Discover How to Sell Online Free

Discover How to Sell Online Free

Discover How to Sell Online Free with these marketplaces. Some of these marketplaces may not be so well-known, but you can give them a try to see how they work out for you.

In this post, you will Discover How to Sell Online Free, from cars to antiques and pieces of art. Important to realize that good photographs and strong descriptions of your products are central to getting them sold quickly. is free for you to use, but you must get approval to join a community before you can sell with them. There are no charges to list your items, neither are there any commissions. Basically, this is similar to Craigslist. Point is that you post your ad and meet people who are interested in making a purchase.

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Watch this short video to see how it works.

Sell Online With Valorebooks In case you want to sell new and used books, this marketplace allows you to list them for free. You only pay when you sell items.
A key point to note is that they accept more than just the textbooks used in college. When you sell with them, you can reach more than 10 million visitors to their website annually. Notably, they take care of all your transaction whenever a book sells. Then they notify you about the sale and payment.

How Valorebooks Work

  • List your books with the ISBN and quantity to sell
  • Customers make a purchase
  • Valorebooks sends you a notification about the sale
  • Ship the book within 48 hours
  • Valorebooks takes care of all transactions and takes a 15% commission on all your sales
  • Reimburses your shipping cost and send your payment

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Valorebooks Enterprise Sales Program

In addition, you also have access to their “Enterprise Sales Program” which is a different approach to reach other consumers. Specifically, the objective is to increase your book sales on a regular basis, and it involves bulk orders.

In this case, they take your leftover inventory and make it available for other buyers who want to purchase in bulk. As a result, your books are exposed to potential customers.

Here are some requirements to get in on this program.

  • Complete and ship orders in bulk within a specific time frame of 48 hours
  • Able to take returns and give back refunds within 40 days
  • Book must be in an acceptable condition

For this program, it is important to realize that teachers are excluded, likewise international participants. Additionally, they do not accept an alternate edition of books.

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For all the brand-name fashion-conscious ladies, men and kids, you will love This large social marketplace focuses on top brand name fashion and accessories. To emphasize, you connect with others to buy and sell clothes and accessories from each other.

In case you have things in your closet that are not in use, you can list them to sell on Poshmark in a minute. According to Poshmark: “Sell what you have in your closet so that you can shop for what you really love today!”

To join this marketplace, you can connect with the free app on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone. “Download the app here from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.” In addition, you can also access the marketplace on their website

How Poshmark Works

  • Take photographs of your items for sale
  • Create a listing of your items
  • Create a description of the items
  • Price your items
  • Attend a virtual shopping party. This affair takes place in the app whereby you scan, buy, and list items with a community of friends.
  • Pack and ship your items quickly with PoshPost: No need to purchase stamps, just print the pre-addressed labels for your package.
  • Drop off your package at a USPS mailbox or request a pick up free of cost.

A key point to note is that your prepaid shipping covers a total of 5 pounds, and this is paid for by the buyer. Another point is that once your sale is under $15.00 you pay a flat fee of $2.95. On the other hand, all other sales are a 20% cut for Poshmark.

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Discover How to Sell Online Free With Oodle

At, they promote other marketplaces and get more than 15 million unique visitors each month. You can sell, buy and trade just about anything. There are many categories to list in, from arts & crafts, antiques, collectibles, electronics, appliances, and tools, just a few listed here. Listing is free of cost. As a matter of fact, you can list houses and even look for a job.

Zibbet is a powerful global marketplace for those sellers who are passionate about their art, craft, and vintage collection. Even though you can list your items free, they offer the option for you to upgrade and have access to more features.

Upgrade certainly offers the opportunity for you to create your own website to sell your products. Similarly, you can also open a store on their marketplace. Needless to say, the inventory and orders for the two are linked and are easy to manage. Discover how to sell on Zibbet.

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Storenvy is another large marketplace where you can upload your products and open a store online for free. Additionally, you can also access their social marketplace. For sure, you will reach millions of their “built-in customers.”

Indeed, Storenvy has grown quite fast as a “social shopping marketplace.” Setting up a store is easy and you can list up to 500 products for free. One cool feature is their email tool for you to send customers special codes to get discounts, and for cart recovery.

Important to note here is that you do not pay monthly fees, moreover listing fees. Despite these incentives, Storenvy does take 10% for every sale that their marketplace drives to your business. Notably, you keep 100% earnings from your custom store. Join them here.

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For this marketplace, you only sign up with a valid email address to start creating ads for your products. There are 3 different ways to do so.

  • Create an ad to negotiate with buyers (very popular)
  • Create an ad with a fixed price for your item (no offers considered)
  • Create an ad without any price attached to your item (uncertain about price)

Your listings are allowed on the website for up to 30 days, after which you will pay.

To be sure, being a member with sell. com is free. However, when you sell products and services, you may pay listing and selling fees. Then again, if you place an ad, they give you the chance to review it before accepting the listing fees.

In light of this, sell. com is not completely free. Bearing this in mind, you pay all applicable fees connected to the service that you use. By the same token, they can also make changes to the fees, and services they offer.

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Other Marketplaces deals specifically with coupons but is geared for the local market. It offers the opportunity for you to sell coupons that you think you may not use.

  • CoupRecoup is free to post your coupon deal
  • Just name your price
  • Wait for emails from buyers

In the event that you miss out on a great deal for a coupon, you can check this local marketplace. is indeed the ultimate marketplace for you to sell gently used technology. For instance, categories include mobile, home tech, video games laptops, VR headsets, and watches. An important note here is that your device must meet the requirements for listing. Then it goes through their approval process before you can start selling.

As a seller, you do not pay fees to Swappa, but a fee may be added to the buyer’s purchase. This is their fee structure. To point out, you pay a small fee to PayPal when your item is sold and you receive payment.

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As soon as they get your phone, it is inspected to see if is in accordance with the online quote. If it meets their standard, they send a payment through PayPal. See how it works here.

Overall, I hope you will find these marketplaces helpful to sell your items.

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.


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