Athleisure Clothing for Men

4 Top Athleisure Clothing For Men

Undoubtedly, the 4 Top Athleisure Clothing For Men are those that they really can’t resist. Of course, some men like to train hard but at the same time, they want to stay dry. No wonder manufacturers are making Athleisure Clothing For Men to enjoy wearing with “soft, sweat-wicking fabric.”

For sure, athleisure clothing with this type of material is ideal for the gym, on the practice field, hiking, running, jogging, or while riding. Only naming a few. The key focus of this post is to share the pros and cons of the clothing that men love to wear in comfort.

Casual activewear does have fashion styles. And these are perfect for everyday wear, any fitness workout, home improvement, and outdoor activities. Regardless of the activity, men want clothing that gives them a full range of motion. Beyond offering these types of clothing to customers, there are men’s clothing accessories that you can also consider if you are thinking about an online business with this niche idea.

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Actually, when you choose this niche idea, you can start promoting these items right from the Amazon marketplace. Needless to say that you can earn some extra income. Beyond clothing, you can extend this niche idea with other athleisure items like sneakers for instance. Discover more about athleisure here.

Since 2010, there has been a growth in the search for athleisure wear. Evidently, the search for athleisure has been quite constant, on Google Trends. Keep in mind that athleisure combines athletics and fashionable leisure trends. Therefore, it covers an extensive amount of fashion. From clothing like yoga pants, leggings, and shorts to sneakers, these have become a large part of “people’s everyday wardrobes.”

Earlier years show that the beginning of athleisure wear focuses on women. Nowadays, however, men are in the mix. Whether it is compression pants for men (leggings/tights), or yoga pants, sweatpants or joggers, hoodies, or jackets, there is athleisure wear for men in these categories.

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4 Top Athleisure Clothing For Men

Athleisure Clothing for Men

Carving out an entire niche in athleisure is definitely a popular part of the “clothing industry.” Resorting to an improvement in textile companies have been making more versatile activewear. These days, they are rolling out softer and more comfortable sportswear that is really fashionable. Although the design of leisurewear is especially for workouts, people also use them for casual wear. In addition, some people also wear them on formal occasions, depending on the function.

Just to interject although this example is not clothing. My friend and his wife actually married in Nike sneakers a couple of years ago. Shortly before the wedding, my friend signed a contract with the company. Granted that they were filled with much happiness, they celebrated by wearing Nike sneakers to their wedding. Imagine how some people in attendance at the wedding looked at them in awe.

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1. Compression Leggings For Men

4 Top Athleisure Clothing For Men

Suitable for men’s active lifestyle, leggings can be comfortable and breathable. Markedly, there is a wide variety of options. Some are designed for year-round wearing. Others are designed especially for the colder months. From solid colors and attractive patterns to low-rise or at-the-waist fit, you can find great leggings for men with flat seams. Allowing for a range of motions, they usually come with a draw-string closure.

Specifically designed to prevent chafing, there are high-quality compression leggings to control sweat and odor build-up. Because of the antibacterial properties of the fabric, sweating and drying are really fast. Mostly, the fabric is lightweight. Yet the leggings are tough and offer a good compression level. As a result, that helps to increase blood flow.

Similarly, high-quality leggings contour well around the legs helping to minimize soreness. Likewise, they can help to provide muscle support for the lower back and core, plus the knee joint. Needless to say, they help to combat muscle fatigue during workouts and help with muscle relaxation after a workout. Primarily designed to help prevent injuries, leggings are great to wear if you are going for a run, a hike, cycling, team sports, and other activities.


  • Helps to increase performance-enhancing workouts
  • High-quality fabric that allows for movement in all different angles
  • Compression Benefits
  • Cost-effective for those who enjoy outdoor sports
  • Provides warmth if the thermal material has a fleece lining
  • A great addition to your outdoor gear
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Protection from UV rays


Notwithstanding the positives, here are a few caveats to note:

  • Low-rise designs may sit too low for some men.
  • Lack of insulation from some fabric brands
  • Sizes may run small with some brands, so check size charts carefully.
4 Top Athleisure Clothing For Men

Seemingly, athleisure shirts have become a “modern essential.” Shirts that are specially made for workouts may make your activity more fun. Over time, you’ll realize that they become a part of your routine. Putting on a workout shirt every day is like building an association with it. No doubt this may help to motivate how much you work out.

Obviously, there is a wide variety of athleisure shirts. Clearly, you’d want to select ones that are high quality and durable. Examples of popular athleisure tops for men may include the following:

  • Quarter-Zip Shirts (unzips easily to release heat when working out)
  • Lightweight Vest (ideal to wear for warmth during a hike or when traveling)
  • Long Sleeve Crewneck Shirts (ideal for layering, for a workout at the gym, grocery store runs)
  • Short-Sleeve Round/Crewneck And V-neck Shirts (give a more athletic look)
  • Three-Button Henley Shirts (allows for more room around the neck)
  • Zip Up Fleece Hoodie Jackets (comes in stylish classic designs for just about any casual occasion, for work, after workouts)
  • Polo Shirts (give a more smart casual look so these are not ideal for the gym. Goes well with athleisure shorts or joggers for instance)

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3. Joggers/Sweatpants/Track Pants

4 Top Athleisure Clothing For Men

Silky smooth, sleek, and comfortable, joggers come in handy for everyday wear. A slim fit through the leg or an oversize pull-on makes them ideal for lounging around the house. Or for a workout at the gym, for running errands, or even to sleep in. Indeed, joggers are truly versatile.

Certainly, some men like to train hard. Still, they want to stay cool in joggers/sweatpants that can help them battle the heat. Forthwith, they want a material that is not just breathable but dries quickly. Specially designed for movement in all directions, the fabric should be quite stretchy too. Chiefly to help promote mobility.

Usually, the fleece material joggers/sweatpants are light and breathable. Needless to say, they have soft inner layers that trap heat. The point is that they come in handy to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold weather.

4. Track Jackets

4 Top Athleisure Clothing For Men

Sporty track jacket styles do have an attractive look. Not to mention that pairing them with the matching bottom looks even more sporty. Rather than a loose or snug fit, sticking with a regular size can strike a “comfortable balance.”

With a training hoodie, you can enjoy all kinds of gym and outdoor fitness activities. Albeit, a track jacket can give a good feeling during exercise. Do you know that some people may assume that you are some kind of athlete when you wear a track jacket? Moreover, a tracksuit. This no doubt may just give the urge to train a bit harder. (lol)

Jackets designed with elastic fabric not only allow a “full range of movement to stretch your muscle,” but also gives a slim fit. Designs with a hoodie can help keep off the sunlight and help to protect your head and eyes. Especially when running in hot weather conditions. In like manner, the “wicking polyester fabric,” will absorb sweat instantly while exercising.

Top Features To Check

Perfect for relaxing between training sessions, the design of many track jackets comes with some great pluses: Take for instance the following:

  • Slim fit that snugs through the body and the arms
  • Aero-ready with moisture-absorbing features to help you stay dry
  • A full-length front zipper offers easy on-and-off. By the same token, the zipper also allows for the adjustment of the temperature to suit your need.
  • Side zip hand pockets allow a convenient storage of small items while exercising.
  • A sporty stand-up collar provides a relaxed style and gives extra coverage and protection
  • Encased elastic waistband with drawstring closure for a better fit
  • Smooth and lightweight fabric that’s breathable
  • Ribbed hem and cuffs to help seal in warmth
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Fits anybody form
  • Have matching pants
  • Suitable for activewear in all seasons

Creating Your Athleisure Clothing Website

Is sports a major part of your life? Does it connect greatly with your culture? Now that you have seen how flexible athleisure clothing can be, you can actually create an online business with this idea. Getting athletic wear that’s backed by innovation may just help some men train and play like a pro. Isn’t that what many men would like? How about offering athleisure wear solutions to men?

Sometimes, men may even need help to choose the colors for their athleisure clothing. Especially if they want to make a strong statement. Either the basic neutrals or urban colors are usually high in demand. Both warm and cool colors may include a variety of grays, blues, and taupe. Once you start your website, you’ll quickly realize that there are many possibilities. Like focusing on Men’s Clothing Accessories for example.

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Website Ideas To Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

To monetize your website, there are various methods to focus on. Nonetheless, you may want to consider starting off with affiliate marketing. Be assured that there are many companies that would like your help to promote their products. One of the easiest companies to start with is Amazon.

Rest assured that you can promote any brand on Amazon and earn commissions from your sales. Surely, there are some top athleisure wear brands on the Amazon marketplace to promote. Along with Amazon, there are several other companies that offer affiliate marketing opportunities. So you can check them out as well. The question is: How do you find those companies? Simply use Google to help you.

Using an affiliate network like ShareASale, Impact, or CJ Affiliate may be ideal to apply for different affiliate programs. Focusing on men’s big and tall athleisure clothing is one area that you can consider. Probably, you can offer jerseys for your favorite sports. Dressing up in a football, basketball, or soccer jersey makes some people feel extra proud of the team they support. Given that these are popular sports, people go crazy over their favorite team and they love to wear jerseys.

Combining athleisure tops and bottoms as 2 piece sets adds variety. Rarely do you find many sets these days. Hence, offering men’s 2 piece tracksuits, sweatsuits, jogging suits, and long sleeve athleisure shirts may be an added advantage.

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Concluding Thoughts

Overall, these 4 Top Athleisure Clothing For Men are mainly the ones that they enjoy wearing on the go. Considering that these clothes are so versatile, they are ideal for both athletics and leisure activities. Matter of fact, isn’t that why they are called athleisure? Seeing that you can wear them to the gym, watch a soccer match, go on a date, or do a shopping run, just name a few.

Chiefly, athleisure clothing is more on the casual side. Nevertheless, there are some that have a more professional look. Creating a website that caters to different personalities is doable. Realistically, you really can’t go wrong with this niche idea because men are always in leisurewear.

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.


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