How to Earn From Home

How to Earn From Home

There are so many online suggestions on How to Earn From Home.  In fact, the internet is flooded with many websites promising that their strategy will show you How to Earn From Home and make thousands from the coziness of your couch.  By now however, I think many people have realized that such claims are far from the ideal, unhelpful and unrealistic.


In this post, I share some of the best realistic ways on How to Earn From Home.  Assuredly, I have done extensive research trying to find ideas that match my interests.  However, there is always a link that requires me to purchase a package with CDs, DVDs or enter credit card information to get access.  Of course, I always consider these as red flags.

Indeed, it is discouraging when you try to find scam-free opportunities. Granted that there are so many different ways on How to Earn From Home, I will focus on those that I think are well-founded.

How to Earn From Home: Quick Ways

First of all, you can start by selling things that you are not using anymore.  For sure this is an ideal way to clear out the clutter from your home.  As a matter of fact, a garage sale can be your number one choice here, or sell your items on eBay.

By the way, did you find any antiques?  Then you can sell them on eBay through their auction.  To be sure, take great photographs of your items, write eye catching titles and descriptions when you list them, and of course you will take the highest bidder when you auction your hard to find items.

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Bear in mind also the weight of the item, and the shipping cost.  In case your antique is exceptional, or it carries much weight, then try selling it through a local auction place in your neighborhood.

Did you find high end bicycles or collectibles that you are not using anymore?  By all means, sell them on eBay.  If a buyer loves what they see they will pay the shipping cost for that special bike.

Open an eBay Store

How to Earn From Home

Then again, if you have many items to sell, you can also open a shop on eBay.  Bear in mind though that there are many sellers and price competition and demand will determine your sales. 

Again, target your audience with impressive titles, descriptions, and pictures to make quick sales.

As soon as your sales pick up, you can buy other products on a cheap budget and resell for a higher price.  With this in mind, it is best to find products that sell well with a good profit margin.  Following that, a little extra research on competitors can reveal the strategies that they are using to connect with their audience.

As I have shown, you can sell on eBay and earn from home legitimately.  Likewise, you can also check OfferUp to sell items locally.  Pursuing the notion of How to Earn From Home, you can start your own online business here with the right training.

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Start Your Own Online Business

One of the best ways to sell products is to start your own online business. To explain, you can create your own website and set it up specifically to sell.  You can start your own website for free.

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Remember when you build your website, focus on what you are good at, because this will make it easier for you to recommend products and services.  Check out this post on how Hobbies Make Money to get an idea.

Check Out Direct Sales Opportunities

How to Earn From Home

Specifically, direct sales are when you offer products face to face or directly to customers.  Usually, this is not done in a retail workplace.  Obviously, this takes place in homes or offices with party-style presentations. 

For this reason, if you are uncomfortable with “one on one” sales, and hosting parties to make sales, then check out the possibility to own an online shop.

Of course, you can also sell through catalogs.  Your earnings which are in the form of a commission on your sales are about 25 – 40%.

Another key point to bear in mind is to choose high-quality products that you are thrilled about, and you really want to sell them.  For sure, there are many companies, so do some research on your choice and the products before you commit.  That is to say, they must be reputable, offer great training and compensate you well.

 Choose Your Niche Well

Popular companies include Mary Kay and Avon with cosmetics and personal care, Amway with Health and home care products, The Pampered Chef with Kitchen supplies, and companies galore to choose from.

The important point is to choose your niche well, one that you can earn a good income from.  Coupled with gourmet foods, jewelry, beauty, and fashion, naming just a few there is no limit to what you can sell.

Markedly, direct sales companies are a part of the multi-billion dollar industry. Why not try to get in? Usually, the companies offer a starter kit for a fee that varies in cost. To be sure, this kit has all the information about the company and everything for you to start your own business and earn from home.

Ideal Earn From Home Opportunity

Direct sales are ideal for just about anyone who is seeking a way to earn some cash from home.  If you are not shy and are willing to sell face to face, then you can do well.  In the event that you are not making sales and want to be out, some companies will buy back the products from you as long as they are in good condition.

A key point to note is that you should choose your product well, one that you will use, you know about it and you can earn from it.  Other than selling products, you can also try to recruit new sellers for the company and increase your earnings.

Great Companies to Start With

Remember to select companies with products that you are familiar with.  In other words, you use these products or you are quite knowledgeable about them.  Assuredly, this makes it easier for you to promote and sell the product.

Discovery Toys promote educational games and other products for kids.  Commissions paid out to consultants are 25% – 34% of personal sales. Rest assured that this company has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.  The only caveat to note is that it is limited to US and Canadian residents.  Check this post for more information.

There are three options to kick start your business.

1. The Business Starter Kit provides all the essentials for you to start as a consultant.  This includes a free deluxe website for the month you join and also the following month.

Cost: $89.00 US   $119.00 Canada (Shipping included)

2. Business Launch Kit consists of all the products in the Business Starter Kit.  In addition, there are 5 top-selling products to get your customers excited.  This kit includes important business materials, special training cards, and admission to the boot camp training where you learn the tools for success.  Furthermore, you get a Deluxe Website free for the month you join plus the following month.

Cost: $159 US    $199 Canada (Shipping included)

3. Business Builder Kit offers the best value and includes all the products in the Launch Kit plus 20 top-performing products.  There are also Logo items to promote your business.  Included also are new “Crisis in Play Cards” which support Discovery Toys’ belief that children need to play.  Additionally, you get a Deluxe Website free for the month you join plus an additional 6 months.

Cost: $399 US   $499 CANADA (Shipping included)

More Direct Sales Companies

Origami Owl is ideal for those who are passionate about making their own custom jewelry.  The main product is the “Living Locket,” a pendant with a clear face.  It has a hollow and you can fill it with different charms to tell your story.  Commissions are between 30% – 50%, and the cost to start is between $99 – $199.00.  Check this link to learn more.

Mary and Martha focus on transforming the home.  To start a business, you sell housewares.  Starter kits cost between $125.00 – $175.00 and commissions are 25% on your sales.  This company is rated by Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Rodan and Fields Dermatologist offers a complete skin care regimen. They focus on the treatment of skin problems like acne and blemishes and reverse the damage.  To start as a consultant, you can purchase a business kit for $45.00 and start your Rodan and Fields business.  For further reading about the company, click this link.

Zazzle is a free online marketplace where artists, graphic designers, and photographers can sell their artwork globally.  You can open a store online and sell your products.  First of all, you create an account with them and upload your artwork and designs, then Zazzle takes care of the rest.  They print, ship orders, manage all transactions and handle customer service.

There are 3 ways to earn money with this company.

1. Become a Designer where you sell your own art.

2.  Become a Maker where you join the “Made-For-You Marketplace.”  To say it another way, this is where you do “Built for custom and personalized products.”

3. Join as an Associate and earn 15% per sale.  You get a commission on sales when you share Zazzle products on your blog, website social media, or via email.  find out more at this link.

You can do further reading about direct sales here.

Become a Tutor at Home or Online

How to Earn From Home

If you are passionate about teaching and want to offer your expertise in a subject, then you can do tutoring at home or online for any grade level. 

Overall, the aim is to help with the improvement of students’ grades.  Hence focus will be to enrich students understanding of difficult concepts, to help students catch up on missed lessons, to prepare for standardized tests and improve grades for college.

Then again, you can also teach music lessons if you have the talent to play a musical instrument or to do voice training.  There is always someone who would like to learn to play the piano, guitar, violin, or some other musical instrument.

It must be noted that private tutoring is in demand and is expected to continue growing, so cash in on this earn from home opportunity too.

Hope you are happy with your experience at  If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know.  Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.


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