Matilda Jane Clothing Reviews

Can Matilda Jane Clothing Reviews Help? (Read Before You Invest)

Looking for Matilda Jane Clothing Reviews? Chiefly, this clothing brand offers items for babies, girls, and women. Interestingly, the styles are quite unique. And they are eye-catching to many moms. In case you want to find out more about the business opportunity, reading Matilda Jane Clothing Reviews can certainly give some insight. Using the MJC initials, many people prefer the shorter name.

Before you enroll in any business, it is always best to put due diligence into action. Markedly, this is the best way to stay away from scammers. It doesn’t matter its popularity, even if it’s Jeunesse Anti Aging Products. That’s why I always recommend this training platform for guidance.

Finding out if you should start a direct selling company now is important. Naturally, you want to know exactly what you are getting into. Starting with MJC for instance requires filling out a short application form if you want to join the business. Right after you get acceptance, you’ll become an independent consultant. Also, referred to as “Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper.”

Rest assured that once you become a trunk keeper you’ll get lots of support from “your enrolling Trunk Keeper” who will discuss all the “ins and outs” of the business opportunity. Whenever you have a trunk show, for instance, you can always count on them for advice.

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Can Matilda Jane Clothing Reviews Help? (Read Before You Invest)

Company: Matilda Jane Clothing

Location: Indiana, USA

Founder: Denise DeMarchis

Year Founded: 2005

Preferred Sales Method: Person To Person

Compensation Structure: Multi-level marketing (MLM)

Products: Women, girls, and baby clothing

Startup cost: $1500

Primary Market: United States


Due to the company’s expansion, they now offer 5 clothing line:

  • Baby’s line: size 0 – 24 months
  • Little girls line: 2 – size 14
  • Tween: size 8 – 16
  • Women: size XS – XXL
  • Home line: bedroom and bathroom finishing like curtains for instance.

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One thing this company prides itself on is the high quality and longevity of its clothes. Every time you receive samples, they are always branded new clothing designs. Somewhat like Christmas for trunk keepers because they are always eager to see what comes in the trunk. Receiving samples is perfect to see the styles, the available sizes, and for customers to see the quality clothing.

Not to mention the excitement of both mother and daughter trying on the clothes. Just imagine the fun for little girls as they twirl in their outfits. Further information about the company is seen in this video.

Long-Lasting Quality

Because of the high quality, the clothing usually lasts for a long time. Unlike some clothing brands, their designs don’t just last for one season. Generally, they put together some unique patterns, so you can mix and match pieces from one season to the other.

Accordingly, to some people, the price value is definitely worth it. Matter of fact, some families always do “hand me down.” Whether it’s from sister to sister, or to cousins and even friends. Still, even after all the wear, you can sell the clothes to consignment stores. Knowing what is for example can be of great help here. Holding your own garage sale is ideal too.

Offers One Of A Kind Clothing

Important to realize that all MJC are custom-made. So they are really one of a kind and come in limited edition. From little kiddo girls to ladies, there are always cute pieces.

A key point to note is that the pattern designs are painted by their own artists. Actually, when you purchase Matilda Jane clothing, it’s like getting a piece of art. Certainly, this makes them stand out from many other brands.

Investing As a Trunk Keeper

Usually, the cost to start as a trunk keeper is $1500. But the company offers help to finance your business (in the form of a payment plan arrangement). Notably, there are free direct selling companies if you are stretched for funds. J Elizabeth Boutique is one company that you can check.

Providing all the supplies to get your business off the ground, your MJC package contents are not just the clothes. Upon your application approval and payment, you’ll receive items like:

  • Display rack
  • Sample clothes for your trunk show
  • Wooden racks for hanging the clothes (various sizes)
  • Tags for the clothes
  • Sample accessories (like hair clips/bows)
  • Replicated website

Considered a gift from MJC, you’ll also receive a welcome kit. Inside this kit, you’ll find the following:

  • Training materials
  • Welcome video on how to start your business
  • Jumpstart guide which is helpful for setting your goals
  • Letter from the CEO welcoming you
  • Tote bag
  • Reminders of what to say (on cards)
  • Current catalog
  • Start-up guide to walk you through various aspects of the business

Effective Ways To Sell MJC

  • Private Home Setting

Mostly, the way that is really effective is to get people in the clothes. “Matilda Jane Trunk Keepers display and present the collection in the privacy of a relaxed home setting.”

  • Wear MJC

“Wearing MJC Trunk Keepers use their everyday activities and contacts as their single most important marketing tool by wearing the current Matilda Jane Clothing adult collection, and encouraging their daughters to do the same.”

(source: https://matildajane)

  • Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are great to use.

  • Email marketing

Build your list and send out emails with the latest styles

  • Pop up shop

Maybe at a local coffee shop

  • Mini Fashion Shows

Offers a great way to sell these clothes to people

Virtual Shows

Apart from the ideas above, you may consider doing some shows virtually. Noting the company’s stipulation however is important: “Virtual Trunk Shows are permitted, but discouraged because the internet can have both positive and negative effects on our business.” Regardless of the different ways that you want to sell, keep the following statement in mind:

“Our partnership is one in which MJC provides a rewarding home-based business opportunity and Trunk Keepers agree to represent Matilda Jane Clothing in a professional way that protects and preserves our unique niche in the direct sales community.” (source: https://matildajane)

Order Fulfillment From Your Replicated Website

Along with all the above ideas, your replicated website is also key for sales. Following your trunk show samples to people, you can take orders from them. Placing the orders directly on your website allows the main office to complete the fulfillment. From there, they will ship the items directly to the customers.

Inventory Or Just Samples

Firstly, being a trunk keeper doesn’t mean that you have to carry lots of inventory. Rather, you’ll have samples that you put on a rack for a trunk show, for styling appointments, and for pop-up events.

As a member of MJC, you’ll receive a box of clothing (called a trunk) with branded new designs and styles. Certain requirements must be in place though. The items are limited edition. At the end of each season, you can have a sale of your samples.

Very Important Note About Samples: “Trunk Keepers may never sell a sample prior to the end of the season, or before all sizes in that item are “Sold Out”. Selling samples for more than the retail value is prohibited and E-bay auctions of any MJC items, including samples, are unacceptable and are grounds for termination of your contract. Samples are not eligible for return or exchange.” (source: https://matildajane)

Commission Payout

Thinking about earning money with MJC? Monthly compensation includes a base commission of 20% on your “Commissionable Sales Volume” (CSV). By the same token, you can also earn an extra 5% bonus. See the entire compensation agreement which gives a clear indication of how you can earn with MJC.

Similar to other direct selling companies, you can earn more income if you recruit others to join your team. Given that your new recruits make sales, you get a percentage commission from their sales.

Sales bonuses and incentives are also available throughout the year. Clearly, people do make money with the business model. Notwithstanding, it may not be ideal for some people to earn passive income. Simply, this business model is not for everyone.

Two Notable Caveats

Despite the beautiful styles, here are two concerns to keep in mind.

  • Pricey Startup Cost And For Items

With a start-up cost of $1500, that’s really steep for many people who are on a stretched budget. But the company offers help to finance your business (in the form of a payment plan arrangement). Promoting women clothing affiliate programs offers a cheaper alternative.

Although the items are not overly pricey for some people, there are many others who may not be in a position to afford a baby romper for $38. Or a girl’s pajama set costing $98, and a girl’s ruffle jegging for $36.

On a regular basis, you’d want customers that are willing to make those kinds of purchases. Within the price range of $30 – $40 and more. Of course, if that’s the type of clothes your audience wants, then certainly you’ll get sales.

  • Limited Clothing Selection

Compared to some large clothing stores, the company does not carry a very wide selection. In like manner, the items often have similar designs. Obviously, this doesn’t give customers a lot of items to choose from. For sure, some may just decide not to purchase anything.

Let me hasten to point out here that the company does not keep the products for any extended period. Every season, they roll out new and exciting designs.

  • Competition From Other Brands

Although the clothing may be unique, there is still competition to deal with. Especially from top consignment stores.

Application May Be Rejected

Completing a short form is a requirement if you want to be a trunk keeper. Basically, they require your name, address, email, and phone number. Quite noticeable on the form is that you’ll have to schedule a call to learn more about the business opportunity before submitting it.

Definitely, this tells me that the company seems to be very selective with who they want to represent their brand. Possibly, restricting the recruitment process for sure. Don’t be too surprised if you apply to be a trunk keeper and you are not accepted. Maybe, they don’t want things to be too competitive. Thereby giving the opportunity for active members to earn more.

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An Alternative

Is this business too much of a financial stretch for you? Don’t want to dig deep into your pockets to get those samples? If that is too much for you, see the training that I enjoy learning about affiliate marketing.

Truly, the affiliate marketing alternative doesn’t require a lot of money upfront. Because there is no need for a replicated website, you get to create your own. Neither do you have to recruit others to join the business. Instead, you’ll have access to promoting products from many companies.

I have tried quite a few direct selling companies in the past thinking that I could really earn money. Never earn money with them so I don’t like the business model. Seeing that it is not for everyone, I always recommend my #1 affiliate training platform.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

(Karen Lamb)

Build Your Own Affiliate Website

These days, many people are opting to create their own website. Monetizing it with affiliate links can definitely bring in income. So if you don’t want to do person-to-person selling and recruiting people, try building your own affiliate marketing website.

Not only is it an easier business model, but it is definitely cheaper. Tons of affiliate marketing opportunities are available. Millions upon millions of people are shopping online nowadays. Why limit yourself to just one company’s products?

Wondering how to start? Actually, I have put together some evergreen niche ideas that you can use as a guide to building your website. Still, unsure of what to focus on for your website? Go through the ideas because my keyword research shows that there is good potential for these niches. Narrowing down the one that you are most passionate about is even better.

“Tomorrow is too late. Yesterday is over. Now is exactly the right moment to start.”


Disadvantages Of A Replicated Website

Though you can spread the word about your new replicated website, there are several things you can’t do with it. Key point is that you don’t really have any control over a website that is not really yours. It belongs to someone else.

For one thing, several actions are not permitted on a replicated website. Creating an additional site to promote your business is definitely a no for instance. This includes purchasing a website address. Neither can you direct it to your “personal Matilda Jane Clothing website” for example.

Another concerning factor is that you cannot use a third party to market your website. Moreover, paying for search. More importantly, is that replicated websites don’t attract traffic. Can you see why it’s better to build your own?

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, Matilda Jane Clothing Reviews can certainly help in your decision to join the company. Being a part of the company is like opening up your own little boutique. At home or just keeping it mobile, you can help girls and women feel beautiful in the skin they are in.

Most ideally, this is suitable for those who adore MJC. Love wearing them? Or enjoy dressing little kiddos in them? By all means, you’ll be able to do the business with a passion.

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.


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