Data Entry Online Jobs

Data Entry Online Jobs

Undoubtedly, Data Entry Online Jobs are highly desirable because there is no need for job seekers to be highly proficient in technological skills. Given the high demand for Data Entry Online Jobs, it is not surprising that there are many scams. With this in mind, it is important to guard against scammers.

The key aspect of this post looks at different types of Data Entry Online Jobs. To point out, the type of data entry job you do is linked to how much you earn. For this reason, here are some key points to check off:

  • Knowledgeable about Microsoft Office
  • Types quickly with great accuracy
  • Has good grammar skills and a wide vocabulary
  • Uses Google Docs
  • Familiar with Excel and knows formulas

Despite the fact that these are essential skills to have, you can still get by with Data Entry Online Jobs without some above requirements. Whilst these types of jobs don’t pay as much they may not be available sometimes. Nevertheless, if there are jobs that promise you high pay without any of the above skills, then stay far from them. No doubt, they are scams.

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What Scammers Do


  • Give one or two days of training and send you a check for the training
  • Ask you to cash the check and pay a third party for equipment to use on the job
  • Ask you to send a payment for equipment via Western Union/Wire Transfer
  • Ask you to pay for registration
  • They contact you about your resume and tell you no application or interviews are necessary
  • Payment is too good to be true
  • Pay a few workers for a while, but others who work never get payment
  • Ask you for personal information: For instance credit card and social security #

Data Entry Online Jobs

Having considered some negatives, it is also reasonable to look at some legitimate ways to do Data Entry Online Jobs.

  • Medical Transcription Jobs

Are you a great listener? Do you know medical terminology? A Medical Transcription Job is one of the most popular. Notably, for this job you listen, interpret medical texts, and convert them to text. Generally, this data entry job pays a higher rate than many other data entry jobs. However, it requires meticulous reading from images, even with long texts.

Overall, this job includes listening on the phone and typing what you hear. In this case, a doctor dictates information about the patient directly to you, or you transcribe what you hear from audio. As the name implies, it certainly will contain medical terminology. Remember, accuracy is most important.

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  • Do Image to Text Jobs

Specifically, you can use Google Docs for example, and convert an image file into an editable document. For an illustration, watch this video.

Similarly, you can also convert an image to MS Word with the use of the software. The software is usually text recognition software and can recognize different image formats.

However the result may not be as precise, so doing it manually is probably better. In like manner, the software can also compromise private data. Thankfully, there is a usage restriction from companies that offer this type of job.

Proof Reading Job

This job is for those who have excellent grammar skills. You are required to read, find grammatical errors and correct them. Errors include the use of punctuation.

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Write Captions and Taglines

Are you an excellent communicator? Can you write short catchy slogans for a product? Ideally, you can earn money just to write sweet catchy jingles. Many companies like these for advertisements and headings for articles. On the other hand, others like them for greeting cards, stickers for car bumpers, and birthday cards.

Audio to Text

For this job, you listen to an audio recording and replace the content in text format. For instance, you can get audio interviews or lectures to convert into text format. For this job you need to be a keen listener, understand different accents, and can type details quickly and accurately.
Watch the short video for an illustration.

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Easy Data Entry Online Jobs

  • Simple Task Typing Job

The most significant work from home in data entry is typing. Notably, this job incorporates typing from documents that are written by hand or in the form of a PDF. Usually, you are paid for each page of typing or whatever agreement upon signing.

A key aspect to bear in mind is your ability to type fast with great accuracy. Your pay is tied to this. The speed of preference falls between 55 – 60 words per minute. Chiefly, the typing task is in English, but if you have to type in another language your pay may be higher.

Work With Captcha

Have you ever thought about doing Captcha work? This is certainly a nice way to work from home and earn. Of course, there are many websites that offer Captcha work opportunities. To be sure, you need to check that they are legitimate, or else you may just miss out on your pay after doing the job.

Bear in mind that your earnings are not as much, but it is easy and you will enjoy what you do. Software is used for the job. After you log in, you need to type the Captcha images correctly to get payment.

If you can spend two or three hours each day, you can actually earn some money. To point out, no experience is needed, nor any technological skills. All you have to do is type what is shown.

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Jobs to Copy and Paste

This task is just as it says, you copy information from one document and paste it into another. For example, you could copy from a word document to an excel document and vice versa. As long as you can get around computer basics, that is experienced enough for this job.

In truth, it takes time to complete each task, and the job can bore you. Bear in mind that you will have a specific time frame to complete a task. Surely, this is where your typing skill comes in handy.

It is, however, important to note the limitations of Copy and Paste jobs. These are not numerous, so they don’t come by easily. In case this is your interest, you need to spend enough time researching possibilities. Then again, when you come across these jobs, remember to do a thorough check of the company’s reputation.

Micro Jobs

In particular, micro jobs focus on all types of temporary tasks. The approach to finding these jobs often includes an internet search where you can do a booking. Accordingly, these short-term jobs may be online or in person. For instance, virtual assistants, website designs, blog writing, nanny care, dog boarding, running errands, and handyman.

Of course, there are many other tasks. For one thing, payment varies and this depends on the task and the fee you may have to pay to the owner of the website.

Discover more at this link:

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Completing Surveys

Evidently, there are many companies that are involved in market research. These companies value honest feedback from customers. For sure, this information is used to improve a product or before a company rolls out a new one.

With this in mind, whatever you say can have much influence on businesses, so “honesty is the best policy.” Accordingly, the market research data is then passed on to the companies.

I imagine that there will always be surveys to do because there are so many products on the market. Nonetheless, giving your feedback on products doesn’t pay much and there are better ways to earn money online. In case you want to know my #1 recommendation to earn from home, go here.

To point out, you can sign up with different websites to increase your chance of completing more surveys. A key point to note is that payment can be in the form of gift vouchers or cash.

One company that you can join is ClixSense. They provide different platforms for you to do surveys and they pay cash. This company also provides other means for you to earn. You can check them out here.

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Data Entry Payroll Operator


For this job, you create a payroll list for different companies. You type all essential information in an excel spreadsheet or in the company’s database. Information includes names of employees, their address, their salary, and all the basics.

Job to Maintain Catalogue

Generally, companies have inventory to do, and they need to keep their catalog up to date. For this job, you work in Excel and create an inventory list or you use the company’s database.

The inventory includes:

  • Name of products
  • Serial numbers for products
  • Available stock
  • Prices

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Online Form Filling Jobs

Generally, this job entails filling in specific information on forms. You will be given the raw details to fill in specific fields. Even though it may seem easy to do, you have to be 100% correct, or the risk of reduced pay or none at all. Payment can be for each form or for each order.

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