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8 Best Men’s Clothing Affiliate Programs

Wondering what are the Best Men’s Clothing Affiliate Programs? Seeing that so many programs are available, you may want to know which ones are best to promote. That is if you have an affiliate website that focuses on fashion. Even if a few companies offer the most trendy clothing line, it doesn’t mean that they have the Best Men’s Clothing Affiliate Programs.

The point is that there are certain factors to keep in mind. Take the following for instance:

  • How easy is it to get the affiliate company’s approval?
  • Amount of commission percentage to earn
  • Terms of payment
  • Company’s monthly sales
  • Access to banners, text links, and other tools
  • Duration of cookie days
  • Help for affiliates’ success

Seemingly these days, the brands and styles of men’s clothing are endless. Usually, men don’t spend much time shopping around. Matter of fact, data shows that women tend to spend more time shopping online. Since shopping may overwhelm some male shoppers, this is where you can help to fill the gap and help promote men’s clothing.

Do you know that you can even focus on clothing from the consignment stores? There are people who create online businesses focusing on those items. Checking out for instance may give you a clearer idea.

8 Best Men’s Clothing Affiliate Programs

Presently, there are so many great companies that offer the opportunity to join their affiliate program. Notably, however, not many of them give automatic approval to promote their products. 

Before giving approval, they’ll scrutinize your website to see if it’s on par with their expectation. Besides, they also want you to specify your promotional methods. Chiefly, it is not to really discourage you but to see if your website is a good fit to promote their products. Nonetheless, you can get around this when you join Viglink (now Sovrn //Commerce). 

Writer’s Note: In case you don’t have a website, you can actually learn to build one for free here. Follow the pros as they show you step by step. 

1. Amazon

In my last post on Men’s Fashion Affiliate Program, you’ll see that Amazon is probably one of the easiest affiliate programs to join. Let’s face it, there is no doubt that Amazon carries some top clothing brands for men. 

Instead of spending countless hours in stores or shopping online, below is a peek at what you can promote on Amazon. Without a doubt, the marketplace features a range of “comfortable casual styles for men.” 

Ranging from a classic jersey or a soft poplin shirt to a relaxed fit boot cut jeans, men can find perfect designs for a “casual day out or at the office.” Or dress up for any other occasion. Watch this short video to see a few examples.

Actually, looking at just one category of clothing can be broad enough. Take casual clothes for instance. Realistically, you can promote just this line of clothing and help men look and feel comfortable with their style. Even Men’s Clothing Accessories can work out well. 

Affiliate Disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

2. SAYKI Men’s Fashion 

“Originally an Istanbul-based brand, SAYKI dates back to 1924 under its parent company Hatemoglu. Currently a third-generation business, SAYKI launched in the US in 2016 with its first store in Madison Avenue, New York. 

With almost a century-long experience in high-quality menswear and retail under its belt, SAYKI’s design philosophy is to elevate a timeless elegance with modern silhouettes.” (source:

Undoubtedly, this company carries some very trendy fashion styles. Including among these are high-quality fashion like: 

  • Suits
  • Tuxedos
  • Blazers
  • Shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Pants
  • Outerwear
  • Shoes
  • Accessories 

Joining SAYKI’s affiliate program means that you’ll need to join the Refersion affiliate network first. Thereafter, you can apply to promote SAYKI’s products. Once given approval, you’ll have access to banners, and text links among other tools for your promotion. Commission payout is at 10% on your sales. The duration of the cookie lasts 30 days. 

3. Kenneth Cole 

Another world-class designer company with fashionable apparel and footwear is Kenneth Cole. Partnering with one of the world’s leading affiliate networks, you can get access to Kenneth Cole products to promote. That network is CJ Affiliate. Already a member of CJ? Applying for approval right now can get you up and going in a short time. 

Becoming an affiliate with this company allows you to earn a 3% commission. Again, if visitors to your website click on the banner or text link it takes them to Provided that they make purchases, you’ll earn commissions. 

Not yet a member of the CJ Affiliate network? Right now, the Kenneth Cole company would like to have you on board. All you need is to sign up with CJ Affiliate. Then, apply to the company. Getting approval gives access to their promotional banners and text links. Also, access to their data feeds 24/7.

“The Kenneth Cole affiliate program can also help your viewers take part in social change through its Awareness campaign, which supports issues such as freedom of expression and civil liberties. Profits from purchasing their specially designed apparel go straight to the foundation, promoting awareness while helping customers look their best.” (source: 

4. Belstaff

Centering around luxury sportswear and outerwear for both men and women, this British brand has been adding more categories. Mainly offering clothing and footwear, accessories, and motorcycle apparel. 

Globally, Belstaff reaches a target audience mainly in the United States, and a few European territories. Chiefly, the United Kingdom and Germany. Do you have a website or blog that focuses on fashion and designs? Is your interest in lifestyles? How about partnering with Belstaff as an affiliate? For one thing, they would certainly like you to join their affiliate program. An income boost with a 7% commission on your sales may be appealing. 

Simply, signing up with Linkshare makes it possible for you to join the Belstaff affiliate program. After this, Belstaff will review your website or your blog to ensure it satisfies what they are looking for. Response to your application may take up to 7 days.

Granted that you have the approval to promote the company’s products, you can use their banners and text links on your website/blog. Likewise, access to daily product feeds (new product arrivals, and best-sellers). Generally, they offer a 30-day cookie duration. Also teaming up with Rakuten Marketing to run their affiliate program, you can apply through that platform too.

5. Men’s Modern Wear 

Offering a generous commission of 20% is certainly attractive. Through your unique affiliate link, visitors to your website can reach Men’s Modern Wear website and make purchases. Any sales that you refer to Men’s Modern Wear website within a 7-day cookie period are eligible for commissions. That means visitors can take up to 7 days to complete a purchase and you’ll still earn. 

Apart from the text link, you can also offer a coupon to your audience. However, you’ll need to make a request and the company will create a coupon specially for you. 

Whatever your marketing strategy, this company allows you to re-post any of their photos. Whether you want to post your text link or special coupon on your social media platforms or your website/blog, you can “create your own collages.” The point is that: “This is not a strict partnership, you can promote as much or as little as you want.”

As long as you are making sales, you’ll receive your commission payout via PayPal every Friday. So remember to add your PayPal address when you sign up. Different from most companies that offer affiliate programs, you’ll need to send Men’s Modern Wear an email at 

6. MATCHES Fashion 

“Calling all fashion-centric websites: join our exclusive affiliate program.” Since this is the call from MATCHES Fashion, why not join their affiliate program? Really, are you looking for a fashionable affiliate program? Obviously, MATCHES wants to have you on board. Ready to help you market their products, they have a team just waiting to see your application. 

Truly, some great designer menswear fashion is available for you to show your audience. “From established international brands to the emerging designers you need to know.” Be assured that they will be sending you regular newsletters to “ensure that you are up to date with the latest trends and must-have buys for the season.” Given that there is a 30-day cookie duration, your chance to earn a 7% commission is even better. 

Albeit, you just need to place their banners, ads, and text links on your website and promote over 400 designer collections. Some exclusive “must-have items” for both men and women may very well captivate the interest of your audience. Their affiliate program runs in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. Visiting the LinkShare affiliate network and completing the application can give you a start.

7. Wolf & Shepherd 

What’s dressing up without shoes? So I have to include this great company here. Want to promote the most comfortable dress shoes for men? Definitely, you can do so by joining Wolf & Shepherd affiliate program. Up until now, dressy shoes for men always favor style instead of comfort. 

Providing a solution for the shoe comfort problem, this company combines the “technology of a running shoe with a classic dress shoe. Clearly, their concept focuses on a simple mission: Equip professionals with the footwear they’ll feel comfortable in all day.” 

“Wolf & Shepherd was born from a simple idea: equip hard-working professionals with footwear that keeps up with them. By combining athletic innovations with timeless styles, their shoes perform as hard as you do – day in and day out.” (source:

Right now, you can join their affiliate program through the ShareASale affiliate network. Earning commissions at 8% with a 14-day cookie can certainly help to boost your income. Focusing on comfort to support an active day, the company’s dress shoes are high quality. Yet, stylish. Discover more about the company here.

8. MVMT (pronounce as movement) 

First of all, the key focus of MVMT is on watches, eyewear, and jewelry. Of course, men want to have accessories along with the clothes. Believing that your style doesn’t have to be costly, the founder of MVMT aims to offer purely high-quality products. Depending on how you want to promote the products, the company has two different platforms:

  • Ambassador program

Through the MVMT Creator Community, you can apply to be an influencer. Primarily, you’ll be an advocate for the brand promoting its products on social media platforms. Or through your blog. Perks include free products and earning commissions.

  • Affiliate marketing platform

Using Impact Radius to power their affiliate program, you can sign up with that platform if you are a content marketer. Doing any online publications, email newsletters, and display advertising? Surely, you can help promote their products. Primarily, the company prefers media publications, applications, and shopping platforms to help with its promotions. 

A 10% commission with a 15-day cookie duration is their payout right now. By advertising their campaigns on your website/blog, through your newsletters, or landing pages, you can receive a “daily direct deposit into your bank account.” Typically, if you make just one sale each day, your commission payout can be $13.50 with a monthly income of $405.00. 

Niche Ideas For Your Affiliate Website

There is no doubt that men’s clothing can be seen as a broad niche. Needless to say, you can narrow it down into sub-niches and choose the one that you are more passionate about. Keep in mind your target audience. Have an interest in professional clothing? Maybe, you can stick to smart casual wear. What about clothing for a particular sport? 

A great niche that you can focus on is business suits or other special occasions. Apart from just showcasing the products, you can write reviews about them. Designs and styles vary, so there is much to write about:

  • Big and tall clothing 
  • Athleisure wear for men 
  • Suits (clothing) for broad shoulders 
  • Best men’s suits for special occasions 
  • Trendy clothes-fashion 
  • Fashion hip hop 

Seeing that there are so many possibilities, why not start your own affiliate website with men’s clothing? In fact, you can kick-start your business by promoting Amazon products. Afterward, you may consider other programs. 

Ready to start your own website? I learn for free with this training. Check it out and start today. 

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” (Karen Lamb)

Owning A Website/Blog Has Benefits

Creating your own website means that it totally belongs to you. Best of all, it’s free to start. Through your content, video, or audio you can gradually grow your audience. Driving traffic to your website can come from various sources like SEO, Pinterest, and social media to name just a few. 

Basically, your website is like a hub for you once you start your own online business. Regardless of the company that you choose to promote their products, remember it’s just a start and there are so many possibilities for your website business.

Concluding Thoughts

Considering that more and more people are going online to shop, why not promote the Best Men’s Clothing Affiliate Programs? Only if you have an interest in this particular niche though. When you narrow down this idea into smaller categories, you may just hit the right sub-niche. Midst the competition with some products, a smaller niche can work out just fine. 

The most important thing to keep in mind here is that a smaller niche means that you’ll have a specific audience. Hence, this can mean less competition. Top athleisure clothing for men could be a great niche idea for instance. Eventually, you can get to page one of Google in very little time. 

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment. 


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