Direct Sales Wine Companies

Can You Make Money With Direct Sales Wine Companies?

Can You Make Money With Direct Sales Wine Companies? Selling wine from the comfort of your home with Direct Sales Wine Companies offers a great opportunity to earn some extra cash. Since there are so many laws that regulate the sale of alcohol, doing direct sales is a great way to be a part of the wine business.

Actually, these days some people are seizing the opportunity to switch from selling plant-based sustainable products to selling wine. Even those who sell health and wellness direct sales products make the switch. Matter of fact, some people are doing this full time because they make more money than their 9 to 5 job.

So are you wondering if you can Make Money With Direct Sales Wine Companies? Evidently, there is an uptick in the search results on Google Trends for Direct Sales Wine Companies.

Can You Make Money With Direct Sales Wine Companies?

And there has been a surge in the shipment of wine to consumers throughout the United States. According to sales in wine is a billion-dollar business topping $70 Billion.

Do you have an interest in direct sales wine business? The key focus of this post shares some companies that you could think about. Generally, wine tastings are a great way to introduce folks to your wine business. These days, however, it is safer to do so virtually. Notably, some companies do offer a virtual version starter kit.

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Can You Make Money With Direct Sales Wine Companies? 

To be more specific, selling wine has regulations that you need to know about before you venture into this business. Due to the stringent regulations on alcohol, it’s no doubt a better choice to consider Direct Sales Wine Companies. Sure enough, these companies already have things in place adhering to the laws. 

Without the hassle of storing inventory, some people consider this idea as the ideal solution to start an online business. Offering a product that people like, is really important. Not to mention taking into account an audience. Other reasons to sell wine include the following: 

  • You do not deal with handling and shipping of the product.
  • There is an opportunity to meet new friends.
  • It brings happiness (fun and laughter). 
  • Seeing that wine is consumable, customers are likely to reorder what they like.
  • Your replicated website is always up to date with what’s available.

Similar to other direct sales companies, there is a requirement to purchase a starter kit. Complying with the law, you don’t really handle bottles of wine and sell to customers.

Instead, you engage in a tasting event. As a sales representative, you just take the orders. Then send them to the company to do the fulfillment. Needless to say, you don’t handle shipping and returns. 

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Join A Company And Launch Your Wine Business Online 

First and foremost, the business idea may seem simple. Realistically however, it is not that easy. Unless you are an outright sales person. Simply, not everyone do well with the presentation of products to sell. Of course, you may not like this business model. Whatever company you choose, remember due diligence is always a recommendation. 

Nevertheless, the internet is a big deal for this business to take off. Particularly, this does eliminate the home parties for wine tasting events. Whether at your home or the homes of your clients, these are not feasible during these difficult times. Normally, each event could take up to 3 hours.

1. Boisset Collection

Would you like to join a company that takes you into the “world of wine?” Being different from some other wine companies, Boisset Collection owns its own vineyards. Knowing that the company produces its own wines can add more to your confidence level when promoting them. 

Nonetheless, the company does not only focus on selling its own products. On a general note, it sells wines from other companies too. Other than wine, you can also find books, glassware, kitchen and home accessories, plus jewelry. 

Commissions range from 15% – 35%. Like so many other direct sales companies, there are bonuses for recruiting others to join your team. 

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2. WineShop at Home

With this company, you can turn your love for wine into an income. While offering wines to customers, you are also making strong friendships. Keep in mind that even though you focus on virtual tastings, you can still make this a successful business. 

Starter kits range from $25 – $59.95. Noticeably, the kits do not have any wine in them. For the Virtual Pop-Up Kit, which is the cheapest, you get a personalized website and access to a mobile app. The other 2 kits include items such as pour spouts, corkscrew and wine tasting guide.

3. Traveling Vineyard

Are you looking for award-winning wines? Traveling Vineyard offers at least 27 different varieties. Under 4 categories, you’ll find “bold reds, crisp whites, and sparkly and sweet wines.” Apart from selling wine, the company also offer accessories like wine chillers, winged corkscrews, wine saver pumps, and decanters.

Joining this company requires purchasing a kit to get you off the ground. Prices for kits range from $49 – $179. Each kit consists of all the essentials you’ll need to start. Any kit that you choose may have items like decanter, bottle tote, wine pourers, corkscrew, just to name a few. 

Along with these items, you will also have a replication of the company’s website. Cost for this is $15.95 per month. “Training videos and accounting software,” are available for you to track your orders and to see how much money you are earning.

Though their commission starts at 15%, your earnings can reach up to 35%. Usually, you will work with a team and you can earn additional income if you add others to your team. 

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4. Scout & Cellar

How about joining a company that offers wine with cleaner ingredients? Compared to other companies, Scout & Cellar really stands out. The company’s mission is to “sell only clean, crafted wine.” Primarily, this means that the company only deal with wine that has natural ingredients. 

Besides, Scout & Cellar also avoid ingredients that have pesticides. Moreover, there is no addition of sugars to modify the flavor. Neither are there any chemicals to change the color or texture. 

“While working in the wine industry, Shadonix began feeling negative effects from certain wines, which led her to research ingredients. She found that many mass-produced wines included additives like sugar and “mega purple,” a color corrector. So she created Scout and Cellar, a clean-crafted wine brand, which carries wines with less than 100ppm of sulfites. 

To create these wines, Shadonix scouted vineyards and farmers that did not use synthetic pesticides on their grapes. She and her team source wines from organic producers, like Emiliana in Chile, but they also produce their own labels.” (source: Dallas News

No doubt, some people experience negative effects when they have certain wines. Being thoughtful about this situation, the founder of Scout & Cellar has put much focus on the ingredients.

Chiefly, as a consultant, you’ll sell wine that is made with only grapes. A starter kit costs Joining $249 and commission starts at 12%.

5. Wines for Humanity

Specifically, Wines for Humanity is a company that places great emphasis on the importance of giving to the community. Furthermore, their vision clearly states their help to the homeless: “One day, no family in America will become homeless for reasons beyond their control.”

Despite the fact that the company gives between 9% – 12.5% from paid tasting events, you can still join in. Obviously, you’ll still earn money with them. Currently, the company only operates in 14 states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, MI, MO, NC, ND, NV, OR, VA, WI, WV

Joining the company costs $155. Everything that you need to host wine tasting events is in the kit. Customers can either purchase individual bottles of wine or join a wine club. As a wine adviser, commission on your sales starts at 17%. Taking a look at the compensation plan can give you a clearer picture. 

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Alternative Opportunity For Direct Sales 

Certainly, not everyone enjoys selling. Forthwith, an alternative that you can pursue is affiliate marketing. Key point is that this business method only requires promoting other people’s products. Through various means like your own website, social media, videos, and any other way that you can get the products to sell you can earn commissions. 

Because you are not selling the physical product itself, you avoid carrying inventory, handling and shipping of the product. Sure enough, there are some wine affiliate programs that you can join. Take for instance:, Winebasket, and Splash Wines.

Also, available are some wine clubs that you can promote each month. Doing this business through affiliate marketing is highly convenient.

Advantages Of Joining Wine Affiliate Companies

Following are some advantages to think about:

  • Avoid various regulations and licensing to sell alcohol online 
  • Not responsible for shipping or returns 
  • Payment of related fees are not on you 
  • No management of inventory 
  • Create your own website and build up your business 
  • Absolutely no need for face to face sales, you make them indirectly
  • Not necessary to oversee an eCommerce store 
  • Develop your brand through your website with the promotion of the wines you choose
  • Get to expand your website as you develop your own reputation
  • Help others develop their own website business and get paid (their website don’t have to be about wine)
  • No need to recruit people

“Don’t worry about funding if you don’t need it. Today it’s cheaper to start a business than ever.” (Noah Everett) 

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Word of Caution: Create Your Own Website

Certainly, getting into direct sales is not the ideal for many people. As powerful as the business idea may sound, you don’t really have much control over a replicated website. A site like this is surely hard to rank by search engines. 

Having a replicated website does not attract much traffic, if any at all. Rather than depending on a direct sales website, it is better to create your own. For sure, you can have more visitors to your personal website. When you build your own website and drive traffic to your affiliate links, you can earn money from your sales.

Point in fact: Why choose to go with a replicated website business? Imagine just how hard it is to get multiple sales through such websites. Is this worth the effort? Certainly not. So why not try affiliate marketing?

After all, if you decide to do affiliate marketing with wine companies, you can pair wine with food. Extending your business with related products is a great way to earn extra money. Remember, wine is kind of limited, so it’s good to diversify and promote some other products that go well with wine. Failing that, your audience may be quite limited. 

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Concluding Thoughts

Overall, you can definitely Make Money With Direct Sales Wine Companies. As a wine consultant, your pay is based on commissions. Considering the company that you join, and your sales, the rates can range from 15% – 40%. 

All in all, when you host a tasting it can generate over $500 in sales. Albeit, you can make much less too because it depends on the monthly total sales. Surprisingly, your profit margin may be thin. 

One encouraging factor though is that wine is a consumable item. Consumers that really love wine will always want to reorder their favorite. 

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment. 


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4 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With Direct Sales Wine Companies?”

  1. Wow!! This is a really nice business idea as there are a lot of brands looking for salespeople on a neutral level. I know about a few of these wine companies. Most of them really have good products that the public would enjoy. Especially the Scout & Cellar as I even had the opportunity to taste their product and it was really good.

  2. This is an interesting concept to do direct sales for a wine company, while you are not actually an employee. I am not a fan of the direct sales business plan, also called multi level marketing, as it is very difficult to make enough money with it if you are not constantly recruiting more people to your team. 

    I am not sure how a virtual tasting will work, but I guess it could be done via a Zoom meeting or Skype. My first choice would be Scout & Cellar that are offering wine with only natural ingredients and organic wines.  

    1. Hi LineCowley,

      For the virtual tasting, you can order samples from the company. Then you’ll get a scheduled time with your consultant who will go through some information about the wine. Scout and Cellar is my favorite company too. 

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