How to Sell From Home

How to Sell From Home

How to Sell From Home successfully is a dream many aspiring entrepreneurs would like to see come through. No one denies that if you have a great demand for the product, it can be profitable. In this post, I share some strategies that you need to put in place. In light of all this, I now know How to Sell from Home and earn legitimately.

Learn to Build a Successful Website from the Pros

To emphasize here, if you are a complete newbie and want to be an entrepreneur, then I suggest that you get the right training and learn How to Sell from Home before you start. Actually, it doesn’t make sense wasting money on those so-called online assertions of how much you can earn from home. Needless to say they never live up to the promise, and you earn very little or nothing at all.

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How to Sell From Home: Plan of Action

Soar With Your Idea

First of all: Have a Strategy to Buy Cheap. Surely this plan of action should include an insight of the most popular products that are in demand, and you can sell them from home.  As a matter of fact, you can focus on products that you like and use. Take for instance a hobby or pastime, a project or a skill. Examples like arts and crafts for decorating, making jewelry, baking or cooking and even sewing.

In case you prefer to search for bargains like antiques and other items then you can resell these too. Bear in mind that to be a successful entrepreneur requires marketing awesome products, and you want to sell those that are helpful to people. In other words, select products that simplify people’s lives. Additionally, selling awesome products should be accessible, inexpensive to create from raw materials and they are easy to ship.

Buy Wholesale

Shop around for good wholesale prices because this offers the opportunity for you to make bigger profits. First thing to remember though is to make a request for sample products to ensure the quality is good. Once you find the product you want to sell, inquiry about the minimum order. In case the cost is not in your budget, weigh the pros and cons well before you make a big order.

Avoid Bad Competition

Notably, the following can offer strong competition, so think about them carefully when selecting your products.

Big Box Stores Competition: Bear in mind the word Liability. In particular, if you will be at a disadvantage with the quality, standards and competition from large retail companies then it is best to stay away from those. For instance, Target and Walmart might have the products you want to sell from home in their stores already. However, you can sell as an affiliate with them and earn a commission.

Market Competition: By all means testing the market before launching a product is a key factor, so test for competition and size of the market.  Is there a demand for your product?  Notably, you can get a feedback from your social media groups. For example prepare a simple questionnaire and ask for a response to each question. No doubt this can give a good indication of what people are willing to buy.

In addition, you can also check reports online that give an indication of the government and buyers market.  If the demand is not there, then your margins will be low, so do some research.  Remember, where there are too many sellers, it will be difficult to get sales. On the other hand, if the demand is high, but there are few sellers, then the possibility is there for you to earn money.

Trademarks: Don’t think about copyright products. To clarify, you don’t want to get involved with any legal problems, so keep far from those.

Make Your Own Product and Learn How to Sell from Home

Although this may be time-consuming, you can make your own product. With this in mind, you can order the raw materials wholesale and start devising your product.

Do Sample Testing: IMake Your Own Product
important to realize here is testing and more testing until you get it just right. In as much as you would like to make products and start selling immediately, a thorough testing of the product is advised. Regardless of the feedback from family and friends, get others to test too. Their perception might just be what you need to make the product better.

Your Tax Identification: A key point often overlooked is taxes, so remember to have that recorded in the different states that you intend to sell your product.

Set up a Business Bank Account: In order to keep your business earnings separate from your personal account, then having a different account for your business is best. Of course it will make it easier for you to notice your spending and your earnings. In like manner, you can also sign up for a PayPal account and connect it to your new business account.  This is ideal for you to make transfers online.

Be Ready For Tax

Tax Filing Information: Once you have your business account in place, it will help greatly when it comes on to filing your tax. To be sure, all the information you need to include about your business will be ready.

Set up for Easy Auditing: Given that you will have a business set up at home, a key point to bear in mind is to prepare for auditing. With this intention then, you can get software specifically designed to use with your computer. This will help with your bookkeeping, and arrange your merchandise.  In case you are not able to do the accounts, you can always get help from a CPA.

Publicize Your Product

Be that as it may, we all know that if you are selling a product, then you need to spread the word about it. In reality, this will open up the possibility to get sales and customers. Whether it is by mouth, social media, by good reviews, or by advertisement on the radio, television, newspaper, magazines or by other means, the point is that you need to publicize your product to get sales.

Remember social media is a big deal these days, so use that platform to publicize your business too. In light of this, get your family and friends to join in, follow and like.  Likewise, ask them to get others to follow and like your page.

In case you are signed up with a company that deals with direct sales, then customize these products and promote them too.

Create a Website to Sell Your Products

Create a Website

Assuredly, there are several advantages if you create your own website to sell your products.  For one thing, you can show off your product to the world.  Moreover, this can increase sales as people will find it easier to buy with just a few clicks from their mouse.

It must be remembered though that your website should not be complicated. Rather, keep it simple. To say it another way, make layout easy for customers to find the product and check out without any problem. To point out, remember to add your PayPal account on your website.

Another key point is that the cost to start a website is much lower than to set up a physical space. For one thing though, you need to get the right training to sell online successfully.  Click this link to get started.

Notably, if you want learn How to Sell from Home, but do not have your own product, you can still create your own website and sell online.  Get free training here.


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Sell on Other Platforms

Overall, you do not have to restrict selling only on your website.  You can also sell on other platforms, such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy. However if you choose to sell on these platforms, it is important to note that you don’t have ownership of your business. Bear in mind that these big platforms control your product listings.

Other Tips for: How to Sell From Home

Efficient shipping: Of course, try to impress your customers with neat package and efficient shipping. As soon as an order is made, try to pack and ship out as quickly as possible.

Returns and refunds: By all means try to make your return and exchange policy easy to understand. Surely you want to satisfy customers.  In the event that they are not satisfied with the product, try to offer them an exchange, or a refund.  As a matter of fact, some people allow the customers to keep the product and send them another.  Surely, that’s a set up for a good review.  In case you get a negative review, remember to use it to improve on your product.

Add Related Products: As your business grows, you will want to add related products to expand your business. Undoubtedly, this helps to increase your profits, so liaise with your wholesale distributors to try to get the best bargains.

Go Public

Use New Ways to Publicize Your Business: By all means, try to repeat sales with customers. Once they experience a good customer relationship with you, they will certainly want to buy again.  In this case, you can keep in touch with email, postal mail, or just ask them to subscribe to your newsletter for new information about related products.

Get Help When the Need Arises: Eventually, the need for help will arise when sales go up, so prepared to hire.  By the same token, you can also get help to care for little kiddos, so that you can work without having to attend to them at different times.

Make Space For Storage and Orders: Seeing that you want things to run smoothly, try to set up your space to store merchandise, and for pick up and drop off orders.

Licensing: Even though this depends on the type of products and where you live, licensing is not necessary for selling from home. However if you are in doubt, just reach out to the Department of Commerce in your state for clarification.


Hope you are happy with this post on How to Sell From Home.  We want to make sure you are happy with your experience at  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page or leave a comment below.










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  1. All great information Carol! I know that for years I have wracked my brain on how to profitably sells products online. You have some great ideas here that I have not thought of. I think I am ready to revisit this. The hardest part though, if I remember, was finding a good wholesale company in the U.S.

    1. Hi Matts Mom,
      I am glad you finally have some ideas to work with. When I just started selling online, I had a challenge sourcing the right product wholesale in US too. It is more costly to do so, that’s why many people look overseas for products.

  2. Hey Carol, great information here on how to sell from home. I tried to sell different things in the past, just to see how it goes, but never really made a dime. I was inexperienced though. I think I would approach things differently today. Thanks for this article!

    1. Hi Ben,
      That’s how it goes, we learn from our mistakes. I have gone through that too. That’s one of the reasons I created this website, so others won’t have to make the same mistakes.

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