What is VIPKID Teacher

What is VIPKID Teacher

What is VIPKID Teacher? VIPKID offers you the online work at home opportunity to earn money legitimately. Notably, it is an online teaching-learning platform whereby kids in China learn English from North American teachers. That is to say, this work at home opportunity applies to teachers who are eligible to work in the United States and Canada.

What is VIPKID Teacher? In general, this company hires teachers to teach lessons online using a video conference approach. You do everything online with them: For instance, the hiring process, booking lessons, and teaching.

What is VIPKID Teacher? Specifically, VIPKID creates a specialized teaching-learning course of action for educators to teach English lessons online to Chinese kids. To emphasize, every lesson is a one-on-one English instruction with both teacher and student fully engaged comfortably at home.

Seeks Teachers With High Motivation

High Motivation
High Motivation

Do you have that high motivation to work with this growing company in China? Then you can be the perfect match for VIPKID. They need teachers who can inspire kids to learn English. Assuredly, this is perfect for anyone who wants to teach from home.

In reality, if you have kids, you can even do most of your work before the kids get out of bed each morning and earn up to $20.00 an hour. Then again, you also get a referral fee whenever your referred teachers are hired and start to teach.

Notably, VIPKID ranks as the #1 opportunity for you to work remotely. Important to realize that the VIPKID Online Teaching platform presently has about 30,000 teachers teaching over 300,000 kids in China. Specifically, the company targets active and retired teachers, college students, stay-at-home parents, retirees, and millennials who relish flexible remote work hours and of course earn money. In fact, it’s anyone who meets the requirements.

For one thing, this online company capitalizes on an intercontinental learning opportunity for Chinese kids within the 4-12 age group. To clarify, the course of instruction focuses completely on one-on-one teaching-learning of English language and content classes that conform to the United States “Common Core State Standards.” With this in mind, they develop their very own curriculum to suit the Chinese children.

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By the way, would like to teach online with VIPKID? It is certainly an ideal possibility for you to earn money from home. Assuredly, the teaching-learning process is highly interactive. As a matter of fact, VIPKID prepares all the lessons with PowerPoint presentations, making it easy for you. To point out, you do not have to grade papers either.  Watch this short video.

Select Flexible Hours to Work

When you are hired, you need to work within the range of at least 30 – 45 classes per month to get a bonus. After you complete your account, create a 15-second video, share photographs, and a bio. of yourself, and then check your calendar.

Once you select the available times to teach, parents make a booking for you to teach their kids. They do this on Mondays, but your schedule doesn’t have to be the same every time. Not to mention that some teachers book faster than others.

A key point to note is that VIPKID does not require teachers to work full shifts, but recommends that you try to fit in during Beijing peak time. The most popular time slots are:

Monday – Friday 6:00 – 10:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

A key point to note here is that when you make yourself available during these times, you could secure more bookings by students. Then again, remember to bear the time difference in mind. Granted that China is about 13 hours ahead of Central time, for example, the best time to teach is between 5:00 AM – 9:00 AM. Clearly then, this is a good time to open your calendar when the kids finish the school day.

For one thing, it is all about flexible hours, so you set your own schedule. Surely, you select the times that you want to work, whether it be Monday – Friday or 7 days per week, mornings or nights.

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What is VIPKID Teacher When Lessons are Prepared for You?

Teach TPR
Teach TPR

Teach TPR and Flipped Classroom Method

A key point to note is that the company promotes the TPR method of teaching. Chiefly, this is Total Physical Response where you coordinate language and physical movement.

On the other hand, teachers also use the flipped classroom method to boost kids’ creative and critical thinking skills. In this case, students will first do some independent work. Pursuing that further, the student does a lesson with the teacher for 30 minutes. A virtual homework assignment follows with some review games for further practice.

VIPKID provides all the materials that you need for every lesson which is in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Before you teach a lesson, you can review it ahead of time and prepare for the following day. Therefore, you get your props and other teaching aids ready to teach exactly what is on each slide.

As soon as class time is about to start, you click the “Go to Classroom” button. This takes you to the video conference and the lesson is there ready for you to open it. Bear in mind that you need to make sure your camera and microphone are on. Of course, as soon as the student appears, you give a warm greeting and start the lesson.

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The Total Physical Response (TPR ) Lesson

Lessons are created to completely immerse the student’s concentration in what you are teaching. Hence you use the Total Physical Response (TPR ) approach. That is to say as a teacher, you say what is on each slide, the student repeats, you listen to the answers and correct any mistake they make in a very polite way.

For TPR, use facial expressions and hand gestures so the student understands. Of course, use clear props and applaud students for doing well. Props can be anything to enhance the lesson so the student understands. For instance, you can use flashcards, toys, and real things. By all means, award the student for doing a good job as the lesson progresses.

What is VIPKID Teacher

Each lesson lasts for 25 minutes. Granted that students learn at different levels, you may have to make adjustments as needed.

As a result, how your lesson progresses depends on the child’s level of understanding. For this reason, you may teach the whole time, or you may listen as the student reads to you and then answer questions.

Above all, the students are enthusiastic to learn, so both teacher and students enjoy the lesson. Surely, you will have fun, smiling and giggling as you teach.

What is Payment Like?

Rest assured that you can get up to $22.00 per hour. Teachers receive a minimum payment of US $14 – $18 an hour. In addition, each lesson that you teach has an incentive attached to it. For this reason, then, your pay ranges from US $14.00 – $22.00 an hour.

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Here is an example of the bonus payment: You get a $1 bonus if you start and finish all classes on time unless there are technical problems. Then again, once you complete 30 – 44 classes each month, they give 50 cents for each class.

Following that, you also get a $1 bonus if you teach more than 45 lessons for the month. Of course, this is a boost on your base pay from $7.50 per class to $9.50 per class. Hence, that is $19.00 per hour.

In addition, if a student makes a booking at short notice, like within 24 hours, you get $2 more for that class. In case you get a student for a trial lesson, you earn an extra $5.00 if they eventually sign up for your class. Clearly then, you can earn up to $16.50 for one class.

Of course, this work-at-home opportunity is a big boost for teachers who want to earn extra money. Is this extra money worth your time?

To explain, you are an independent contractor when you sign up with VIPKID. As a VIPKID teacher, it is important to realize that your performance with the demo class determines your minimum pay. On the other hand, your incentives are based on how much you participate and complete classes each month.

To Get Hired

VIPKID Coaching Day
VIPKID Coaching Day

I must say that to get hired is not a “cakewalk.” As a matter of fact, it is the most challenging part of the process. As the demand to teach English to Chinese students grow, the company grows as well and more people apply to teach.

VIPKID hires thousands of teachers to meet the demand in China and this is ongoing.  Demand is great and they hire many new teachers.

Even though the process is tight, check to see if you meet these requirements.

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in any subject
  • Have teaching experience or in general, you have worked with children (home school, church school, teaching music, daycare, tutoring, mentoring, community work with kids, all included)
  • Have a computer/laptop
  • Can work with Beijing time
  • Have stable internet service (You can add a hot spot to your wireless plan if the service is not reliable).

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The Application Process

First, let VIPKID know about you by filling out the short form. Give thorough responses to each question. After all, sell yourself as a teacher.

Once they contact you, plan your interview/demo class. By all means, try to pass this stage. If you are successful, an email will follow with instructions to prepare for your first Mock lesson.

Granted that you do very well, you may be hired or you may be asked to do a Mock 2 lesson. If you are successful, you get hired. Following that, you upload your academic credentials/degree, transcript, contract signing, book classes, and start teaching kids.

My friend failed her mock 1 and of course, she was very discouraged. However, I encouraged her to reapply using a new email address. Certainly, she took my advice, and ‘wallah’ she passed and got hired.

To be sure, watch every sample video they recommend, and practice with it until you feel comfortable to deliver. Pursuing this further, read and reread all the information in the training area.

Don’t Want to go Through the Application Process?  Check here for an alternative Opportunity.

Before the Interview and Demonstration Lesson

Markedly, this is super important, so prepare well. Ahead of time, you will get the lesson objectives, key focus vocabulary, kids prior knowledge, and 10 slides for the lesson. By all means, try to go through everything thoroughly and time yourself when you practice. Ideally, they recommend one minute per slide.

Teach to a 5 year old
Teach to a 5-year-old

In general, practice like you are teaching the lesson to a 5-year old. Remember to use TPR and fully engage the student. A key point to note is that incidental language is a “no-no,” so stick exactly to what is on the slides.

VIPKID does not accept such language. To put it differently, they can’t tolerate it, because the kids will not understand what you are saying to them. For example, there is no need to say, “Ok, that’s nice, let us try another one.”

Again, you will just focus on what is on the lesson plan and the slides. Of course, use your props, praise and reward the student, and remember to teach with high energy. Another key point to note is to have a background that is conducive to learning.

The Interview and Demonstration Lesson

Generally, there are two or three things to do here. In my case, I did a short video to introduce myself, upload and emailed it to them. Then I was asked to record a demo lesson pretending to teach a 5-year old, upload, and emailed again. Rest assured that they tell you exactly what to teach.

Upon completion, you will get an email inviting you to go further, with this being the first live mock lesson. In the first place, a mentor will interact with you for 30 minutes. In the beginning, you will be asked a few questions about your experience, education, why you want to teach with VIPKID and in my case, I was asked where I am from.

Following that, you start your 10 minutes demonstration lesson. Be that as it may, the mentor will act like a 5-year old who doesn’t know English. In this case, you put your teaching skills into action. To emphasize, you “put your best foot forward.” Bear in mind that you only have 10 precious minutes, so try to get through as much as possible and leave an impression.

Upon completion of the lesson, the mentor will give you feedback. This includes your strength and areas to improve on. Again, you will get an email outlining the results of the mock 1 lesson, the level attained, their recommendation, and whether you can proceed to the mock 2 lessons. Needless to say, the teaching process is similar to mock 1, so prepare as before or even more.

Best Performance Specific Level For Mock 2

Depending on the level you got for mock 1, that is the level you will teach for mock 2. For example, if your mock 1 result showed a lower level for your best performance, that is the level you will teach in mock 2. The lesson focus is letter P.

In case you get the upper level for best performance in mock 1, you will teach that level for mock 2. The lesson focus is Earth, Our Home: Environmental Protection. After teaching the lesson, you get feedback once again. Following this mock lesson, your email will indicate a Pass to teach lower or upper level or a plain Fail. Your feedback may also indicate area/s for improvement whether you pass or fail.

Lots of Support

In case you take up a job position with them, there are lots of training materials to help you on your way. Undoubtedly, the teacher community of up to 30,000 teachers is there to support you whether online or offline. For sure, there is a lot of support to help you pass the interview, prepare lessons, share your teaching experiences, and of course, meeting up with teachers.

Why Work With VIPKID?

The company’s base is in Beijing, China, and is one of the best online companies that offer English instruction. Granted that proficiency in English determines which middle, high school, and college students attend, this shows just how important learning English is to them. Therefore, could this be reason enough for you to apply to teach with VIPKid?

As reported by Forbes, VIPKID is one of the top 5 work-from-home opportunities. You do not have to speak the Chinese language to teach English to them.

However, teaching English online is not the only way to earn money legitimately from home. Check out this link on how you can also earn from home too.  Get free training to start your own website.  Rest assured that there is no need for a credit card.

Hope you are happy with your experience at theworkathomebusiness.com. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.



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