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Knowing How to Sell Products Online With different marketplaces can certainly increase your profits. Having access to these online platforms can certainly eliminate your fears and doubts. Certainly, there are many marketplaces available and you can discover How to Sell Products Online With them. Of course, they differ in terms of the resources they offer and the fees you have to pay. Nevertheless, these marketplaces do offer the possibility for you to make more money.

Obviously, the best marketplaces are the ideal ones for you to sell and earn money. Assuredly, this post takes you to those marketplaces. For sure, you will discover How to Sell Products Online With these popular companies and hopefully increase your profits.

How to Sell Products Online With Amazon

Clearly, Amazon is the Goliath today when it comes to selling products online. A key point to note is that millions of people visit this giant marketplace every month. Noting the compelling nature of this evidence, you can sign up and discover How to Sell Products Online With them.

Admittedly, I was very timid when I first signed up to sell my products online with Amazon. My first thought was: “I wonder if my products will sell.” Within two days after the products arrived at their warehouse, I sold my first book, then another, and another, and the sales just kept going. That was enough to boost my confidence. Sometimes I run out of products and as a result, I lose money. From my experience, I see Amazon’s marketplace as the best. Evidence in report for December 2017 showed that Amazon’s websites got up to 197 million users each month.

Without a doubt, Amazon is first-rate and so you can take advantage of the opportunity to sell your products there. Another key point to note is that most Amazon shoppers seem to have a good purchasing experience, so the company relishes an affirmative standing with customers. Bearing these positive points in mind, you can sell and eventually establish your brand in this marketplace.

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Amazon Offers Many Categories to Sell in

In general, Amazon offers various categories for you to sell your products to potential customers. Needless to say, whatever your product is, there is a category for it. From appliances and games, beauty and personal care, arts, craft and sewing, home and garden, books, and baby, just to mention a few.
Notably, Amazon has two options: an individual or a professional account. Of course, you choose what suits you best when you sign up. In case you select the professional account, also referred to as FBA which means: “Fulfillment By Amazon,” there are a few steps to follow. For one thing, they make the Fulfillment plan easy.

To clarify, Amazon handles everything for you: From storage and sales of your products, packing and shipping them, likewise customer service. In the event that there are returns, they handle that too. Briefly, this is how FBA works.

  • First of all, you list your product/s on the Amazon marketplace
  • You pack and ship your products to a designated Amazon warehouse
  • Customer orders your product
  • Amazon fulfills the order including customer service

Undoubtedly, using the Amazon marketplace is one of the most awesome ways to sell products online. Remember, they handle everything, and you have an open door to millions of buyers.

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Amazon takes care of everything for you once they get your products, and you get to focus on growing your business. As stated before:

  • They take care of everything in customer service for you.
  • They handle all your sales.
  • They ship and deal with returns.
  • Amazon has a huge audience, so you can get sales in a short time.


Despite all the positives, however, here are some caveats.

  • You have to go by the rules on Amazon.
  • You must-have products on hand to ship.
  • They take a big cut out of your profits, so your margins have to be steep. You should aim for more than a 66% margin. In this case, you will be better off importing your product from abroad.
  • It is hard to launch your brand on Amazon. People don’t associate the brand with you, they associate it with Amazon.
  • Amazon can withhold your money.
  • You have to watch out for the competition and check on your listings regularly.
  • Amazon can prohibit you from selling on their marketplace at any time.

Notwithstanding these limitations, Amazon is no doubt a great place for you to sell your products online. Bear in mind that you can earn thousands of dollars each month once there is a demand for the product. Learn how you can start selling on Amazon here.

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How to Sell Products Online With eBay

It is important not to overlook the strength of the eBay marketplace. Do you have collectible products to sell? For sure you can sell them on both eBay and Amazon. In case you have vintage products, you can sell them on these two platforms too. Briefly, here are a few steps to guide you.

Once you set up your profile, there is an easy to follow step by step process to follow.

  • Check to see if there is a demand for your product/s
  • Take photographs showing different angles of the product/s
  • Set up your profile with eBay
  • Click the “sell” link under “My eBay” or the main page
  • Type in a title for the product you are listing
  • Type in a great description of the product
  • Select format to sell on

eBay will email you whenever an item is sold, and that is when you pack and ship it. In addition, you can also check your account to see messages for sales. Learn about eBay’s selling basics: “List it, Ship it, and Get Paid”: Right here. A key point to note is that you can also open an eBay store to increase your sales. Check here for more information on subscriptions and fees.

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How to Sell Products Online With Etsy

In case you are involved with handmade products, Etsy is also a huge marketplace for you to sell them. Just about anything that is handmade can be found on Etsy. For instance, soaps, arts and crafts, knitting/crochet, and even vintage products. The point in fact is that these items have a unique touch to them.

If you are thinking about having your own shop, here are a few things to include:

  • Choosing your shop name
  • Take awesome photos of your products
  • Think of your shop as a business and set specific goals

Etsy’s marketplace has more than 12 million products and thousands of sellers. Learn how to sell products online with Etsy by clicking this link.

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How to Sell Products Online With Sears

Apart from the very popular marketplaces discussed above, there are also many other popular ones to check out too. For instance, you can also sell with Sears. Surely, this large marketplace is overlooked by many. Of course, there are others who don’t know that this company offers “business of all sizes” which is the opportunity to sell on their marketplace. Sears marketplace is growing at a fast rate so you can take advantage of this online platform to expand your business too. Setting up is easy and you don’t’ have to commit to any long-term contracts.

Watch this video for more information.

A key point to note is that Sears brings “Fulfillment” to you. This is where they provide a complete retail service to help you. In fact, you can sell anywhere, Sears picks, packs, and ships your products. There is no minimum limit on volume, and there are no long term contracts.

Read more on Sears features and benefits.

Discover Sears selling categories

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How to Sell Products Online With Bonanza

Here is another marketplace with more than 20,000 sellers. If your specialty products are for the home, beauty, fashion, and art, then you can make use of this online marketplace. As stated on their website, they received “Company of the Year, Small Business,” in 2015. Award is given by Best in Biz. Furthermore, in 2016, they were recognized as the “Most Recommended Marketplace.” In the same year, they also got the “2016 Seller’s Choice Awards.”

According to Bonanza, you can “Find everything but the ordinary,” on their marketplace. As a matter of fact, they are one of the ‘go-to places’ for unique finds. Selling on their marketplace includes:

  • Free set up and listing of products
  • Low fees on transactions
  • Advertise for free until you sell an item

Discover more about the Bonanza marketplace.

Learn how you can start a webstore with Bonanza

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Final Thoughts

It has been shown in this post that there are several marketplaces online for you to sell your products. No matter what option you choose, you can certainly increase your profits. Of course, one goal to be aware of is to brand your business. Bear in mind though that your brand may not be super easy to be established while selling on someone else’s platform.

Despite your success on these marketplaces, I recommend that you start your own website to establish your brand. You can start here with my #1 recommended approach. You will learn all the skills to build and brand a successful business online.

Hope you are happy with your experience at If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please let us know. Feel free to share this page or leave a comment.


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    1. Hi Moni,
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