Jeunesse Anti Aging Skin Care

Jeunesse Anti-Aging Skin Care

Does Jeunesse Anti-Aging Skin Care Really Work? Markedly, young adults, middle age and older people all want to keep a youthful look. No wonder so many companies have come up with their version of how to reverse the aging process. So, does Jeunesse Anti Aging Skin Care have the solutions? Based on Jeunesse Anti Aging Skin Care reviews, some customers really believe that the products are awesome.

When some people are sick, they willingly try just about anything that they believe can help them feel better. Similarly, some people will go all out to try to reverse the aging process. From trying Natura Brazil products to realizing CBD hemp oil benefits, people are willing to try anything that works. Like Jeunesse Anti Aging Products.

Not only do Jeunesse distributors introduce customers to the products, but they also show how they work. Clearly highlighting their effectiveness. By the same token, they will also bring up the business opportunity as well. While using the products to fight against aging, you can certainly present the business to people if you have an interest.

Thinking about a way to earn money online? Remember to always do thorough research about the company before paying money upfront. Ideally, that’s the best way to keep the scammers at bay. Rest assured that finding the right way to earn money online is possible.

Jeunesse Anti-Aging Skin

Company: Jeunesse Global

Founders: Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray

Year Founded: 2009

Country: USA

Headquarters: Lake Mary, Florida

Business Model: Direct Selling

Compensation Structure: Multi-Level

Products: Health and wellness, personal care, and beauty

Enrollment Packages: Various prices (check them here)


Since its starting year, Jeunesse Global has grown quite fast. Watching this short video may be a clear indication of the rapid growth. Regardless of the growth, however, not all independent distributors realize the financial growth.

Generally, this happens in many direct sales companies. Obviously, this can be a concern for new distributors who may be wondering if they should start the direct selling business. Actually, I heard about the products and really wanted to try them. Upon checking Amazon, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that some products are on the marketplace. There, you can see many Jeunesse instantly ageless reviews from customers.

Let me point out that direct-selling companies don’t really like to have their products on such marketplaces. Rather, they prefer their independent distributors to do “face-to-face selling.”

Impressive Growth And Recognition

Arguably, Jeunesse is a global youth enhancement company. Together with a skincare regime and nutritional products, the company provides a comprehensive anti-aging system.

On a mission to impact the world positively, the company focuses on helping people “look and feel young.” At the same time, Jeunesse empowers people to unleash their potential.

Reaching the $5 billion mark in 2018, the company ranks at #13 by Direct Selling News. Again, in 2020, Jeunesse Global hit the $8 billion mark in “cumulative worldwide sales.”

Certainly, these are eye-catching numbers. Consistently, the company has been ranked among the top 20 companies on the DSN Global 100 list. Ever since 2016. Continuing its recognition, the company has seen its ranking for 5 consecutive years on the ‘Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America.”

Most notable is that since the beginning of 2021, the company is continuing its phenomenal growth. So far, 4 products have been on the list for “Pure Beauty Global Awards.” Including among the finalists are the following products:

  • “E·VŌK Aqua Serene and E·VŌK Emerald Bliss™ for Best New Fragrance”
  • “Jeunesse Spa Botanicals Duo Body Bar Scrubbing & Nourishing for Best New Bath & Shower Product”
  • “Naära Beauty Drink Green Apple Flavor for Best New Skin and Body Supplement”
  • “DIMND Sensitive & Whitening Toothpaste for Best New Oral Beauty Product”

Instantly Ageless Facelift in A Box (1 box of 25 vials)

Jeunesse Anti Aging Skin Care

Looking at many Luminesce reviews, the facelift box of 25 vials is a great alternative cost-wise. Moreover, it is also an alternative for those who do not want to take risky and expensive cosmetic procedures. Probably, this is one of the best “age-fighting creams in the beauty industry.” Containing Argireline, this powerful ingredient fights against aging.

Primarily, this product can help to “prevent fine lines and reduce wrinkles.” According to the company, you only need “one vial of Instantly Ageless to visibly reduce wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark under-eye circles all day long.”

Imagine looking years younger in just 2 minutes. But how realistic is this? Watch this short video for a demonstration. Globally, people are using it on a large scale. More than 50 million applications so far.

Given that dermatologists have run some tests with this product, a high recommendation is given because of its effectiveness. And the formulation allows daily use for all skin types. Definitely, this can be an incredible addition to your beauty regime.

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Other Jeunesse Products

Chiefly, Jeunesse is always looking for cutting-edge ingredients. Completely safe and easy to use, you can apply it anywhere on your face, neck, chest, and even around your eyes. Essentially, this face and eye serum pack is gentle enough for touch-ups during your day.

Noting features like reducing the appearance of under-eye bags can make it a great seller. How many times do people wake up each morning and see eye bags that they wish could go away? Likewise, helping to diminish the look of enlarged pores.

  • Luminesce Set

Specifically, the products in this set are formulated with antioxidants and vitamins. Essentially, the ingredients are free from harsh and drying chemicals. Mainly, they can help to smooth and even out the skin tone. Reviving it entirely is the goal.

  • Naara Hydrolyzed Collagen Beauty Drink

Over time, the skin loses collagen naturally. Particularly, this product may help to promote normal collagen formation. In addition, it can also help to increase the hydration of the skin.


This is a nutritional supplement that doesn’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives.

  • Zen Prime

Have an interest in cleansing the inner body? As a diuretic supplement, Zen Prime contains milk thistle and other key ingredients for total body cleansing.

  • M1ND

Featuring a powerful protein blend, this supplement helps to calm the mind. Therefore, it can help to reduce anxiety. Coupled with increasing the attention span and improving memory, consumers can expect better learning.

Becoming An Independent Distributor

Sponsoring people to join the company is quite typical of multilevel marketing (MLM). Based on how many people you recruit and the product kit that they purchase will help to determine your earning.

Making money as an independent distributor can happen in multiple ways. Firstly, you’ll need to purchase an enrollment package. Each package depends on the number of products you would like to start with. And most importantly what you can afford. See what the prices are like here.

Upon recruiting, independent distributors are likely to pitch the bigger package. Although purchasing a pricier kit may get you off to a greater start, it’s important to remember what you can afford. Naturally, selling a bigger package means earning a bigger commission.

Regardless of which package you choose, you’ll still have to meet the monthly minimum to remain active. Discovering what you need to know about the Jeunesse opportunity is available here. More information is also in their financial rewards plan. Below is a little snippet of the different ways that you can earn commissions.

  • 35% commission from your retail sales
  • New downline purchases come with an acquisition bonus
  • Get team performance commissions from your downline
  • Help your downline reach a specific rank and earn a reward bonus
  • Recruit people to join the business
  • Achieve special ranks in leadership and receive extra bonus

Joining The Jeunesse Affiliate Program

Instead of becoming a distributor, you can join the company’s affiliate program which is less costly. Unlike many companies, there is an upfront cost of $29.95 to be an affiliate. Mainly, you are paying for a replicated website.

Everything is similar to the company’s website. Product information, retail store, and shopping cart are already in place. Access to videos and product images is also available for you to share. Commission on your sales is set at 12% – 25%. Provided that you would like to continue as an affiliate, the annual renewal fee is $19.95.

Two Notable Pros

1. Growing Market

Seeing that the anti-aging business is a multi-billion dollar market, selling Jeunesse products has a great advantage.

2. Innovative And Scientifically Based Products

Using innovation and science to roll out new products, the company relies much on research. As a result, they always produce unique skincare products to fight the aging process.

Some Notable Caveats

  • Pricey Products

No doubt the prices for most of the products are on the higher end. Especially if you have to purchase inventory, this can dig deep into your pockets.

  • Meeting Monthly Minimum

Every month, there is a minimum product order that independent distributors must make. Such a requirement forces some distributors to purchase the products eventually having an inventory. No wonder some people resort to eBay and Amazon to sell these products. Chiefly to keep their active status.

  • Low Payouts For Many Distributors

Still, on the negative side, some distributors make little or no money at all. As seen in the company’s income disclosure, “65.9% (about 4,804) earned more than $245 and the rest made less.” Needless to say, why bother with this business model?

The Affiliate Marketing Alternative

Realistically, the Jeunesse business model can turn out to be more costly than you are expecting. Unless you just want to focus on their affiliate program. Considering that you are passionate about the products you can just do that. Seriously though, do you want to limit yourself to just one company? Now, why would you pay to join an affiliate program anyway?

I always recommend this training for those who want to learn about affiliate marketing. Rest assured that you don’t have to spend a dime to start your own affiliate online business.

“Don’t worry about funding if you don’t need it. Today it’s cheaper to start a business than ever.”

(Noah Everett)

Several positive factors are noticeable in affiliate marketing. Take the following for instance:

  • No need to recruit people
  • Does not involve the person to person selling
  • Promote many products, especially the ones you like
  • Not restricted to products from just one company
  • Stockpiling inventory isn’t necessary

Creating Your Own Affiliate Website

Granted that you have an interest in affiliate marketing, you may want to think about creating your own website. Relying on a copy of another company’s website is definitely not ideal.

Indeed, having a replicated website may never get traffic. The point is that the website already belongs to someone. Building your own allows you to stand out more. Plus, you can do exactly what you want with your website.

Are you passionate about a particular product? Do you have a niche idea in mind? Truly, there are so many areas that you can focus on for a website. Flip through this Free Website Niche Ideas eBook and see if it can help. Once you start, you’ll be amazed at the many possibilities for your website.

Narrowing down your niche and being very specific may just be ideal. By far, this is easier than going too wide. One key point is that your website needs to offer a solution to a problem that people are facing. Either something that you like or something from your experience is quite fitting. You may like home security systems for instance. Or probably home improvement.

Passionate about education? There are many affiliate programs for education. Joining online course affiliate programs offer realistic earning potential. Then, there are also online school affiliate programs. All of these can help to enrich your income.

Ready to create your own website? Join the pros and let them show you how you can easily start your own online business in affiliate marketing.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” (Karen Lamb)

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, Jeunesse Anti Aging Products do work well on the skin. But joining the business opportunity may not work out well for many. Although it may look attractive in the beginning, it is not really ideal for everyone. “Face-to-face selling” does not attract everyone. So why not try affiliate marketing and see how it will work for you?

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.


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