Best Rated Wine Clubs

Best Rated Wine Clubs (Do You Need To Join One?

Undoubtedly, the Best Rated Wine Clubs do get the attention of wine lovers. Of course, these clubs offer some perks. So definitely, some people may delve in and sign up with one of these clubs. But do wine lovers need to join one of the Best Rated Wine Clubs to get great-tasting wines?

Understandably, these clubs may offer substantial discounts on selected brands. Also, they do sell a wide variety of wines. Plus, they’ll let you know when they have new wines. And maybe they’ll offer free shipping depending on the order amount.

Usually, joining any of the Best Rated Wine Clubs requires a membership commitment. Primarily, this may be a monthly or quarterly commitment for the shipment of specific wines directly to your door. Cancellation of your subscription at any time is quite typical for some clubs.

Similarly, however, some companies offer the same perks without a subscription. You can check Buy Wines Online to see what they have to offer. Best of all, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy great-tasting wines.

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Best Rated Wine Clubs (Do You Need To Join One? 

1. Vinebox 

The Quarterly Wine Club – $79

One of the best things you can expect from this company is that they’ll send you 9 of the season’s best wines. However, these come only in “single glass servings.” This is a great way to taste new wines from different regions around the world. Discovering new wine styles in this way is good because you’ll get to know your likes and dislikes for different wines. 

The point is that you won’t ever have to purchase a bottle of wine before tasting it first. For instance: If you find a Burgundy that you love, you can even compare it with a “Willamette Valley Pinot.” You’ll get to know which taste you like better.

Can you believe that out of “11,358 wines tasted, only 1% makes the cut?” Isn’t this a smart way for people to get into wines before committing to a wine club subscription? 

Granted that you want to join Vinebox, the quarterly payment is $79. Every 3 months you can satisfy your palate with fresh tastes from the season’s best wines. Exceptionally, from recent vintage cellar releases to current wines that are on-trend.” Shipping is usually on the company.

2. Gold Medal Wine Club

Starting from $39.00 for the most popular and affordable wine

Firstly, this wine club has been around for a very long time with the same ownership. Undeniably, Gold Medal Wine Club is one of the best-rated. Garnering “top medals from major wine competitions,” almost all of their wines are a testament to that. Or they have high ratings from “national wine publications.” 

Unlike other monthly wine subscriptions, the company does not feature bulk wines, private labels, or closeouts. Instead, they offer exceptional wines and wine gifts in “6 different, award-winning wine clubs.” As you would expect, the cost, and the number of bottles differ. 

Most popular is the Gold Club which offers “two hard-to-find, quality red and white wines from California.” Sure enough, they represent a great taste of California’s best. Each month, customers can expect to receive these bottles. 

Regardless of which club you choose, subscribers have the assurance of high-quality wines. Essentially, customers can customize their shipments to arrive monthly, quarterly, or every other month.

3. Sweetwine Club

“$49.99 for each shipment, with no commitments. Cancel anytime.”

This is all about sweet wine as the name suggests. Typically, subscribers can “enjoy 3 premium sweet wines delivered straight to their door 4 times a year.” Surely, not everyone likes a dry wine. Neither do others like semi-dry wine. Thankfully, Sweetwine is here to the rescue. 

Being a subscriber allows you 3 hand-selected bottles of exclusive Sweetwine. Along with each shipment, you receive a gift with recipes and food pairings. Normally, you can expect your delivery 4 times a year at your door. A generous gesture is that the company donates “one year of clean water to a person in need for every box they deliver. How cool is that? 

4. Winc Wine Club

According to Winc Wine Club: “Membership order starts at 3 bottles a month for $39, plus $9 flat shipping rate, and tax. If you order 4 or more bottles, shipping is included! You can add as many additional bottles as you’d like to your monthly shipment. Bottles start at $13 a piece.” 

Indeed, this club is all about handcraft and hand-picked wines for subscribers. That’s why they start off with 6 short questions. Seemingly, they are anxious to know if you like mushrooms for instance. Based on the level of acidity you prefer, there is a question about citrus. Seems as if they want to see how much you can tolerate. 

Then there is a question about berries which helps them to “gauge your taste for fruit-forward wines.” Answering a question about how you like your coffee for instance gives them an indication about your preference for “tannins in red wines.” 

Mainly, they want to help you discover the wine of your dreams. Imagine just how much they want to satisfy their subscribers. Seeing how you respond to the questions will help them to tailor wines to match your taste. Because of your taste preference, they’ll send 4 bottles of wine each month. 

Rating your wines helps them to perfect the taste that’s more appealing to you. Remember to take a little time and give that feedback. Since Winc offers flexibility, you can choose your bottles of red, white, or rose wines.

Truly, if you don’t like a bottle, they’ll replace it with one that you like. By the way, Wince has gotten great reviews from the media, like Business Insider and BuzzFeed.

5. Wine Down Box 

Subscription prices range from $63 per box to $70 per box. 

Is wine and cheese your thing? Every month, Wine Down Box selects from the best small batch of California wines. Pairing with cheese, crackers from scratch, and charcuterie, subscribers can expect quality and freshness. 

Ensuring that your order has expert packaging, your items will certainly be protected. Typically, boxes ship out for delivery by the 25th of each month, straight to your door. 

Pairing Example: (include a delicious bag of artisan Nita Crisp wheat bread crackers)

  • Blossom and Vine Pinot Grigio 
  • Sage & Herb Cheese 
  • “Salami Cacciatore, (hunter’s salami) is a “mild and well-balanced salami that has a lighter taste than most other varieties.”

Pros For These Wine Clubs

  • Wide Selection of Wines 

Stocking hundreds of bottles of wines,” you can find the most popular and many of your favorites. Going the extra mile, some clubs will find a particular wine for you if they don’t have it. 

  • Ships within 1- 2 business days

Ideally, you can receive your order within a few days. Generally, shipment goes out within 1- 2 business days. 

  • Low Prices

Focusing on the best wines, some clubs may bring to consumers the very lowest prices on the internet. Especially Barefoot wines.

  • Case Discount

Customers can get percentage savings on selected wines. Certainly, some clubs may require that you mix and match a specific number of bottles to be eligible for the savings. 

  • Collectible, High-End Wines 

Representing the very best high-end wines, some clubs may have these in stock. Over $150 for a bottle depending on the brand of course. 

  • Wine Order Add-Ons

Gift wrapping on selected bottles is available from some clubs. In addition to the gifts, some clubs also offer gift messages for gift recipients.

  • Under $20 Wines

Many of these clubs offer wines within the price range of many wine lovers. Even $5.00 wines.

  • Discover Italian Wines

Selection of fine wines from world-renowned growing regions When it comes to wine production, Italy is the king. The country produces the most wine in the entire world and has over a million vineyards. 

  • New Wine Arrivals

Exploring and discovering new wines is quite typical for these companies. Soon after they are available, you can be assured that they will let you know. 

An Alternative: Buy Wines Online

Notwithstanding the local wine stores and your favorite wine club, you can also Buy Wines Online without committing to a subscription service. Amazingly, the deals can work even better than any subscription. Knowing that you have a “one-stop shop for all of your wine needs,” Buy Wines Online is a great alternative.

Finding the ideal wine or wine gift, Buy Wines Online delivers them straight to your door. Without a doubt, Buy Wines Online has the very best deals on wines. Carrying over 400 wines in stock, their wine list includes the 25 most wanted wines. 

Up to 70% off on select wines is often available. Among the varieties that consumers enjoy are: 

  • Red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon Wines

Seen as a “staple in wineries all around the world, Cabernet Sauvignon is a red grape varietal that’s considered as one of America’s favorite wine grapes.” 

  • White wines like Chardonnay Wines

On a general note, this is the “most widely grown white wine grape variety in the world. Depending on where it is grown and the vinification method, it offers a wide range of styles and flavors.” 

  • Rose wines
  • Champagne and sparkling wines

Access To Amazing Deals

With Buy Wines Online, you can always find amazing deals for great wines. Specifically, when you build your case you can save even more.

Let me hasten to point out that there is an eligibility factor at play: You’ll need to “mix and match 12 to 18 bottles of selected varieties of wine” to get the savings. Prices range from a little over $5 and up. Usually, you get a Promo Code that you can use at checkout. 

Also in the amazing deals are wines with a 90+ rating. Yet, you can find prices under $80 here. Interestingly, you can also find wines with the same 90+ rating under $20 too. And for the fine wine lovers: There are the “collectible high-end wines.” Pricing for these are over $150. 

What is more? Celebrity wines of course. Are you looking for vintage wines? For sure, they have them too. Both the “non-specified vintage wines and those with specific years.

Notably, the company carries wine from all the popular wine vendors, which are too many to mention here. Think you may like this company? Join here and capitalize on the amazing deals.

Earn Commissions While Enjoying Your Wine

While you are enjoying your wine, you can capitalize on earning some money through a wine affiliate program. To join the company’s affiliate program, you can sign up through an affiliate network, or sign up directly with the company. 

All in all, you can join any Alcohol Affiliate Program, promote their products, and earn commissions from your sales. Once your application gets approval you’ll have access to creative and text links for your website/blog. 

Below are just specific examples of the clubs that I highlight in this post. Several other companies are available on ShareASale and other affiliate networks. Take CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) for instance. Important to realize that approval is not automatic.  

  • Vinebox: Powered by ShareASale 
  • Gold Medal Wine Club: Powered by ShareASale and Pepperjam 
  • Wince: Works with Perform to grant you affiliate access
  • Wine Down Box: Powered by ShareASale 

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Concluding Thoughts 

Overall, joining the Best Rated Wine Clubs has some advantages. Seeing that certainly wines are not available in the local stores, the inclination is to join one of these clubs. Coupled with a wine affiliate program, you can double the benefits. Why not get in on both? 

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment. 


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