this may not sound like much, but some people end up paying the $600 out of their pocket just to remain active. Over time this cost will add up if there are no sales.

Can You Really Make Money With The Cocoa Exchange?

Without a doubt, you can certainly make money with this company. Specifically, it requires dedication and motivation. Rest assured that once you put the energy and time into selling, the earnings will come. Provided that there is a variety of products, bonuses, and other incentives, the possibility is there for you to earn.

By the way, do you have an audience in mind? Maybe, you can try giving away some samples and see what the interest level will look like. Will the prices turn customers away? Alternatively, you can try affiliate marketing. Typically, you can promote multiple products from multiple companies. Best of all, there is no cost for this business model. 

Seriously, you can start off with this free training, create your own website, and start an online business promoting products. Primarily, you can promote all kinds of chocolate from any company and earn commissions. Wondering where to find these companies? Type chocolate affiliate programs in Google and you’ll see tons of companies that you can join.

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Why Not Try The Alternative?

Honestly, I have tried direct sales companies. That’s why I write about them: What Is the Amway Opportunity and the Truth About Avon Cosmetics. Likewise, Herbalife Shakes and Natura Brazil Products

Really, I know what it is like to purchase those starter kits, to tell friends and family about the products, to try recruiting people to join my team. All, to no avail, because their first response is that they are not supporting a pyramid scheme. Neither do they want to pay so much for the products when they can get similar ones that are less costly. 

Sounds discouraging, but you don’t have to restrict your dream of working from home to direct sales. Rest assured that affiliate marketing is a cheaper business method. Ideally, it is much easier for especially newbies who are looking to create an online business. See How This Training is helping thousands of people who are earning from affiliate marketing. 

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Concluding Thoughts 

Overall, when you read Cocoa Exchange Reviews, you will discover that the company is one of the best in the food direct sales business. Thinking outside the boxes of chocolate can help to rev up success. That means knowing the tips and tricks to sweeten the sales. 

Including, in this case, is the health-conscious clients. But it’s important to modify your selling points to the needs of different clients. Keep in mind that you are selling treats.

Does The Cocoa Exchange sound like a workable business to join? Granted that your commission on your sales is 25%, you’ll definitely need to make a lot of sales for a satisfactory income. Prepare to sell more and more. After all, party demonstrations are not so easy to pull off these days. 

Although the company gives rewards for accomplishing certain goals, the job can be very challenging. Despite much communication through networking and lead generation, it can still cause a drain on you. On the other hand, if you love what you are doing, it may not feel like selling anything at all. 

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Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment. 


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    1. Hi Wayne,

      There are so many direct sales companies. So you probably want to think about your area of interest before you invest in a starter kit. Do you have an interest in crafts? Here is a post with some companies that you may consider.

  1. Although you didn’t say it plainly, it looks like the Cocoa Exchange is run like an MLM company. Is that correct? As you mentioned, making enough sales to earn a decent commission by yourself can be a big challenge. Hence, it would be necessary to recruit others to join your team and make sales. Easier said than done. 

    My research told me that 90% of people who join MLM opportunities quit. And of those 10% who remain. 5% have barely made any money, but they hang in there in hope because they do earn an income. It is only 4% who earn what can be equated to a living wage. And only the top 1% make extraordinary incomes. 

    Even though these are promoted as businesses that create residual income, the work necessary can be even more than 40 hours a week if done full time. 

    I agree with you that affiliate marketing is a better business model as you are the only one responsible for your success or failure. 

    Thanks for sharing the Cocoa Exchange business in this article. I think I will pass by this opportunity. 



    1. Well said, Edwin. I learned from my mistakes signing up with a few of them over the years. That’s why I like to share reviews about these companies so people can be more aware of them.

  2. Hello Carol,
    Thank you for the well articulated piece of information. I like the fact that you have mentioned about pricing. I love dark chocolates too but as i advanced in age, sweet tooth things came in. This did not not stop the craving:) I still give myself a treat once in a while.  I will be following more of your reviews to get a deeper understanding especially for affiliate marketing.

    1. Hi Mellon,

      Dark chocolate is one of my favorite cravings. Because of the health benefits, I don’t feel guilty when I go a little bit overboard. Nonetheless, I still have to be cautious with the serving size. 

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