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Can The Best Direct Sales Businesses Survive?

Can The Best Direct Sales Businesses Survive today? Knowing that this business model puts a lot of emphasis on the person to person sales and house parties, sales reps have to press that pause button. Sure, it is most difficult to do these days.

So how are The Best Direct Sales Businesses reaching out to people now? Certainly, independent sales reps must be very happy about the internet. How effective is the internet in the survival of these businesses?

For newer companies, they are definitely ahead. No one denies that changes need to take place if The Best Direct Sales Businesses should continue. By this, I mean changes in the old fashioned way of selling the products. Globally, anyone who is in this business model is looking at how to deal with the changes.

Given the direct sales preferred method of selling, how do companies bring products to consumers these days? Markedly, consumers are going more digital and changing the way they shop. Needless to mention the competition. Taking all the factors into consideration, direct sales companies are focusing more on online sales.

According to Direct Selling News, “Direct selling companies are spending millions to improve their online shopping portals, partly in response to the Amazon effect and partly because of regulatory pressure to distinguish more clearly between customers and distributors.”

(source: Direct Selling News)

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Can The Best Direct Sales Businesses Survive?

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One of the objectives for direct sales companies is to recruit others. How is that possible, given the present situation? Will the number of sales consultants continue to grow?

Primarily, when sales representatives have meetings and house parties, their main intention is to recruit people. Of course, it’s to get some sales in too. But recruiting has a lot to do with how much you want to earn. 

Once you sign up, sales reps encourage you to follow the same method and sign up more people. Basically, the purpose is to start building your team. Ideally, the more you recruit, the more money you can earn.

Amazingly, recruiting 5 people is often the magic number. Then those 5 people recruit 5 more. Those 5 recruits another 5 and so the cycle continues until you have hundreds of people. Growing into thousands is even better.

The Growth Potential And The Reluctance 

Imagine the growth potential if you recruit 10 people instead of 5. Even though sales reps usually tout that the sky is the limit, it’s really a difficult task. Five is not so hard, some may say. Unless you meet people who are really anxious to start a business in direct sales, it is surely hard.

Where do you start with recruiting? First of all, you talk to family, friends and co-workers. Honestly, they are the hardest ones to convince if you want them to join any new business idea you share with them. No matter how much you try to show them the positive side, they are usually quite reluctant. Probably, one or two may pity you and purchase a product. 

Nowadays, a website comes in very handy. Along with that are your videos. On top is social media. In case you want to learn how to build your own website: Click This Link. All that you need to know is available on this training platform. 

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” (Socrates, father of Western philosophy)

Focus on Selling Products Or Recruitment?

More and more, direct sales companies are adjusting their sales focus. Rather than listening to the hype about becoming a distributor, many customers just prefer to purchases the products. Albeit, if these companies change completely and focus on online sales, the opportunity of owning a business with them may not be there anymore. 

Evidently, smaller and newer companies are ahead because they are already in the digital world. Realizing the competition, some older and bigger companies have taken on the challenge to be more digital. Immersing themselves fully into digital transformation, such companies are now on par with the newer ones. 

Moving forward, customers and distributors can do all transactions online. Literally, there are hundreds of direct sales companies looking for new distributors to sell their products. Despite the large number, each company is unique in its own way and the products usually have some variation. Checking Cocoa Exchange for instance, you’ll notice that this company has a one of a kind twist.

The Amazon Effect

Because of the rise of various E-commerce platforms, direct sales is getting its share of competition. As a result, the companies just have to move forward with innovation. 

Quite noticeably, is that several direct sales reps have products on Amazon marketplace. Maybe, some independent distributors can’t sell their inventory, so Amazon is an ideal place to get sales. Sure enough, customers do purchase them. Does this mean that direct sales companies need to be more active on the marketplace? 

Generally, some direct sales companies discourage selling their products on such marketplaces. Besides, they consider their products unique so they are never seen in stores. Person to person sales give more details about the products.

Protecting The Uniqueness

Surely, companies want to keep the uniqueness of their products intact. They are cognizant of the fact that there are people who may want to come up with the same creation. So they want to avoid the compromise. 

Selling face to face is their preferred method. Regardless, this is not the ideal way to sell the products today. But considering that so many people shop online, these companies will now have to up their online strategy. 

“Direct selling companies are spending millions to improve their online shopping portals, partly in response to the Amazon effect and partly because of regulatory pressure to distinguish more clearly between customers and distributors.” (source: Direct Selling News) 

“There is no success without commitment and action.” (Vantel Pearls)

Social Media Can Be Powerful

No one denies that the purchasing habits of consumers are changing even more these days. Indeed, independent distributors who would not normally use social media are making use of various platforms to sell their inventory. 

Seeing the power of technology and social media, direct sales can certainly have an uptick during these trying times. Accordingly, some companies have been spending thousands of dollars to make the necessary improvements for online shopping.

Person To Person Sales Can Have An Indelible Mark

Only offering products online may very well be a great way to cut back on the recruitment of sales associates. Let’s face it, some customers would rather deal with their purchases and don’t want to hear about an opportunity. 

On the other hand, there are those who still prefer that face to face meeting. Touching and testing the products are important to them. Having that physical interaction before making purchases is a winning strategy. Gone are those days for now. 

Apparently, such experiences can leave an indelible mark on both the seller and the buyer. Realistically, customers can get a better idea about the quality of the products. Most certainly, consumers will know whether the products appeal to them. A very hot product for instance is CBD oil and its products. 

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To introduce new products, you can send out a short survey via social media. Clearly, the response from people can give you an indication of people’s interest in the products. Getting back positive responses will definitely be good.

Technology Is Awesome 

Whether you want to introduce a new product or service to people, the use of technology is an awesome way to reach thousands of potential customers. In the past, reaching people was mainly person to person contact. Or through Advertising. 

Today, technology makes reaching people so much easier. As long as you have a mobile phone, a laptop or desktop computer and access to the internet, you can reach people all over the world. What a great way to reach more people. From college students to retirees, technology makes it possible to show your business worldwide. 

Compared to having house parties at your residence a couple times each month, technology has the edge. That’s taking your business to a higher level. Indeed, that can equal to more sales.

Should direct sales companies embrace technology more? Can direct sales companies survive without technology? 

“See things in the present, even if they are in the future.” (Larry Ellison)

Need To Find The Right Business Method? 

Rest assured that if you have an interest in sales, you can find the right business method. It’s not just direct sales companies for sure. With a great training course, you can create a website business

Undoubtedly, success with direct sales can be discouraging especially when sales are low. Truly, many independent distributors never experience the high level of success that they anticipate. 

Notwithstanding the products that you love to sell: Health and Wellness or cookware for instance, there are companies that you can join and have success. Remember, you need to be passionate about the products. 

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Making The Change 

Over the years, direct sales companies have been embracing the internet, but definitely not enough. Furthermore, some sales associates have taken on the power of social media to expand their business greatly. Outside of the house party environment, technology allows you to reach people worldwide. 

Despite the use of technology, the principles of direct sales remain the same online: 

  • Finding a target audience
  • Providing a solution to a problem
  • Build relationships 
  • Use the sales strategy to tell the story

Do you need a change from this business model? Try this one and see how you can create your own online business website. When you build your own, it allows you to reach your target audience too. Mainly, your focus should be on sharing helpful content to promote your products. Chiefly, to solve problems. 

Placing product images on social media will not do the job. As you can imagine, selling is more than that. Ideally, it’s having a true connection with customers and not just pushing the items for sale. Primarily, you want to offer products or services that can provide unforgettable solutions for problems. 

“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.” (Oprah Winfrey)

Useless Replicated Website

Typically, some direct sales companies may provide a replicated website for you. Beware of this kind of website though because it’s hard for people to find you on the internet. Point is that, it’s better to have your own website. Instead of using a replication from the direct sales company, you can brand yourself with your own. 

Creating content to promote the products can work better than a replicated website. Nevertheless, there may be an obstacle with you building your own website specifically to sell direct sales products. Before you try to sell the company’s products, it is best to check what their policies are.

A Better Method With Your Own Website 

Using another method to promote products is perfect if you don’t want to go through this. Rest assured that it is easier and you can still promote other companies products. Best of all, you can earn commissions on all your sales. Having your own website gives you complete control over what you do. Plus, your website will look different from everyone else. 

Actually, you can interact with visitors by answering their questions on your own website. Moreover, building trust with them. Having your own website surely is a big deal because search engines can show your content when people search for it. 

Unlike a replicated website, it is much harder for search engines to find you. Keep in mind that the company already owns that particular website. Don’t settle for a replicated website with thousands of people having the same thing. Check out my #1 recommendation to learn how to create your own online business. 

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” (Karen Lamb)

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, many consumers are changing the way they purchase items. Therefore, The Best Direct Sales Businesses are moving more in that direction. For sure, they have to keep abreast with the competition. 

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment. 

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    Everyone uses the internet daily and having an online presence about your business should definitely be in there

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