How to Sell CBD Oil Online

3 Easy Ways How To Sell CBD Oil Online

Ever wonder How to Sell CBD Oil Without Fear? With a rising demand for CBD Oil and its products, the financial gain is attractive. If you would like to Sell CBD Oil Without Fear, you can discover 3 easy ways in this post. Specifically, you can choose to do any of the following:

  • Wholesale
  • Private Label
  • Affiliate Program

One company that offers these 3 opportunities is Cannabidiol Life. Before you begin, the company educates you on all that you need to know about the products that they offer. In general, they line up everything for you to have a successful online business with them.

Let’s look at the 3 ways you can start with Cannabidiol Life.

1. Wholesale CBD Oil With Cannabidiol Life

Offering more than 75 SKUs at wholesale price, you can guarantee a 100% return on your investment. As a matter of fact, you can benefit from even a higher profit margin when you buy bulk products at distributor prices.

To get more information on How to Sell CBD Oil Online via wholesale, you can phone, email, or just fill out a short form. Usually, the response is quick and you can start within 24 hours.

Phone: 1 (833) YAY-HEMP Email:


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2. Private Label Packages

Another way How to Sell CBD Oil Online is to do your own Private Label Packages. Again, Cannabidiol Life offers this opportunity. For your business, the company has 3 different levels that you can choose from.

Private Label CBD Oil Products

Level 1:

This is just a basic package. For this level, you receive the product in bottles that have safety seal caps on them. All the company does for you is to ship the product to you in these bottles.

Keep in mind that there are no labels. Once you get the product, you create your own private label. Then you print and stick them on each bottle.

If you choose this level, you need to have at least:

  • $500 at minimum for the wholesale cost
  • $3000 at the distributor level
  • Start-up Cost: $0.00
Private Label CBD Oil Products (Private Labeling)

Level 2:

Coupled with the basic packaging, this level offers to label. Cannabidiol Life prints and labels each product before they ship them to you. Similar to level 1, you pay the same wholesale and distributor prices.

White Label and Private Label Package

White Label CBD Oil Products (Private Labeling)

Notably, this level offers everything for your CBD online business. It covers levels 1 & 2. In addition to packaging and labeling, the company creates your business logo and builds a website for your online business.

Additionally, they offer a Drop Shipping Service where they connect your online business to their automatic shipping services. Once customers make an order from your website, Cannabidiol Life ships it to them in as little as 1 business day.

Based on the needs of the customer, your start-up cost can vary.  Although the initial cost starts at $1500, you can negotiate with the company.

  • Minimum Wholesale Cost: $500.00
  • Distributor Cost: $3000.00
  • Start-up Cost: $1,500


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Additional Cost For All Levels

Important to realize that there is an additional cost for the 3 levels. The point in fact is that the overall cost comes down to how much you invest. Note that there is an additional cost to the wholesale and distributor prices for each product. For level 1 the flat rate cost is $2. Levels 2 & 3 have a cost of $2.50.

These flat rate costs include:

  • Bottles
  • Caps
  • Heat seal
  • Work done

3. Cannabidiol Life Affiliate program

At the present time, Cannabidiol Life is one of the top providers of CBD hemp oil products. First of all, this company focuses a lot on education. Not only do they offer the best products to customers, but they also back up the benefits with medical research.

By the way, the company has a comprehensive list of benefits. Their research includes more than 50 health conditions. That is to say, you can join their affiliate program with a wide range of ailments to cater to.

3 Reasons to Join Cannabidiol Life Affiliate Program

  • Great Commission

Offering a 30% commission on their retail sales, this is one of the highest payouts in the CBD Oil business.

  • Biweekly Pay

Rather than waiting for a whole month, you get a payout every fortnight. Notably, the minimum payout is $100.

  • Offers Authentic Products

Assuredly, when you offer consumers CBD Oil and its products from Cannabidiol Life, they can shop with confidence. Grown in the USA, customers get one of the most natural CBD extracts.

Most important is that you are not only helping others with various health issues, but this is also a feasible way to earn.

Sign up and Start Earning Today With Cannabidiol Life


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To Start Earning Commissions: You can do the following

  • Click here to start
  • Fill out the form
  • Check your email for confirmation
  • Cannabidiol Life will get in touch with you within 24 hours

In addition to these 3 ways, here are some other requirements.

  • List Your Business

When you start your online business, you will want to register it. Needless to say, this adds publicity for your business.

  • Partner With a Reliable Wholesaler

Granted that Cannabidiol Life is one of the top CBD wholesale companies, you can partner with them. For more information, you can phone them at 1 (833) YAY-HEMP or Email:

  • Build Your Own Website

Although there are many free website builders on the internet, they all have limitations. Therefore you may not want to do a free one. Of course, you want the best for your business, so check out SiteRubix to see if their offer suits your need.

On the other hand, you can also check here to see if it’s a better choice. Not only do you build your website, but they also offer hosting and everything you need to build a successful online business.

Legality Concern

Let me clarify right away though. You can sell CBD Oil legally in every state. That is to say all 50 of them. Key point is that you need to know what makes the product legal to sell in all states. Here is the situation.

Once CBD oil does not contain the “high factor,” you are good to sell the product in all states. The point in fact is that it all boils down to what is allowed: the 0.3 percentage of THC.

How to Sell CBD Oil Online: Do it Now With Cannabidiol Life

When you decide to sell CBD oil online, you are not only helping others to have access to the product, but you also benefit financially. Coupled with some other CBD oil products, you can start a workable CBD online business. Obviously, many people shop online, so this is certainly a “thumb up.”

Like any other business, selling CBD oil online can have bumps in the way too. That’s why I recommend CBD Oil and Edibles for a start. Offering a workable affiliate program and being rated #1 for best reviews in the CBD Oil business, this is a winner.

Cannabidiol Life is one of the top online places for CBD information. Whether you want to know more about CBD Oil and its products, this is where you look.

No doubt, Cannabidiol Life is one of the leading companies that provide high-quality CBD hemp products. Not to mention the prices that customers love.


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Top CBD Products From Cannabidiol Life

Throughout the world, many consumers purchase CBD hemp oil and its products. Not only does Cannabidiol Life sell, but the company explains the use of each product. Additionally, they also describe how they make each product and how to use it. Likewise, what you need to know before you buy.

  • Gummies

Clearly, gummies are becoming popular because the taste is appealing. (Recommended age is 18+). Nevertheless, let me point out here that using CBD Oil is not a “cure-all” product for illnesses. However, there are several benefits to using it.

Time and time again, studies show how CBD Oil helps many people suffering from ill health. From Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease to diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, CBD oil has proven helpful. For instance: CBD gummies may help:

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety
  • Boost mental function
  • Help to relieve pain
  • Protect against inflammation

Specifically, each gummy has an exact amount of CBD oil and ensures a regular dose. Important to realize that these gummies won’t cause a psychoactive effect because the “high” THC is not in them. Neither will these impact any drug tests.

  • CBD Wax

Notably, CBD wax is a pure form of CBD Hemp Oil. Of course, being in the form of wax implies gooey. Nevertheless, it invigorates and brings wellness to the body. For sure, the different flavors are tasty. Moreover, it’s a wonderful way to glean health benefits.

  • CBD Crystals

Another CBD Hemp extract from Cannabidiol Life is crystals. These are pure industrial forms. Similar to the wax, these crystals also come in 7 popular flavors. No doubt you can enjoy any meal when you mix these crystals in oils and with food to kick start your wellness plan.

  • Topical: Skincare and Beauty Treatments

Ideally, using the best ingredients give real results. Cannabidiol Life uses the best natural and organic ingredients in their CBD topical. From body butter to muscle rubs, balms, and anti-aging serum for the face.

  • CBD For Pets

Considering that there are millions of pets across the globe, Cannabidiol Life has a line of pet care for them too. Keep in mind that they may also go through stress. Not to mention pain and anxiety.

Concluding Thoughts

Generally speaking: Knowing How to Sell CBD Oil is key to getting your business going. Ordinarily, a good approach is to look at different options to see the one that you can work well with. Certainly, you can increase your potential to earn if you include the 3 ways given in this post.

In case you do not have a website yet, you can build one right here for free. Likewise, free training is available and you can learn how to sell products.

Medical Disclaimer

Information in this post intends to be a reference only. Notably, it comes from my experiences and observations I encounter with family and friends. Therefore, it is not a substitute for any doctor’s treatment.

Similarly, there is no evaluation from the Food and Drug Administration. Chiefly, this information is for educational intent, and not to treat a disease or illness. I am not a medical professional and cannot diagnose and treat medical conditions. Please consult a doctor to treat illnesses and diseases.

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.


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