Facts Everyone Should Know About Discovery Toys

Facts Everyone Should Know About Discovery Toys Review

There are some great Facts Everyone Should Know About Discovery Toys. Important to realize that these toys are specifically created to teach kids, to inspire them to learn, and for play. Notably, the mission of the company focuses on three words: “Teach, Play, Inspire.” Important Facts Everyone Should Know About Discovery Toys are in this post.

Do you want to help foster kids learning? Are you having a hard time finding the right products to use? Do you have kids with autism and special needs? Would you like high quality learning tools to help them? In short, Discovery Toys can help. In case you have a passion to make a positive impact on the lives of children, you can find read how Discovery Toys can help.

Many toys on the market these days don’t seem to engage kids for any time. Actually, some kids play with them a few times and that’s it. Their interest is gone and they move on to something else. Discovery Toys offer excellent products that are educational and fun.

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What are Discovery Toys?

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To point out, Discovery Toys is a leading direct sales company. Specifically, the company creates engaging educational toys for kids. Clearly, this company is well trusted because they have been making toys for almost 40 years. Over these many years, they have won many awards. In fact, they believe in this saying: “ Better Products, Better Parenting.”

Facts Everyone Should Know About Discovery Toys ReviewUniquely designed, each toy is high quality and concentrates on specific out of the box learning. Markedly, every toy incorporates various levels for kids to learn, from the newborn through elementary school age. Of course safety is a priority with every toy and the company strives to make the quality even above that of the national standards.


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  • Not the Ordinary Educational Toy

Seeing that these educational toys are not the ordinary, they are not sold in retail stores. Clearly, Discovery Toys are extraordinary. For one thing, every toy integrates several “Layers of Learning” to motivate kids curiosity. Assuredly, kids grow and progress with these toys.

Coupled with their partner manufacturers, the company ensures that the design for every toy includes a specific “play experience.” Surely, the experience is one that allows kids to enjoy imaginative play. In addition, it inspires them to think critically too.

Holistic Approach For Kids Development

In particular, each toy is created with kids development in mind. For one thing, the founder takes into account the different pace at which kids learn. Chiefly, each toy is designed to meet the needs of kids at varying levels in the learning process. Accordingly, you can find toys geared for visual learners as well as auditory.

Facts Everyone Should Know About Discovery Toys ReviewKey point is that there is a toy for whatever the need is. Certainly, parents and teachers welcome this. Assuredly, as kids explore through play, they discover. As a matter of fact, the company also create toys specifically for kids with special needs.

Discovery Toys Support Autism and Special Needs

At Discovery Toys, kids with special needs are also top priority. The company has designed a whole set of toys especially for these children.

Different from the ordinary toys, these offer valuable play participation for kids with autism and special needs.

Persons supporting the cause includes teachers who specialize in special needs, caregivers who are involved with special needs kids, and occupational therapists. With this in mind, this company has identified products to support the six common troubled areas. As a result, parents and caregivers find it easy to select the right product to help these kids develop their learning skills.

Works With Top Professionals

Each season the company works carefully with top educational organizations and professionals. Together they analyze products that they want to promote. In fact, they list these toys in their catalog with an autism symbol. The symbol indicates the exact learning skill each toy supports.

Additionally, there are toy charts to guide the toy selection. To clarify, you choose the toy that is most suitable for the developmental challenges these kids face. Discover products from the autism and special needs toy guide here.

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Discovery Toys For All Learning Needs

Point in fact is that this company is dedicated to help parents with the learning needs of children. For this reason, the company reaches and remains on top for early childhood development. To emphasize, they are number one in this area.

The toys are made to promote kids physical interaction with the environment. As a result, kids use their thinking skills to acquire new skills. Another important point to note is that the company takes into account the new born too. They create educational toys for babies and toddlers.

After all these years, until now the company makes toys that cater for all learning needs. For the most part, they use innovative technology to make improvements to products and to expand their toy selection.

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Extraordinary Quality

No doubt the company puts much thought into how they select all toys, books, games and software. By all means, each product must improve the physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth of kids. Ideally, child development specialists select the toys for the different stages of growth.

For sure, they know exactly which products are pertinent for children as they go through the stages.


On the whole, the company chooses the best products available in the world. By the way, if they can’t get the product they need, they design and create it. Equally important is that each product must meet the mandatory safety and durability standards. As they say: The products must “Look great, feel great, and last.”

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Award Winning Products

The company has been highly recognized for the quality and excellence of their products by National toy tests. Over the years, they have won hundreds of awards from many prestigious toy test organizations and magazines. These are just a few of them.

  • National Parenting Publications Award
  • Child Magazine, Child’s Best Toys
  • Dr. Toy’s Best
  • Parents Choice
  • Parents Magazine Best Toys
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
  • Parenting Magazine, Toys of the Year
  • National Parenting Center
  • Great American Toy Test
  • Family Fun Magazine, Toy of the Year Awards

As you can see the quality of the products are just right. You can see the long list of all the Award Winning Products here.

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Discovery Toys Learning Styles

Notably, the mission of Discovery Toys focuses on three learning styles. These empower kids and as they grow, they progress with the product.

  • Teach: The company creates captivating educational tools to motivate kids learning. In view of this, parents and teachers have access to: “toys, books, games and music” to teach kids mastery skills through play.
  • Play: Each toy stimulates kids creative thinking and curiosity as they play. In light of this, the toys are created for kids to grow with them. Hence, kids learn and grow in their daily play.
  • Inspire: Not only are these toys an inspiration for kids, but parents, and teachers who help to foster kids learning.

To sum up, Discovery Toys promote and support:

  • Several learning skills while using different pathways.
  • As children grow they can still use the products.
  • Products support audio, visual and kinesthetic styles of learning.

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Are There Any Cons?

On the negative side, there is not much to report about Discovery Toys.

The feedback that I have received includes:

  • Toy is not the high quality that I had as a child. Needless to say here that many products these days are compared to many years ago. The first thing noted is that the quality is not as durable.

Upon opening the package, a part of the product is broken. Of course the likely cause can be shipping and handling. However the company has a Satisfaction Guarantee.


How Can You Earn Extra Money With Discovery Toys?

With attention to this, you can actually start a business with this direct sales company. Certainly, you can Earn Extra Money With Discovery Toys. Needless to say you are helping to foster the intellectual development of kids.

Rest assured that Discovery Toys is one of the best direct sales company for you to make supplemental earnings from home. In fact, many parents and teachers trust this company for some of the best educational toys. For this reason, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are working with a trusted direct sales company.

Equally important is that the Discovery Toys opportunity allows you to be your own boss. For one thing, you can choose your own hours of work. On balance, you can certainly make a positive contribution in the lives of kids as well as earn extra money. To invest in the lives of children is very important.

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I encourage you to help inspire kids everywhere to learn and grow through play.

Discovery Toys Give Back

Discovery Toys proudly sponsors Toys for Tots, donating thousands of educational products to the program throughout the year. With our participation, families in need across the country are able to benefit from the quality, fun learning products that are the trademark of Discovery Toys.”

The Founder of Discovery Toys

The company started when an early childhood teacher met with a group of teachers and parents. For sure this meeting focused on educating kids through play, and so the company was born.

Lane Nemeth CEO of Discovery Toys Inc. started the company in 1978. Her dream had two parts. Learn about their mission and story here.

  • “To provide children with exceptional products that are educational, developmental and fun
  • “To offer a lucrative career opportunity for women, and today men, with the flexibility of staying home with their children while they build successful businesses for themselves.”

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Final Thoughts

All things considered, parents, teachers and caregivers who use these toys can attest to the benefits. Henceforth, they are grateful for the creativity and care that goes into each product.

Notably, Discovery Toys is a leader in educational goods that are highly acknowledged nationwide. While these award-winning toys and games offer inspiring tasks for different stages of development, they also encourage creative play and develop self-confidence.

You can see some products in action and watch sizzle videos here.

In addition to all the toys, there is literature for kids. These are filled with meaningful vocabulary, delightful illustrations and fascinating stories. Then again, you can trust their Discovery Software because it must meet the restrictive 5 star criteria. That is to say the product must satisfy a rich multimedia experience for kids. By and large, it must make it easy for parents as well as the right program.

Hope you are happy with your experience at theworkathomebusiness.com. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.



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  1. Toys that last and capture a child’s attention for longer than 5 minutes are actually hard to find now a days. Unless you buy them video games or something but I don’t like it when my boys just wanna watch a movie. I love to find toys that are durabe and captivating. And the best part about discovery toys is that they have something for every age.
    Which of their toys do u have or what toy is your highest recommendation?

    1. Hi Justina,

      I appreciate Discovery Toys so much. They are designed to captivate kids interest. In particular, I like all of them.  However I highly recommend “Measure Up Cups.” Kids can do so much with these cups. They will amaze you.

  2. Hey CarolBinger, I love your post. I have a child myself, a 4 year old boy, and I can say that your post really speaks to me.
    Simply, my son will be starting kindergarten soon and I’ve been playing with the idea of getting him toys that can help him usher into reading and language arts.
    Your post is ideal for parents like me who have that one child that is the only one at present so getting them on the path to educational greatness is important.
    Also, I like how there are discovery toys for those who have disabilities. Good job!

    1. Hi RJ,

      Glad to know this post speaks to you. Discovery Toys are among the best educational toys for kids. Truly, they are perfect for your child to learn. You  can’t ever go wrong with their products.

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