Believing These Myths Prevent Success

Believing These Direct Sales Myths May Prevent Success

Believing These Direct Sales Myths May Prevent Success in your business. Certainly, myths can keep you from growing your business. Are you a newbie to direct sales? Undoubtedly, some popular myths can cause setbacks in your direct sales business. Indeed, Direct Sales Myths can be crippling.

For this reason, we need not accommodate them in our thoughts. As a matter of fact, the first time I signed up with a Direct Sales company, I did not make many sales. For one thing, at that time social media was not yet on stream. In general, popular word of mouth and a house party was key to making sales.

Of course, I had my dose of myths which hindered many successes. Let me emphasize the importance of due diligence before you sign up with a direct sales company.

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Easy Work From Home

What a myth. I can remember this clearly when I went to the first information meeting. Yep, “It is Easy to Work From Home” seems to be a common statement. As a matter of fact, I was told to start off with friends and family because it is easier to sell products to them as well as recruit them. That’s a far-fetched misbelief.

Then again, I also heard, “Anybody can do this.” Just get a few friends and family members and you are good to start.” Oh boy, this is so far from the truth. Friends and family are the first ones to remind you of all the negatives and they are always making excuses.

Assuredly, this is not an easy job to do for everyone. No doubt, you need to make sure you are bubbly and people-friendly. After all, making the first impression can very well end up in a sale.

Think about these questions for example: Are you comfortable with face-to-face sales? Are you willing to have people in your house? Are you okay with networking? To be sure, check these before making a commitment and signing that form.

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Not Realistic

These two words still ring in my ears. Friends and family never cease to let me know that Direct Sales are not real and that it has to do with scammers. Now you see why recruiting them can be the most difficult thing to do.

Admittedly, some family and friends did purchase some products, but not on a large scale. Of course, they let me know that they are just helping me out from the start. Surely enough, they do not repeat buying the products.  Discover my realistic solution.

Saying that the company is not realistic is indeed a myth. However, the true meaning is not really about the physical building itself. Rather, those two words are referring to the amount of money you can make.

Believing These Direct Sales Myths May Prevent Success

You Just Make Hand to Mouth Money

Another myth that can prevent success is to hear that you only make “hand-to-mouth money.” That’s what my friends say when you make very little money. Surely, this is another far-fetched thought and you can consider it a myth. The amount of money you make depends on how you run your business.

I remember a friend saying to me, “Too late, we are at the bottom, so there is no money in it.” The attitude is usually: Can’t work for such little money.

Depending on the company’s commission structure, some sales representatives may only get a percentage of their sales. Unfortunately, that’s the order of the job. Obviously, due diligence is important here. Again, your approach to your business can determine success.

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Works Only for the Boss: Not Your Own Business

As a direct sales representative, your goal is to earn money. Of course, you are going to take the work you do seriously. The thought that the business is not yours stems from the fact that you did not start the company. However, that is very narrow thinking.

Even though someone else started the company, it doesn’t mean that you can not be a part of it. There goes another myth that should not be an obstacle to your success.

For inspiration, you can read this “Direct Sales Success Secrets Book.” To explain, it is a best seller on Amazon and you can discover the “Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl. To be sure, if you are serious about being a direct sales representative, this is a must-read.

Accordingly, social media plays a great factor in business success these days, so the author has written Volume 2: “Facebook Party Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl (Direct Sales Success Secrets).

You Lose All Your Money

In essence, Direct Sales is not a free business opportunity. It takes money to start up and there is the risk of losing it. I know quite a few people who started out and in no time discontinued. Right there, that’s a loss. Nevertheless, this does not happen to everyone who joins a company.

Some consultants go on to earn enough to support the family. That of course is a win and not a myth. Reading this book can give you ideas on how to have financial success in this business.

Clearly, this is not so much a myth. All things considered, when you sign up with a company, treat it as a job or better yet as your business.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many others. Remember Believing These Direct Sales Myths Prevent Success. Rather than focusing on them, think about your goal for success. Indeed, you can make money with the right business approach. Tired of failing with direct sales? Click the link below and see my newfound secret.

Learn How to Build Your Own Online Business

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4 thoughts on “Believing These Direct Sales Myths May Prevent Success”

  1. Hi Carol. Being involved in the online business industry now for well over a dozen years, your article was spot-on about the non-sensical myths associated with these type of opportunities that exist on the Internet.

    I really want to address Myth #1 that you included in your fantastic article, Carol, because I feel it is the most important one of all:

    The absolute fallacy that running any type of business from home is – “Easy Work From Home”. In fact, it is the greatest possible lie promoted by scam online business opportunities out to naive people, and it’s been the case since the turn of this century, 2000, and perhaps even before that as the Internet has continued to grow over the years.

    The statement, “Easy Work From Home” is used to entice people into believing that working from home, trying to make money in a business is incredibly simple. The allure of working only an hour per day yet being able to eventually attain financial freedom is part of the great lie/myth.

    People, (suckers really) are provided with evidence, (fake) that many others who got involved with running a business from home, Easy Work From Home eventually all owned a million dollar house or fancy Porsche sport car, (both all paid for). Often accompanied by photos, (all fake) it has always been something that many people dream about and playing on their greed, the intoxicating glass of Kool-aid promoted by these fraud business opportunities. Yes, I myself fell for one – hook, line and sinker back in 2005.

    Easy Work from Home, set your own hours, be your own boss, let your computer do all of the work, make money even at 4 am as you sleep, etc., are some of the outrageous lies that still can be seen today regarding online money making/work from home business ventures all spread by bogus con artists who, truthfully, NO ONE should trust. Sadly, people across the world continue to fall for them despite the efforts of people like you, Carol who create legitimate articles and provide 100% proof that working from home in order to make profits in any business venture is definitely NOT EASY!

    This article should be required reading for people, many of whom sadly still do not “get it”!


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Well said. Thanks for the reinforcement. Oh how we wish we were knowledgeable about these things. Certainly, we would not get caught by the unreasonable heresies that some people like to promote.

  2. I think part of the problem with Direct Sales is that most of the people signing up as consultants think it will be easy and they don’t approach it as a business.

    As you say what is needed is that bubbly personality and determination to make it happen.

    Thanks for the book suggestions I plan on purchasing them.

    1. Hi Chris,

      We certainly need to have a business in mind and treat it as such whenever we sign up with these opportunities.

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