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Things You Need to Know About The Best Free Website Builder

Things You Need to Know About the Best Free Website Builder can give a boost of confidence to create a website. On the other hand, these things may also hinder you from building your future online business. For the most part, all the Things You Need to Know About the Best Free Website Builder are in this post.

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Undeniably, the Best Free Website Builder usually offer captivating information on the internet. Of course this is to get you to sign up and start building your website. Needless to say that this is alluring and you can start building one in no time. However, there are things you probably didn’t really know about the Best Free Website Builder.

No one denies that there are many offers on the internet, and each one is considered the Best Free Website Builder. You only need to watch YouTube. Additionally, there are also advertisements on television. For sure these ads can have you clicking that link without giving any thought to the many Things You Need to Know About the Best Free Website Builder.

Without a doubt, some people argue that using even the Best Free Website Builder is a waste of time, others like myself consider it to be a learning experience. Point in fact is that going the free route has drawbacks.

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Things You Need to Know About The Best Free Website Builder

Use it as a Starter: A free website is certainly a great starter for many people. Notably, as time goes by, you can transfer your content to your own domain. In case you would like to start a business online, but not sure of your niche, you can definitely try a free website.

Ideally, a free website is suitable for those who:

  • want to build a website, but is on a stretched budget
  • like to do a trial run on a particular niche
  • are unsure and just want to see how well they can do
  • just want to satisfy their curiosity to see how building a website works

Best Free Website Builder: All things considered, my Best Free Website Builder is SiteRubix. Rest assured that you get free training as you build your website. Furthermore, you learn how to make money on your website.

Unlike other free website builders, SiteRubix by Wealthy Affiliate is in a class by itself because the founders focus their training on affiliate marketing. Specifically, they show you how you can take your free website to another level and transform it into an online business.

Keep in mind that you can easily discontinue your free website at anytime and change to a more popular domain. As a matter of fact, if you like your content and want to continue with it, you can transfer it to your domain.

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A Free Website Limits Online Success

Certainly, learning to build a website for free is not a bad idea. I remember when I wanted to satisfy my curiosity to build a website, I used what I thought was the best free website builder.

For the most part, I did not know that a free website has limits. Of course that can hinder your online success. Needless to say, my first website was a complete failure. In the first place, it was all about promoting the free website builder.

Now that I know more about creating a website, I recommend upgrading to your own domain soon after you have a clear understanding of what to do.

By and large, this eliminates those limits.



Things You Probably Didn’t Know About A Free Website

Problem to Rank: Key point to note is that your free website may not rank quickly.

Small Traffic Numbers: In essence, traffic to your site may be on a smaller scale. Not to mention the problem with growth.

You Pay the Website Builder: Most times the money earned from ads on your website does not go to you. To put it another way, the money goes to the website company.

Promotion Limitations: All in all, there are limits in what you can promote on your website. With some free website builders, you just can’t promote anything at all on. That is to say, there are limits to making money on your website. Keep in mind that you can eliminate all of those negatives and purchase your own domain.

Slow Site Speed: Depending on the website builder, loading of your website may be quite slow. Of course this is a deterrent to visitors who prefer a faster loading speed.

Unpopular Web Address: Usually, your free website takes the name of the website builder. For instance, Preferably, sounds more appealing and no doubt can attract more visitors to your site.

Start Free Then Upgrade to Premium: Without a doubt, most if not all of these free website builders give you a limited free start. At a certain point however, you are directed to upgrade to premium. Key point is that you get more access to resources to build a better website.


Things You Need to Know About A Free Website

Difficult to Transfer Your Content: Sometimes it may not be so easy to transfer your content when you choose to upgrade to a domain name. You may just have to do everything manually or pay someone to do it for you.

Advertisement Distractions: Many free website builders may put ads on your site without your consent. That’s a part of the deal when you use their service. For sure these ads can distract visitors to your site.

You May Lose Your Website Without Notice: After working so diligently to add content to your site, your hard work may just be in vain. Based on the terms that they offer, you may lose your entire website without prior notice.

The Company May go out of Business: In the event that the company shuts down, your website will be a loss too.

Redirection Problem: Obviously, if the company goes out of business, you no longer have access to your website. As a result, you can’t redirect visitors to your new website. To clarify, you can’t copy the information you need.

Lack of Privacy: Be that as it may, the company can share information about you with others. For instance: addresses for your email and website.

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More Things You Probably Didn’t Know About A Free Website

Limited Resources: Another point to note is that you only have the basics to create your website. Of course your access to tools is very limited. This means that you can’t do much to your website to make it look highly professional.

Limited WordPress Themes: Many free website builders may not offer WordPress themes. Even if they do, there is not much choice. SiteRubix, the best free website builder is quite generous with the WordPress themes they offer. Check them out here.

Not Trustworthy: In reality, visitors to your site may feel that your website is not credible. That is to say, the level of trust is low and so will be your subscribers.

Little or No Help: For the most part, these free website companies do not offer any help if you get stuck with while building your website. Point in fact is that you have to figure things out or get help from someone else.

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Difficult to Earn Money: Regardless of how much effort you put in to create your website, earning money from it is challenging. Surprisingly, the company may very well earn more money from your website.

To avoid this, you can choose my top recommendation to build your website. As mentioned before, there is training to help you and you learn how you can use about affiliate links and make money from your website.

You Can Lose All Your Work: Usually, free websites do not back up your content. Therefore, you can lose all your data. Besides, there may be no recovery of your work.

Concluding Thoughts

Clearly, a free website has several drawbacks. Overall, if you know exactly what you want your online business to be, then it is best not to use a free website. Remember, the possibility to grow is very limited.

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.



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4 thoughts on “Things You Need to Know About The Best Free Website Builder”

  1. Hey Carol,
    This article is very clear on the plusses and minuses of a free website…the biggest plus being that it gives a free stab at beginning to build a website. For many, using wordpress can seem like it is going to be too techie…and over their heads and capabilities. With the free training and free try with Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix, those fears and trepidations can be met and found to be unfounded …at no cost.

    I know when I began my online marketing business, I started with the free trial you talk about. I am a retiree, with some tech experience, but not like many today for sure. I found within a couple of days that I could do this…the training is awesome, focused, balanced, and invites effective action. I started my paid website right away..not to waste time once my beginning questions were answered.

    You hit the nail on the head, why to start this way, why to move on when ready. I know reading this will be helpful to newbies…great job!


    1. Hi Annie,
      Thanks for visiting and your extensive comment. This is really a great way for newbies to start. It is just like a tester.

  2. Hello Carol,

    A free website, as you point out, has some drawbacks. However, I agree with your view that you learn from your mistakes. In that regard, a free website can help you fix your mistakes without them being costly. It gives you the time to hone your skills and to better choose your niche. However, you also make the excellent point that you can delay the learning that will really help you succeed by staying too long with a free website. You need the feedback that is often unavailable with a free website. Excellent post that gives a balanced view of the pros and negatives of using a free website. Thanks for sharing.

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